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A Question of Evil

This article was prompted by a Richard Rohr Meditation that I got in my inbox this morning. In it, he discusses how systemic evil is in life. 691 more words


Steve Bannon Denies Trump "Literally" Belongs In Ninth Circle Of Dante's Hell (Hint: 8th)

Steve Bannon, in his interview with Charlie Rose of CBS, claimed that the Access Hollywood (“grab them”) tape had no lasting impact on last year’s campaign “yet, if you see the mainstream media that day, it was, literally, he was falling into Dante’s inferno.”  Let’s fact-check that statement. 456 more words

Rethinking Conditionalism (Part 7a) - Rethinking Hell's Proponents

I keep saying over and over again that the annihilationism/conditionalism discussion would take on a different form if it wasn’t for all the heretics Rethinking Hell and others like them affirm, associate, and keep company with. 3,136 more words

The Local Church

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George Alvarado, writer from the Defending-Contending blog (now truthingrace.com) has a new blog which will feature his writing on various topics, including Conditionalism/Annihilationism. This article enumerates, and details, the extent to which "RethinkingHell.com"'s "ministry" breaks bread with heretics who deny the Gospel (i.e. penal substitutionary atonement), inerrancy. and God's omniscience, among other central doctrines of the faith. Be sure to subscribe to the blog, and check out the six other posts he has written against Conditionalism/Annihilationism.

The Mailbag: Female Pastors- False Teachers or Just Sinning?

Is a woman who is in the position of pastor to be considered a false teacher or merely disobedient to The Word of God? Some churches in my area place pastors’ wives in the position of “co-pastor.” Would she have to be teaching some false doctrine to be considered a false teacher or does the fact that she is in the position in the first place make her a false teacher? 772 more words


Music* Heretics (A.J. Chaton, A. Moor, T. Moore) – Dull Jack / Drawing* Samantha Wall – Let Your Eyes Adjust to the Dark

Music & Visions – projects selected by Stefano Santoni + ThePT

Heretics is a collaboration between Anne-James Chaton (sound artist), Thurston Moore (songwriter and guitarist of Sonic Youth) and Andy Moor (guitarist of The Ex and founding member of the music label Unsounds). 1,058 more words


Being a Vaccine Heretic in the Church of Big Pharma

Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD


“The real power of the media is the power to ignore.” Big Media censors out or distorts scientific facts – especially the inconvenient kind – and then helps its partners in crime to smear and intimidate anybody who challenges its interests.

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