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Subject: Being a Test Subject

So I finally tested with 23 and me, the genetic genealogy company that looks at all kinds of individual characteristics and yes, connects you with cousins! 462 more words


Quality of Life by Design by Dr. K. V. Sarma, Ph.D.

Good morning everyone,

I am very glad to share with you this morning that just now I have published the e-book on “Quality-of-Life-by-Design” with a hope that the youth across the continents will benefit from it and see the world as one. 51 more words


What Do We Inherit?

In most cases, it’s a crap shoot of the genetic dice. Right? Blue eyes. Brown hair. Cancer.

It can also be very subtle things. I mentioned in my first post that my birth parents search began when my daughter started having babies.  391 more words


on being dimpled

It’s been long …..very long time I had been going through  “ALWAYS SMILE” mode on.
Yeah! I do love my dimples 😊  but what if you are asked to show it off whenever someone wants to see it ?? 362 more words


Becoming My Mother

There’s no doubt I am a lot like my mother. We look alike in some ways, have many of the same mannerisms, same obsession about making things neat, same love of vanilla ice cream.  699 more words

Whoa. How does that happen?

I have a brother-in-law who died of a heart attack at age 52. He was a health education teacher and coach. Pretty much a health nut. 171 more words


Who is Driew Qweepie?

Moment One: Hangin’

His eyelids rose and fell over eyes of blue and green. Heterochromia, the condition was called, thought to be hereditary, or caused by a disease or an injury. 66 more words