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A coordination problem

We’ve seen that economies can in principle produce a surplus of goods. But this is a mere technical possibility. We’ve said nothing, yet, about social institutions (like firms, households, coordination mechanisms etc.) that might realise this potential. 1,015 more words


I had to think about this one for a while before I could agree with what Eckhart Tolle is saying. I wasn’t sure I agreed with the ‘being here but wanting to be there’ but once I starting thinking about it it does make sense. 86 more words

Here Are The 12 Most Important Rules In Girl Code, According To Girls

Girl Code is an unwritten list of rules that all women don’t necessarily have to follow, but will probably offend someone at one point in their lives if they don’t. 568 more words


Important Updates: New Here?

Nice to meet you, once again! I’m the editor and photographer of the site displayed before your eyes. My name is Madison Fuson! I am very excited that you found this site and are willing to read it! 343 more words

Sacromonte y Azúcar

TRAVELOGUE:  If you’ve been following our blog, you will be aware of many of the great things the city of Granada has to offer.  Two in particular are the neighborhood of Sacromonte and the preponderance of sugar packets.  888 more words


How To Pick Up Hot Women - Here Is How You Can Easily Get Any Girl Real Fast

Hot women may be goddesses that seem unreachable. But they are not that. They are also human and they can be within reach. Learn how to get close to these hot women and be the man to beat. 23 more words