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Germany sued for damages of 'forgotten genocide' in Namibia


Germany sued for damages of ‘forgotten genocide’ in Namibia …


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Germany sued for damages… 943 more words

5 Reasons why Pearlie Kay is furious over Trump's win & why I hate to do this article

5. PEARLIE KAY  holds close to her heart traditional Marxist views. The economy is the superstructure! But does the new President-elect think as much for every proletariat? 284 more words

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»Das hat mich sehr erschüttert«

Interview mit Jephta Nguherimo über den Völkermord an den Herero und Nama und koloniale Geschmacklosigkeiten in Hamburg: Der Aktivist und Forscher lebt in Washington, D.C. und ist Mitbegründer des Ovaherero/Mbanderu and Nama Genocide Institute (ONGI) in den USA. 469 more words

"And Now, the Rest of the Story": Simone Leigh at the Hammer Museum

Last week my latest review of Simone Leigh’s exhibit was featured on Arts.Black.com.  The piece takes a close look at two of the strong influences found in Leigh’s work, the Herero and the Cupboard. 209 more words

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Confronting Colonial Legacy With Positivity: a visit to Namibia

Walking through the town centre of the west Namibian settlement of Swakopmund, it can initially be easy to forget that one is in Africa. Indeed, a tourist could almost be forgiven for thinking that they have been transplanted back to Europe. 1,567 more words


On October 2, 1904, German General Lothar von Trotha decreed the egregious Vernichtungsbefehl(extermination order) of the Herero people from Southwest Africa – the foundation of an ideology of genocide:

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Daughter of the Herero

This little girl was the daughter of a Herero woman who was selling traditional Herero dolls on the roadside just outside Twyfelfontein in Namibia.