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The Next Ten Thousand Miles

Good God, it’s been forever since I did this. 

If you don’t know me already, my name’s Andy, I used to blog at Tisdel’s Tirades… 491 more words


The Mantras to play two nights this weekend at The Whiskey

By Brian Tucker

Long running N.C. jam band and more The Mantras will play two nights at The Whiskey in downtown Wilmington May 5th and May 6th. 616 more words

Launch Day

Whenever I see the word ‘Launch’ used in the correct context, I immediately think of that ‘The Office’ episode where Phyllis creates a banner that says ‘Lunch Party’ rather than ‘Launch Party’. 295 more words

Here We Go

Point of no return

So I finally decided to update this blog. I HONESTLY have no idea what to write. I am not an interesting person nor do I live an interesting life. 51 more words

Opening Statements

So I have been thinking what my first post should entail. I think that first and foremost; I should mention that no, most of my posts are not going to be edgy and full of monstrosities. 328 more words


Enthused, Amiable, and Opinionated - Booktube Video

Brenda: Hello interwebs! (Chelsea rolls her eyes, Lauren laughs) Oh, do you prefer webbernets? Because I can say that too. Hello Webbernets!

And welcome. We’re not sure where we are going to end up, but the first thing is to start! 104 more words


Setting Out

This is in the second rehearsal and it is where you star teaching the drill. The drill is what the band does on the field. If the drill is done incorrectly, you do not get points at competition. 89 more words

Marching Band