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What to expect?

No more buying tampons and a few hot flushes right?!

I grew up in a little seaside village where it was always sunny. I don’t have many memories of rainy days but I do remember the beautiful long days of Summer spent playing on the beach with my mother and two younger sisters. 969 more words


Measuring Up

I am slowly coming to terms with myself! From the moment of conception to the day we die we are measured by other people. Measured against “norms”, where the human race completely disregards hereditary issues, genetics, and evolution. 1,757 more words

This Extremely Rare Disease Keeps You Awake For The Rest Of Your Life

Not getting enough sleep eventually culminates in a day or two of brain-befuddling wooziness, but its nothing compared to the effects of chronic insomnia. This sleep disorder, caused by certain medicines, negative lifestyle factors, physical illness, or mental health problems, it leads to mental

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Hereditary Picky Eating – Medium

My sister is known for her aversion to bananas. She pretends to gag every time she says the word. She shudders in horror every time she… 12 more words


Colorblindness is a recessive allele, also being a hereditary gene.  It is vastly more likely that a male will be colorblind than a female.  This imbalance is caused by X and Y chromosomes.  250 more words