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Three Questions to Ask Before Getting Dairy Goats

Goats are trendy right now, and with good reason.  These little powerhouses of nutrition pack a powerful punch and do it efficiently.  Goat meat is widely consumed around the world and gaining popularity here in the US.   443 more words

Dairy Goats

Happy 2015!!

As you may have noticed, I have been posting stuff that happened in the summer lately. In January.

I know! I know!! I promise, I’m not trying to confuse people here. 1,118 more words


nobody likes mean girls

Poor Ursula. In the chicken world, the victim gets solitary. Business as usual for the UNSUB.

This is completely unscientific, but I think mean girl-ing is hardwired. 705 more words

A Day In The Life

Snow Day

Our chickens have experienced a lot of rain in their few short months with us, but this is their first experience with snow. Since they are all heritage breeds, they are able to handle the cold weather. 17 more words

Chickens And Eggs

the price of freedom

I love to see old fashioned chickens running around. Kind of like Beyonce and her girls, they like to strut & cluck in formation. We’ve got a mix of Buff Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Reds and White Rocks.  865 more words
A Day In The Life

Heritage Breeds Podcasts

Today, I read an article on HobbyFarms.com called Listen and Learn: A Podcast on Rare Breed Farm Animals . This is a new podcast series sponsored by the… 15 more words

Rare Breeds

We Are Afflicted With The Pox

Chicken pox, that is.

Okay, not really. Actually avian pox. The kids are fine. No, it’s the chickens. The chickens have the pox. I really only noticed because I’d gone out to snap a few pictures of them for this old blog, cropped one, and noticed some suspicious spots on Max’s comb. 656 more words