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Journey of a Confused Human: A Short Story

What happen when a person finds out that he has so many qualities, but failed to use the single one? Jack of all trades, master of none? 485 more words



I’ve mentioned previously that Mental Illness and Addiction is rampant on one side of my family. It’s actually quite severe. Scientists should have rounded up my grandmother, her siblings, and all offspring for a study when they had a chance. 593 more words

Bipolar And Addiction

An Open (Albeit, One-Sided) Conversation With My Breasts

I know I should hate you.

After-all, your homicidal instincts have been scientifically proven by geneticists and doctors… I should say good-bye, and never look back. 506 more words


Marie's Story

I’m a 27 year old female in a long term relationship. The first cyst I had was six months ago and required a word catheter. It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to be shocked at how dramatically my life had changed. 283 more words

Habits are hereditary too!

I recently read somewhere that when you teach your kids something, it’s not only them that you teach. You teach their kids too. I thought this was super profound for I’ve heard my mom say this so many times as to how grand ma did this and that. 548 more words


It's Official...

Mom took grandma to see a geriatrician and it was determined that she is entering the final stage (7) of the disease… duh, I could have told them that!  442 more words


Although competition is stiff, Kembe X is one of Chicago’s most exciting new Rap prospects.  With upcoming mixtape ‘Talk Back’ in the works, the MC enlists the help of Danny Brown on a new, Opi Taylor-produced track ‘Hereditary ’.   38 more words

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