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Herero-genocide without apology and compensation?

111 years ago, the German colonial army ordered the extermination of the Herero people in what was then “German South-West Africa” – a colony of the German Empire. 304 more words


La ciencia se ha regido por diversas teorías en pos de explicar la historia humana desde sus orígenes. Un modelo de éxito, en el mundo académico actual (2007), es la arqueología procesual: ”entiende los cambios y procesos sociales como resultado de la pérdida de equilibrio con el medio ambiente, generalmente a causa de cambios climáticos desfavorables” (1). 5,453 more words


Branntwein, Bibeln und Bananen

Stadtrundgang zu Hamburgs Kolonialgeschichte: vom Rathaus über den Hafenrand bis zum Bismarck-Denkmal am Freitag, den 18. September um 17.30 Uhr. Das ist die letzte Gelegenheit in diesem Jahr! 131 more words

Is that ... German?

The impact that foreigners, especially Germans and Apartheid-era South Africans, had on Namibia is still very present. It is tangible not only by the architecture of inns, biergartens, or barbed-wired watchtowers, but also by the living memories and oral histories that parents share with their children. 599 more words


Peoples of Southern Africa (Part 1)

by the Diagram Group

*this book appears on my blog courtesy of the Spokane Public Library*

What is Southern Africa?

The countries of Southern Africa follow arbitrary lines drawn in the Colonial Era. 438 more words


Cultural Exchange from Museums to the Ambassador's

The beginning of today was incredibly different from the end. In the morning, our group visited a museum to learn about the history of Namibia, its relationship with Germany and South Africa, and its struggle for independence. 462 more words