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Hereditary Spoiler Review

This week the CineMashers ask: is Hereditary the scariest or funniest movie of the summer?


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Hi! I haven’t said that to you all in awhile. So here we are, a couple notes – my jennifernicholewells.com domain is expiring in the next couple weeks. 650 more words


ARTICLE - Why Horror Movies Like 'Hereditary' Poll So Poorly With Audiences - Scott Mendelson

There are reasons beyond the taste of the American moviegoer that horror flicks and especially horror flicks like Bug or Hereditary poll so badly with general audiences.

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Film (Re)View - Hereditary

I do have to wonder who actually writes the comments that go with movies and whether they have actually seen the movie. The people who wrote the comments for this movie clearly have not seen it. 479 more words

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Hereditary-A Family Portrait.

Hereditary (15) Dir.  Ari Aster

Whilst watching Hereditary that infamous Phillip Larkin quote comes to mind; “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do.” The damage families can inflict on each other and the inherited, unavoidable habits that carry through sit centre stage of… 567 more words


Hereditary | Review

Despite the gory allure that comes with classic horror films, there is a living, breathing by-lane that has become the favorite haunt for horror purists. This is the place where stories are a lot more subtle than the smack-and-jab terror that we are so used to, resulting in a form of film-making where ghosts and spirits are not the central theme of the narrative. 1,047 more words

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REVIEW- Hereditary: A seamless blend of classic and modern horror makes for a fearful study on grief, guilt and parenthood

Each year society is only granted one single horror film that is hailed as ‘the next Exorcist/Blair Witch/Halloween/Psycho/The Shining’. One. To celebrate, we project 365 days’ worth of expectations and excitement onto this picture in the hopes that it will be better than the last one because ‘____ wasn’t even scary’. 732 more words

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