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Interview mit Israel Kaunatijke

Auf Deutschlandradio Kultur spricht Israel Kaunatijke über die Verbrechen an den Herero im damaligen “Deutsch-Südwestafrika”. Im Interview erzählt der Herero von seinen beiden deutschen Großvätern, seinen namibischen Großmüttern und seiner Kindheit in der Zeit der Apartheid. 97 more words

The Irony of Colonial Apologetics

As some formerly colonized countries in Sub-Saharan Africa still grapple with resource disputes and sectarian violence, it is hardly unusual to hear people wonder aloud whether 19th and 20th century colonialism was actually a solution, not a problem, for the non-Western world.  1,200 more words


Discussion on the Herero and Nama Genocide

Please answer 3 of the following questions in separate comment posts. Interacting with the comments posted by your peers is strongly encouraged. You may also post any questions that you have about this case study and I will answer in due course. 160 more words


MSN - Namibia

This image depicting a woman, belonging to Herero tribe in Namibia, has been published on Microsoft Web Portal