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Blue Orpingtons at 10 Weeks

We had a blizzard here a couple days ago.  Man were the chickens confused!  They refused to come outside their coop until the snow melted.  Hopefully by the fall time they’ll get over it, or else it’s going to be a long, boring winter…. 37 more words


Big Daddy and the Ducklings

We were in the process of moving the three little ducklings to the garage yesterday. My poor husband had to do most of the work due to my back being out the last few days. 452 more words

Blue Orpingtons at 7 Weeks Old

It took them a few days in their new accommodation before they wanted to go outside, but they eventually got the hang of it.  They also tuck themselves in at night just after sunset, which is hugely convenient.  18 more words

Farm Life

Heritage Breeds

Heritage Breeds are, quite simply, historic breeds of animals such as those our ancestors of the past few centuries would have raised and enjoyed.  They are not genetically altered or “manufactured.”  In many cases, they are endangered breeds, on the verge of extinction. 2,113 more words


Blue Orpingtons - Four Weeks Old

Almost entirely feathered out, and all 16 still with us! We’ll be moving them outside this weekend.


Three Questions to Ask Before Getting Dairy Goats

Goats are trendy right now, and with good reason.  These little powerhouses of nutrition pack a powerful punch and do it efficiently.  Goat meat is widely consumed around the world and gaining popularity here in the US.   443 more words

Dairy Goats

Happy 2015!!

As you may have noticed, I have been posting stuff that happened in the summer lately. In January.

I know! I know!! I promise, I’m not trying to confuse people here. 1,118 more words