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YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved... New MJ Awakening Blog

YOU have never moved because the NOW has never moved. Is it not always now? When has it ever been not now?? “Past” and “future” are both concepts and can only appear when? 63 more words


Between here and there
is an infinite gulf, and
finding yourself here
yet needing to get there,
what will you do when
you discover that all
you have is this pen?


of dirt and grace: here now

Still my heart, let Your voice be all that I hear now

Fix my eyes on the things I can’t see now

Spirit breathe, like a wind come have Your way


I wanted to tell you that no matter what, I’m here and you’re here and we’re here together. – Raymie Nightingale, Kate DiCamillo

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12 am on Monday morning.

Why am I here?

I shouldn’t be here, that’s what they keep telling me.

I should be in an office somewhere. 493 more words


Here and There .... Hear, hear.

Someone asked me where I’d been, I replied, “oh, you know, here and there.”

As a Counsellor, trained and experienced in ‘models’ of therapy, I am in a professional body of approach to client request for an appointment that often unwittingly sees any possible resolution for a person as being ‘over there’. 380 more words