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Friday This-n-That

Oops. I forgot to set up a post for today. I obviously needed (and still need!) more coffee. In my defense, I was dealing with getting the newsletter out and fussing with cover issues for DOUBLE CROSS. 297 more words

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Herding Cats

I may have mentioned the New Age before, far from being the hippie paradise of the sixties and seventies, the New Age has in fact already dawned. 347 more words

Self Discovery

Thursday Thoughts - Universal. Really.

You know, this is technically pretty darn good advice. All things considered. This is especially true if you’re a writer doing that whole self-published thing. I know this because I’ve spent the last two weeks doing things like formatting, uploading, more formatting, and dreading doing the whole marketing thing. 105 more words

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Wednesday Words - It's About Time

Today, #1lineWed is all about time. I never have enough it and as I’m on the downhill slide of final edits and formatting, I’m way past any hope of coffee salvation. 466 more words

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Save The Dateā€¦No, Not THAT Date!

Things are the usual chaotic mess around here. Holiday celebrations stretch from last weekend well into November. It all started when Crazy D announced he and his new girlfriend would like to visit her parents (several hours away) for Thanksgiving. 547 more words


Monday Means More Coffee

There was a weekend. I know this because I had an OKRWA meeting and it’s only on Saturdays. And there was baseball. Of the 14U variety. 524 more words

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Monday Shuffle

Monday. Again. I don’t know why it surprises me that this day pops up every seven days. Weird how that works, huh? *rolls eyes* I’ve got a bad case of the “Don’t Wanna’s.” Don’t wanna write. 941 more words

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