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"The Deceiver and the Antichrist"

“For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist.” (II John 7) 276 more words

Blog Repost: Dintinguishing the differences between Heresy, Schismatic, and a Parasynagogue

In a letter to his spiritual child Amphilochios of Iconium written c. 373 A.D, St. Basil the Great distinguishes three ways in which there can take place a separation of a baptised person from the communion of the Catholic Church. 387 more words

Church Teaching


Many believe they may call themselves true Christians, and yet they speak of others — anthroposophical Christians, for instance — as heretics. There is very little true Christian feeling here. 134 more words


How to Not be a Heretic

What you believe matters. Your beliefs about the world, yourself, and God are always operating in the background of your mind, shaping your decisions and passions. 1,201 more words


Mini Episode 2: What is Heresy?


As modern Christian leaders continue to call their opponents “heretics,” it might be a good idea to understand what heresy actually is. Tylor hosts this mini episode and discusses what the early church meant by the term. 63 more words


Saint Hilary Of Poitiers-13 January 2017

Saint Hilary Of Poitiers

January 13. Saint Hilary of Poitiers was converted to Christianity through his reading of the Sacred Scriptures. A married man, he was chosen as Bishop of Poitiers in France where he arduously fought Arianism. 25 more words

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The Johannite Heresy from the "Temple of Mysteries"

Another candidate for the gnostic heresy at the heart of the Templars is that they – or the inner circle – were Johannites.


More on the Johannite Spiritual Heritage

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