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Herding Cats

Critically acclaimed Play With Fire Productions returned to Hope Mill Theatre this week with their new production, Herding Cats.

The play introduces us to Justine… 328 more words


Herding Cats - Preview

On Weds 24th May, critically acclaimed Play With Fire Productions return to Hope Mill Theatre with their latest production, Herding Cats.

The black comedy focuses on central characters, Justine (Kaleigh Hawkins), Michael (Daniel Bradford) and Saddo (John Gully), for them life is a challenge, about as easy as Herding Cats; as they battle to navigate life with all the love, loss, trials and tribulations it brings. 137 more words


Thursday Thoughts: Universal Baby Steps

Ahhh, baby steps. I remember those first tentative stumbles in life–real and imagined. :lol: Baby steps are how we learn to walk. How we learn to interact with people. 332 more words

Writing Life

Herding cats

Day 32. 28 pages, 13,629 words.

No time today, on account of a pointless meeting at lunchtime where I have to sit and painfully guide engineers to the realisation that they need to tell me what they’ve done if they ever want me to document it[1], and an all-afternoon meeting-sort-of-thing after that where we’re doing some upgrades of a machine so that at least should be interesting. 127 more words

Office Posts, Random

Performance-Based Project Management

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Performance-Based Project Management®
Principles, Practices, and Processes to Increase Probability of Project Success
Article by Herding Cats


Thursday Thoughts: Heavens to Mergatroid

If you are a professional writer, which is worse? Deadlines, or not having them? When I mess up my scheduling and find myself embroiled in back-to-back-to-back projects, I moan and groan but deep down, I have to admit I’m glad to be a WORKING author. 203 more words

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