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Why I Want To Meet My Meat.

I can’t tell you how many times, when asked what we do here at Silk Tree Farm, someone will say “I think what you do is great but I don’t want to meet my meat.” 916 more words


Piggy Piggy Piggy

Red Wattle Piggies!

Winona (Winnie) Wattle our Red Wattle sow farrowed this past week. She gave birth to 7 little red velvet bundles of cuteness. 182 more words

Heritage Breeds

4 Week Old Buff Orpingtons - out of the brooder

Our new buffs are big enough now we transferred them to their permanent residence today. Soon we’ll be letting them out to free range. They grow up so fast!


Here Come the Turkeys!

Last Spring we began our journey with our heritage breed Narragansett turkeys. We purchased our turkey chicks from Sand Hill Preservation Center. We raised them in turkey tractors making sure they had fresh grass daily. 228 more words


Hire A Heritage Herd

Goats are a natural alternative to harmful herbicides and pesticides.

They are an environmentally friendly way to fertilize and clear a difficult areas of land. 296 more words

Heritage Breeds

Buff Orpington Chicks

Just got a new batch of buff orpington chicks. From our 16 blues we only got 4 hens. We have two more year old hens for a total flock of 6, which is just not enough to allow a rooster. 66 more words