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Last Monday

Last Monday I was headed toward the airport in San Diego. I didn’t want to leave. It’s beautiful there and I can see why people flock to live there. 512 more words

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This Is My Surprised Face

Getty Image A new trove of internal Democratic National Committee emails, stretching back to April 2016, released by Wikileaks show that the organization’s senior staff chafed at Bernie Sanders’s continued presence in the presidential primary.

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Herding Cats

Friday Sinema: Cats

Kevin Spacey. Christopher Walken. Magic. And cats. Need I say more? Have a great weekend!

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Monday? Yes, Yes It Is

So…I’m running late. This should surprise no one. :lol: I finished the first draft of Red Dirt #5 (WINNING HIS COWGIRL, working title). Rough draft came in at 50,196 words. 373 more words

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Friday Free For All

Stand by for gritching and a few high spots gathered from around the webz of the last few weeks while I’ve been in deadline hell. 465 more words

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Thursday Thoughts - Universal Bounce

So, y’all know my life is beyond crazy. I’ve had two books and was part of a box set that required a rewrite of a novella all released in the last two weeks. 265 more words

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Wednesday Words: By the Numbers

Hello. I’m the chicken with it’s head cut off. :D I’ve had three books come out in the last couple of weeks. Well, two books, plus a new novella and a book in a box set. 512 more words

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