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Herding Cats

Yup. That’s what the last few weeks of school are like for any teacher. It really doesn’t matter the grade you teach or where you teach, you’re just herding cats. 309 more words

Friday Sinema - Smoke

Y’all don’t know much about Hollywood. He had a very minor role in NIGHT SHIFT, and frankly, I hadn’t anticipated writing his story for awhile. But then both he and Hardy started jabbering at me. 92 more words

Writing Life

Tuesday--Day of Forgetfulness

Uhm…I totally forgot to set up a blog for today. I was finishing a beta read of Siobhan Muir’s newest sexy paranormal about THE vampire and a dragon shifter. 302 more words

Writing Life

The fine line between genius and madness

first thought: “How is that even legal?!?”

second thought: “Does it come in toddler sizes?”


Monday Meanderings

I cleaned out a lot of my DVR files this weekend. GAME OF THRONES! OMG! This is going to be a crazy season. Several OKRWA members got into a discussion at lunch on Saturday about it. 404 more words

Writing Life

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Well, tomorrow I set off for more postal equipment training in Norman, Oklahoma.


I’m going to fly.  It’s only two weeks; I can manage without transportation.   474 more words