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In the Monticello Kitchen: A Photo Essay

I don’t have a lot of time to write this week, but I thought U would take time to address a few matters and share with you images from this year’s Heritage Harvest Festival at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. 654 more words

African American Food History

Raising Heritage Breed Chickens for Meat

Raising heritage breed chickens for meat is difficult for a farmer to gauge timing of harvest. Currently the industry harvests birds at about 6 through 8 weeks of age. 680 more words


Is That A Pig Or A Sheep?

Mango 8 wks, Lisa 3 mos..

Meet Mango & Lisa – their breed is called Mangalitsa or Mangalica. The left photo was taken 5/1/16 and the right photo was taken 9/2/16.   522 more words

What's the deal with Heritage Breeds? A Beginner's Introduction

When friends and family come to visit our farm, for some reason I feel obligated to let them know what breeds of animals we have. For regular cityfolk, it comes as a surprise to find out, like dog breeds, there are all different breeds of livestock.   946 more words

Backyard chicken keeper or poultry farmer?

All across America, people keep chickens in their back yard. Does that make them chicken farmers? I’d argue that it doesn’t in most cases, unless they’ve got a rooster and are continually eating or selling new birds. 276 more words


Barlow Acres is getting Pigs!!

I have organized the purchase of  3 beautiful Heritage Gloucester Old Spot Pigs. As is generally the case there is always a reason for my madness, in this case my fascination for heritage breeds started during a lecture I received at University studying Zoology. 377 more words

Barlow Acres

Tunis Sheep

In May of this year we added sheep to our farm.  From the start we knew we wanted a heritage breed sheep and in doing our research narrowed it down to Tunis, Gulf Coast Native and Romeldale.   231 more words