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Recently, a middle-aged woman and I both studied the Bible at Starbucks, which led us to chat briefly. On her way out, she gave me a seemingly random book she had already read, saying, “I think the Holy Spirit is telling me to give you this.” I replied, “Thank you. 488 more words


Answering the Opposition- Responses to the Most Frequently Raised Discernment Objections

I’m at the G3 Conference today. I hope you’ll enjoy this selected article.

Originally published June 17, 2016

Discernment- it’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. 2,086 more words

Christian Women

Christian Beware!

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing/false prophets! It is so disappointing that so many in this great country who call themselves Christians believe these charismatic liars because they do not ‘study to show themselves approved.’ In other words, they do not know God’s inerrant true Word which is the only true Bible, the King James Bible. 458 more words

God's Truth


After seeing who won the FAKE NEWS AWARDS according to President Trump? Shock!

Are you in shock learning that the present day person sitting in the Chair of Peter is not Catholic? 218 more words

How secularism 'avoids discussing what is good'

From the second chapter entitled ‘On the Negative Spirit’ of G. K. Chesterton’s book Heretics, he majestically dismantles the secualrized notion of “progress”, an idea that on the surface of things sounds… 443 more words


Throwback Thursday ~ Still Be Discerning about Discerners Discerning Discernment Ministries

Recently, one of my favorite blogs, ParkingSpace23 (a fantastic, doctrinally sound blog I’d encourage everyone to subscribe to), published an excellent article by John Chester called… 2,573 more words

False Doctrine