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Criminal Charges Placed Upon Me

I am not the one
who prefers
a loss of



A Fixed Star

The truth is, that it is quite an error to suppose that absence of definite convictions gives the mind freedom and agility. A man who believes something is ready and witty, because he has all his weapons about him.

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Proud love of truth, or proud desire for death?

As I listened to those voices, no longer knowing what to think myself, it so happened that I looked straight at the condemned man’s face, which at times was hidden by the crowd ahead of me. 155 more words

Drink my blood if you think it will help your story-line!

For some reason teen angst always gets me going. My hubby detests the fact that I enjoy movies like Twilight, Harry Potter and shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. 607 more words

TV Addict

Pastor exposes TD Jakes & Steven Furtick as heretics

Pastor Gabriel Hughes of First Southern Baptist Church recently wrote a good article exposing heretics T.D. Jakes and Steven Furtick.

Ps Gabriel Hughes writes,

Are T.D. 2,997 more words


The War on the Cathars

By Phillip Coppens

The “Cathar heresy” that struck Southern France in the 13th century, and was viciously persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, remains a pool of interest and intrigue. 3,418 more words


Steps out of Evangelicalism

The steps to take towards Fundamentalism are quite simple.

First: You need to put your modern translation on the bookshelf. Pick up your King James. Here’s a helpful hint for the King James… at some point, you’re going to need large print. 541 more words