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Fia's Story

Rolbos has, purely through circumstances, an overwhelmingly European population. A small one, it is true, but still. It is extremely rare for them to play host to ‘other’ races despite the fact that they view themselves as  ‘very modern and open-minded.’  The subjects of gender equality, same-sex marriages and mixed-race relationships often lead to lively debates, but the group in Boggel’s Place has long ago adopted the motto of… 621 more words

Short Stories

Herero and Namaqua Delegation

Words and photography by Marcus Hessenberg – www.marcushessenberg.com

In July 2015, a group of Delegates from what is now modern day Namibia, came to London via Germany, to discuss the possibilities of compensation for their people for the atrocities and genocide under Imperial Germany in the early 1900s. 109 more words


The many tribes of Namibia

With only 2 million people in its 318,246 square miles, Namibia is one of the least densely populated countries on earth. During our service in Peace Corps Namibia, we have experienced this small population first-hand throughout our service, as we meet so many people who know us through others, or we have bumped into people we know even when traveling hours away from our hometown. 799 more words

Peace Corps Namibia Blog

The "First Genocide of the 20th Century"

Pope Francis is in the news this week because he used the word genocide to characterize the slaughter of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire during the Great War. 161 more words


Branntwein, Bibeln und Bananen

Stadtrundgang zu Hamburgs Kolonialgeschichte: vom Rathaus über den Hafenrand bis zum Bismarck-Denkmal am 24. April um 17.30 Uhr (und am 8. Mai). Keine andere Stadt in Deutschland hat von der europäischen Kolonialexpansion so stark profitiert wie Hamburg. 114 more words

Rhodes, revenge, rage; what use is literature?

I already knew about the Rhodes protests before I left Leeds. I had been sent an email by our South African colleague, telling us that the University of Cape Town was alive with student activists protesting at the slow pace of transformation twenty years after the fall of apartheid, and demanding the removal of the statue of colonialist Cecil Rhodes, who presides over the campus looking north to the rest of the continent. 1,504 more words

Helen Finch

The Forgotten Genocide

“Where was the first genocide of the 20th century?”

Germany, les Juifs?

Les juifs, en Allemagne?

“Non! Look here.”

The professor pulls up an article… 728 more words