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vaccination dolls

the mother fixes nothing so she ain’t gotta hear of it breaking again. the father saves on the sly for a rabbit. the brother lives long enough to see one of his eyes challenge the designation of his sister’s foresight… 54 more words

Spotting a Snake in Your Home

There’s a Snake in My Boot!

Suspecting a snake in your home can be a terrifying thought. Assuming will only add to your fears, here are a few ways to definitively spot a snake in your home. 143 more words


Wk 5 - Artist Interview - Manny Krakowski

Manny Krakowski designed an interesting piece that involved the use of perspective and reference. The piece, Somewhere Between Here and Their, is a piece that according to the description, “is based on the relationships between space, invisibility, and identity”. 93 more words

Yeah, But I'm Still Here

I’m unsure of which way to go.
I just don’t know,
If I should show.
I used to glow.
I’d shine,
walk through the pines, 41 more words


If you shrunk the sun down to the size of an atom, Earth would not even exist and the milky way would be the size of the United States. 101 more words