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The Beginning 

So I’ve lived on my own for almost 10 years. Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of having my own home. I was so inspired by my Oma (not German but some how got that name lol). 190 more words

Ha! The best laid plans of mice and me . . .

You may have seen the photo of the bright orange backpack a few posts ago that was to be my only bag for this trip. This was because I have planned longs walks in France (one, about 100 miles over five days), so I wanted to pack light. 123 more words


Figuring things out...

I’m a sucker for a good lifestyle, hobby, or travel blog. They’re inspiring and fun and very twenty-first century. I’ve never been much of a writer (besides school essays), and I’ve never kept a journal. 171 more words

Gettin Personal

any verse are we

“in spite of everything, life is not without hope”


Here We Go!

Hey there! I have been talking about it for years and years, so here we are. I started a blog. My life is amazing, beautiful, crazy, delightful, exciting, and fun; everything it should be. 250 more words

Are you ready for this?

Once upon a time, there was a fairly intelligent girl who thought she knew it all, and had it all. And then…LIFE occurred.  It felt like overnight (but really was prolonged over a MUCH longer period) that all her world was pulled apart. 668 more words

This Wasn't In The Brochure


So, I have been MIA. All for good reason though. I turned 30 this week and well, I have a lot on my mind. Is this what I thought 30 would be? 66 more words

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