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Hi-jinx Huskies...

The glorious snow of the winter wonderland that has become the Scottish Highlands in recent weeks, plays host to the Sled Dog Rally each year. To say that the atmosphere is electric, would be an understatement. 425 more words

Monday Ugh and I Don't Mean the Boots

Blerg. Yes. This is what I looked like in the mirror this morning. I feel–and look–like a slug. I have been in Excel Hell™ getting stuff done for the National Readers Choice Awards and also trying to keep my head above water on the deadline for MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS. 139 more words

Writing Life

Volunteer Cats

If you think that by putting yourself forward as a community volunteer you will be received with warm appreciation, you are wrong. At the beginning of the process, you are more likely to be confronted with bureaucratic bewilderment. 804 more words

Living And Learning

Football, Commercials, and Food...Oh My

I’m not gonna lie; I’m not really excited to watch football on Sunday.  I know it’s the big game, but there’s not a team that I typically go out of my way to cheer for, so I’m not that into it.  453 more words

Just Sayin'...

Errors in Expectations

Oh, the best laid-plans… For instance, when you’re running a meeting and it turns out:

  • You printed out the wrong agenda
  • Two of your key attendees have to leave one hour earlier than expected…
  • 240 more words
Tactless Observations

We're only a week and a half in?!

These first two weeks of January have been insane at school.  I think herding cats would be easier than getting eighth graders back into a routine.   173 more words

Middle School

The Youth of Today...*

*Ok, I’m still rubbish at titles. This one needs to be spoken with a sigh and accompanied by a weary shake of the head

I believe that children are our future…unfortunately. 825 more words