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Fr. Salaverri on whether heretics, apostates, schismatics, and excommunicates are members of the Church

The following text is from the well-respected and voluminous manual of dogmatic theology, Sacræ Theologiæ Summa (which has been translated in full by Fr. Kenneth Baker SJ, though it seems available only through some obscure sellers; we cannot decide whether we want the English set or not). 6,396 more words

Manualist Monday

Exposing The Born Again Movement

History of Born Again:

The Born Again Movement traces its origin early in the 19th century. In reaction to Protestant Liberalism a group of Protestant theologians from various denominations (Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and Evangelicals etc.) wrote a 12 volume book entitled The Fundamentals. 692 more words


The Fundamental Difference Between Christians And Protestants

We often hear people say that all Christians are just the same regardless of which denomination or Church they belong. As long as they believe in Jesus Christ and accepted him as his Lord and personal savior he is a Christian, no doubt. 1,057 more words


The Hiëlist schism of 1573 in the Family of Love’s history and its impact on English Familism (1)

Although later central to the schism and defection which tore the Family of Love in two, Hendrik Jansen Van Barrefelt was one of the first members of Hendrik Niclaes’ Family of Love to be mentioned… 19 more words

An Exegesis of Koran 9:28-31

Now, I am going to do an exegesis of Koran 9:28-31. In this passage is the “Jizya Verse” — another controversial verse in the Koran. The translation that I am providing here is Pickthall’s translation. 6,925 more words


Exposing Heresy - Easter Is a Pagan Celebration?

It’s been spread all over by certain heretic groups, Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular, that Easter isn’t biblical; it’s a pagan holiday they say. They had enough time to do some research about that but failed to understand what “Easter” really means biblically. 433 more words

Answering Sceptics

Book Review: The Bones You Have Cast Down by Jean Huets (Four Stars)

Book Review: The Bones You Have Cast Down by Jean Huets

Four Stars

“A part of me grieved for myself.”

A storytelling treasure. Huets transports the reader into the mind of a young fifteenth century Italian with all the assurance and intimacy which one expects of a modern bard. 264 more words

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