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Here's a Question...

What’s up, guys? Do you think I should start an online book club? Answer below!

(Non wordpress members and wordpress members can join. You would get a say in the books we read if they are children or YA books.)

Street Cred

Sometimes the very motivation I need to get pulled together in the morning is the sobering thought of being caught by a camera.  Even on a Saturday, running out for creamer.  Is that silly?  Perhaps… but not for these ladies.  If you knew you'd run into an old friend or a camera crew on the street today would you be excited about what you had on?  Call me shallow but that little nugget will make you think twice about wearing house shoes out again. 9 more words


Painted Floors

Painted floors are a seriously cool option for those of us bold enough to give it a try.  A solid color can enliven a space and highlight the room's furnishings, or a graphic pattern can be used to create drama – either way the results are stunning.  Not only that, but painting the floor is much less expensive than total replacement and it covers a multitude of sin. 7 more words

Good Idea

Because Berber is Boring

My favorite local carpet spot carries a new designer line of animal prints to. die. for.

But where on earth can I put it?! I love the idea of using it in a media room or an office, but I'm totally digging it as a runner on a staircase. 24 more words


Ever Evolving...

Claire Bingham is a Renaissance woman. She constantly has a hand in interiors, fashion, writing and branding. This is a snapshot of her home in the UK. 125 more words


Going Bronde

The hybrid love child of blone and brunette. The best of both worlds.

Celebs have been going "bronde" for years. Consider: Jennifer Anniston (the originator), Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Portman, J-Lo, Leona Lewis, Lauren Conrad, & the technically blonde Blake Lively + Taylor Swift to name a few. 20 more words



Its true.

I'm exhausted but I have a lot to be thankful for.

Don't you?

Happy Weekend