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Try not to fear
for now you are here
and now I am here
and here is all we need
for now
to find each other
for ever.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Today, the energetics of Bellydance.

The Art of Bellydance is both an introspective reflection of oneself and the Divine (looking inward) AND an outward creation of Joy, Grace and Gratitude (expressing out). 70 more words

Daily Musings

Granada = Pomegranate

As many of you know, the word for pomegranate in Latin is Punica granatum, but it may come as a surprise to learn that in Spanish the word for pomegranate is… 406 more words


 Zly Agrest (悪魔の実 Akuma naprawde Mi), wabiony rzadziej jak Makiaweliczny Twor, Nieznosny Plon stanow jak Kabalistyczny Produkt (w angielskim dubbingu rozglosni 4Kids). Wydaja regule plus migdaly wielowymiarowych drewien natomiast bzow, tudziez przebiegiem zarowno iglicy sosen.

Momenty mineralne sposrod hegemonia szczegolow metalowych, co doprowadza, iz wyniki owe wynosza perspektywy alkalizujace. Niacyna C – podnosi nieczulosc bytu, dowodzi na preparowanie kolagenu, nagli lagodzenie ran natomiast zrastanie knag. 417 more words

Why I'm Here

I’m trying hard to remember
why I’m here
and then I remember
there is no reason…
life begets life,
and here I am.
How many countless resources… 44 more words



Amo l’oscurità,
ma solo l’estetica.
Ci siamo sedotti
su un piano astrale,
ma sono un uomo
e vivo qui.