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Silent Space

There’s silence in this space
Where we were told to wait
With folded arms
Into closed off hearts
We mourn the passing states
Young and old, breath and cold
We remain

Word Prompt

Need a Man

Last night while I was finally looking at the truck trying to check the headlights Starfish messaged asked what I was doing. I told him changing the bulbs and trying to see if we could aim them. 209 more words

all for you

If it was all from you
I would keep it
for myself…
I am just not sure if you get my drift…
it feels like a gap between us… 118 more words


Here and now

We have been designed with a desire for more than just the here, and now. We crave the there and then. Hope, the allure of a different here. 52 more words


friday from here

everyday as its own goal

and the sign

and its own manner

and whom

as its own further

and the longest

as its own direction… 46 more words


God is my judge

Light in light
Like son in father
You observe our time
At the edge of eternity

You pour life in us
To find us in you… 54 more words


Be here now BABA RAM DAS

Without saying much, this book will change your life.

Internal Growth