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A bit of bourgeois shittiness to start your workweek, if you have one

If you don’t have a workweek on the horizon, stick around here anyhow. For the love of God, I’m not the one shaming the unemployed. Nor am I the one breathlessly complaining that it’s Monday again on drivetime radio, even if it is, and even if I have work instead of time. 4,045 more words

College-educated Elites

Bitches get snitches

Well, that was easy. Bizarrely so. After years of hemming and hawing, of giving Joe Dirtbag chance after chance after chance to start cleaning his crazy messes up, of hoping against hope that he would voluntarily reform his act, I ratted him out to the code enforcement office. 1,315 more words


On Safari! Part II: In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

We have had a good time feeding the herbivores, who have surprisingly good table manners. The elephant even wiped his trunk after eating. Of course, I suggested that the best place to do it was on the back of some stout, matronly visitor’s… 223 more words

Naughty Loki

A republic, madam, if you can keep it, and you're proving that you cannot

It is our lot as twenty-first century Americans to watch the sorry remnants of a once-upstanding yeomanry degenerate before us into Raiders Nation. It is the civic punishment that our betters have found fitting and decreed for us. 2,190 more words

College-educated Elites

On The Road, with whatever Village It Takes to keep The Road passable

Construe the capitalization however the fuck you like. Does it take any of the Village People to maintain The Road? No, it isn’t that fabulous. In one of life’s small mercies, though, it doesn’t take Steve Hartman, either. 3,263 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs

If Reno advertised this shit, the tourists would go to Sacramento instead

Holy Moses and the freaky-ass burning ganja bush, there is some ugly, scary shit on East Fourth Street. One look at that strip proves two things about Reno: that it is not really a First World city and that it is not in the slightest a Christian city. 2,255 more words


Cecil, the Lion King of Rhodesia; or, speak loudly and carry a large prick

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight, as soundly as ever. Meanwhile, in the imperial center, the mighty imperial center, the First World gets to have another of its Problems: the Lion, the Dentist, and the Bitchfest. 1,868 more words

Bitchslapping The Watchdogs