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Hereditary and Cohereditary properties

I first heard of the terms ‘hereditary‘ and ‘cohereditary‘ in topology class. They were defined as:

A property is hereditary if  is any space having the property , then any subspace of also has the property…

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Should I use my steroid inhaler daily if I'm breathing just fine?

I just got over a cold. I continuously take deep breaths but cannot get enough air in my lungs. I’m coughing and wheezing. Where is my inhaler! 297 more words


That’s what we like to hear or see.  Normal in this context means no abnormalities. And that’s a good thing when we’re talking about a dog’s health. 223 more words


The transition hurts
Pain never lasts just hold on
It’s gonna be you



Facial Workout routines To Tone Sagging Neck Throat

Higher LDL cholesterol levels are the prime contributor for heart disease. In truth, the larger your LDL cholesterol levels, the greater your likelihood of developing heart illness. 304 more words



Some other thoughts entered my mind saying that I didn’t know that I was Gypsy. And that this explains why some people rejected me. I never had such ideas and no one told me such a thing. 609 more words


[Sets 002] Prerequisites

The truth value of the statement

is not dependent on the axioms of ZFC, but on “what is really true”. It is a proposition of the metatheory. 229 more words