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Here we go! 

For the majority of my life, things seemed to come fairly easy for me. Not to say that I got EVERYTHING I wanted when I asked or I grew up privileged as that statement may have you imagine, but what I am saying is, life just flowed. 419 more words

Here We Go

Here We Go...

Dear Reader,

I’ve created this blog for 2 reasons. 1, to catalog where I feel American politics are headed—who’ll win elections, what policies they’ll pass, where public opinion is at, that kind of thing— and 2, to explain  218 more words

Escaped Alone

This was trailed as Caryl Churchill’s first full-length play in over 20 years. It isn’t. It’s another obtuse 50 minute miniature. Apart from providing work for four excellent 60/70-something actresses, it’s hard to see what else it contributes. 289 more words


Welcome to My Serial Thinking World

Welcome aboard.

I’m setting up a second blog because I have a lot on my mind.  I spend a lot of time thinking and there is some really random stuff floating around my head. 184 more words

Here We Go

Here we go...

I had a great break catching up on sleep, relaxing, and working on my mental health.  After last semester, I was defeated, frustrated and tired.  It was a lot of work to make it from September to December.   500 more words


Here we go....

Tomorrow is the day of the new blog!

I am very excited. I have put lots of time and effort into setting the new blog. When I started this one…I just threw the page together and went with it. 294 more words

The Norm

Ready, Set... Write!

I’m so excited to announce that I have officially decided to begin my writing career (no matter how slowly it may actually be happening).  It’s been a long journey for me, one with a lot of doubt and sorting through insecurities that were imagined and ones that needed to be taken care of, but I’ve finally made it to this point. 93 more words