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Enthused, Amiable, and Opinionated - Booktube Video

Brenda: Hello interwebs! (Chelsea rolls her eyes, Lauren laughs) Oh, do you prefer webbernets? Because I can say that too. Hello Webbernets!

And welcome. We’re not sure where we are going to end up, but the first thing is to start! 104 more words


Setting Out

This is in the second rehearsal and it is where you star teaching the drill. The drill is what the band does on the field. If the drill is done incorrectly, you do not get points at competition. 89 more words

Marching Band

Homework for Friday, March 24th

For the next two classes, we’ll work on your thesis. In a series of two workshops, you’ll be solidifying your thesis. The thesis is your essay’s anchor, so before moving forward with writing, we need to establish a base. 498 more words

Unit 3 Posts

Self-Love, Self Esteem & Self Control

Long time no blog! I’m lucky I even remembered my password to this bad boy. I said I wanted to start blogging on the reg, whoops. 1,416 more words

It Begins...

This past Monday, I received an email on that would change my life forever. It contained two important things: a username and a password. These were both for my TEFL certification course. 216 more words


It's Hard & We Continue

There are certain things in life we learn to live with, even though we don’t want them to be that way. That it is going to be hard (lots/most of the time), is one of those things that I’m still learning to live with. 1,249 more words


Dear Diary... Day 1 of 365

Dear Diary,

Here we go a project I’ll never keep (but wish to). I’m going to start writing. Whether it’s good or bad or otherwise. I’m going to write. 262 more words