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March 13, 2017

For the past month, I’ve been trying to convince myself that this idea I was moving to the Czech Republic was real, but I haven’t been very successful. 168 more words


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Welcome to the party.

The first post! I’ve never used WordPress before but I’m enjoying things so far. Regarding the content of this blog… who knows? Some rambling, some ranting. 163 more words

-anxiety ridden-

Aloha, my lovelies.

This is my, wait for it…

FOURTH blog attempt because I’m confused and scatter brained (wait, what?).

I’ve decided to start blogging up again because I know I am good at being creative and when I feel good about being good, my anxiety isn’t so bad. 180 more words

Welcome to me.

24 hours a day.

365 days a year.

Time passes. Almost 23 years ago I was brought into this world, 22 years 11 months and 30 days to be exact (yeah I googled that). 497 more words

1st Post

T-Minus 11 Months

Here’s the thing: How does one choose to move halfway across the world to teach English to non-speakers?

Quite easily as a matter of fact. 391 more words


Little Victories

Today was important.

Today I let myself face my anxieties. And even though it felt small, it holds a place in my heart.

The small things always do.