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A Monday in December

So…technology. And interwebz things. These things are sooo not my friends! The bad news is my old faithful desk top is chugging like the little engine that almost could. 482 more words

Writing Life

Leadership: The Hard Thing and the Right Thing are Often the Same Thing

Nobody ever told me it was going to be easy.

Leading human beings in any endeavor is, as Warren Bennis is famous for writing about in his seminal book, akin to “Herding Cats”. 663 more words

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Thursday Thoughts: Universal Investment

Wow. Everywhere I look I see such anger and hate. I’m not going to point fingers no matter how much I’d like to tee off on people. 170 more words

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Monday of the Week of Mondays

What a crazy week. That’s all I’m going to say about it. I really want to say a lot but this is one of those times when discretion is the better part of ranting. 300 more words

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The Monday Before the End

Some time ago, I declared my social media sites a No Politics Zone. That’s one reason I haven’t been around my personal FB page much, and my author page is all about hot guys, coffee memes, and books. 410 more words

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Monday Boo!

No tricks today. I got them this weekend. :lol: The book I’m currently writing for Harlequin Desire has a release date in July, 2017. Which I just found out about on Friday. 585 more words

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The Monday That Was

I don’t work outside of the home any more. But I work. I write for a living. I get up every morning–sometimes seven mornings in a row, get my coffee, stumble into my office/writing cave, fire up the computer, and go to work. 526 more words

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