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mermaid vs. cat

How do I choose between a sad little mermaid, and a sweet snugly cat?

I refuse to choose.


XO ~skyblue


Adulting is hard, but I'm taking a stab at it, as Kajieme Powell always said

This screed is, as it is traditional to say in the current year, a thing. So is the turd that your cat just batted out of its litter box to toy with under the dryer. 3,449 more words

College-educated Elites

August 17th, 2016

 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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Feline Detractors

Elite capture of everything

One of the more demoralizing possibilities of a Trump presidency is that he may in fact be bullshitting everyone with his populist act. It’s worrisome that he’s tacking hard right on tax policy, and of course he has Pence along for the ride, a circumstance more credibly explained by conspiracy theories featuring back-of-the-house operatives in the Republican Party than as the electoral strategy personally chosen by a populist candidate notorious for clashing with practically everyone around him. 2,239 more words

College-educated Elites

Cultural learnings of Bottle Rat Nation for make benefit glorious nation of Bougiekistan: work ethic edition

Much like the celebrated vocation of pimpin’, my very marginal side gig of scavenging for deposit bottles ain’t easy. It’s a lot of work for a dollar or two. 1,386 more words

College-educated Elites

Martyring myself for some cause, for what it's worth

More and more I wonder whether I can parlay my own socioeconomic and sexual marginalization into something more than futile pathos. In the Catholic and Orthodox Christian traditions celibacy is upheld as a personal sacrifice enabling an increase in holiness, the premise being that without attachments to children, wives, mistresses, and the like, a priest or religious is freed to pursue a life of principle and virtue that ongoing entanglements with loved ones  and their self-interests would obstruct. 2,972 more words

College-educated Elites

A government so cheap that its constituents shit in the bushes

There’s a picnic area on the Northway, southbound a few miles before Warrensburg, where I’ve come across fresh human feces not five yards from the lawn twice this week. 1,996 more words

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