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The Trouble with Turkeys

Do you guys remember my three little turkey peeps from last year?  The ones we rescued from the feed store when it became clear that they were quickly destined to be dinner? 740 more words

Farm Life

Kickin' Tail and Takin' Names!

Heritage breed birds have an immense amount of genetically passed down skills that are a resource for poultry-raisers to utilize.  From parenting skills to foraging abilities to predator evasion, a heritage breed bird outshines their industrial breed counterpart. 243 more words


Sows on the Move

I thought it was about time to write a post where I show you some of what we do day-to-day on the farm. Each day is different, which is part of the joy of farming. 952 more words

Talking Turkey (Part 5)

Continued from Talking Turkey (Part 4) | The Ancient Sacred American Bird That Traveled The World: A Turkey Tale

Talking Turkey Conservation

Wild Turkeys

It is still uncertain whether or not Turkey really was the star of the feast shared by early colonists and native americans that gave birth to the American Thanksgiving Holiday tradition, but it is well known that they become fond of hunting the native wild turkeys. 1,383 more words

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Meet Almond and Joy!

Our Spanish Doe Mounds gave birth to these two strong kids last month. You can read about Mounds here. Usually the Spanish goat kids are a lot more timid than our other breeds. 84 more words

Heritage Breeds

February Ramblings

From Boss Farmers Facebook last week:
“Nothing like waking up all deer eyed to the sound of pigs out your window, on the porch eating breakfast all early. 570 more words

On The Farm

Ewe are so beautiful

By Lydia Smith | Contributor

As Charlotters, we take great pride in our legacy, striving to leave behind a world better than we found. Some select a “greener” car or use only reusable shopping bags; that is their contribution. 323 more words

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