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Here, Kitty Kitty - Little Blue Pill Lyrics

Here kitty kitty here kitty kitty here,
Here kitty kitty here kitty kitty here,
Don’t come close, don’t come near,
Have I made myself clear? 181 more words

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NPR discourse on rape porn in the time of Holtzclaw

Yes, that group of creeps again. And the heartland meathead. It’s hard to know which does more damage. The meathead raped some women and is doing life at–that’s the funny thing about it. 1,031 more words

College-educated Elites


A HUGE day for new games today!  There wasn’t much to report last week, but tons came out this week!  Here we go!

New Game Releases

Antelope Trail

Rafe came up from from Albuquerque to watch some March Madness games this weekend with his buddy Brian.  This prompted Eve to host a Here Kitty Kitty relay team reunion, which culminated this morning in a trail run at Hall Ranch. 233 more words


In the cathouse

Cats are like wives: they can be excellent companions and cuddle buddies, but they can also get really annoying, scratch you, start fights, and cause scares with their unplanned pregnancies, and there’s something wrong with you if you have more than a dozen of them. 1,055 more words

Pig Pen Adventures

An unspeakable string of profanities

The “scarcity mentality” is as strong an argument as any for Maoist reeducation through agricultural servitude. I know people who went to college and believe in that shit. 2,233 more words

College-educated Elites

The 58th and 59th Flavors

The 58th Flavor is so far mercifully contained within a bottle of ketchup that has been sitting out on a shelf in Joe Dirtbag’s winery, unrefrigerated, for an untold number of years, conservatively five. 1,522 more words