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Yo-yo Energy

Oh the drafts folder is growing again and one day I’ll get to that housekeeping.  The energy the past 24 hours has been… like a yo-yo.  388 more words


AT&T Taking Nashville To Court To Try To Slow Down Google Fiber

They said they’d do it, and so, by gum, they’re doing it: Surprising basically nobody, AT&T has filed a lawsuit against the city of Nashville and its officials, seeking to block a recently-passed law that would make it possible for Google Fiber to come to town. 588 more words

How to Show, Part 1: A Few Introductions

Hi there! I’m entirely sure how to go about the whole ‘blog’ thing, but since I have less anxiety and more Writing Knowledge as of late, now’s as good of a time as any to start. 604 more words

Here We Go

What inspires fear and excitement all at once?

NaNo! NaNo! NaNo!

It’s almost that time of year again! NaNo prep season is upon us, and with less than a fortnight to go! Whether you’re a pantser–Someone who doesn’t plan at all before NaNo–or a Planner–Someone who makes outlines or at least extensive notes before NaNo–it’s an exciting time as November draws closer. 352 more words

Jealously is the root of evil

Sitting listening to Ben Howard while I contemplate how I sort my life out. Are you ever in the situation when you have had someone say something to you or act in a certain way but then it gets completely turned around and suddenly its your fault?! 21 more words

Here We Go..

On My Mind: Pep Talks

Well, well, well it’s the middle of the week so I’ve had my mind moving around a bit and am ready to bring you a little piece of what’s  255 more words