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Burlington’s Willis Graves Bed N Breakfast



Rottenrow Maternity Hospital, Glasgow

Glasgow’s famous Royal Maternity Hospital in Glasgow was founded as the Glasgow Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary in 1834 in Greyfriars Wynd. It moved to St Andrew’s Square, Glasgow in 1841 then to Rottenrow in 1860. 33 more words


When I was a child.

When I was a child I refused to brush my hair and my clothes never matched. I’d dig up worms from the ground and pinch slugs until they exploded with a satisfying ‘pop.’ The sun bleached my unruly tresses and tanned my olive skin while I rolled through grass and around trees. 150 more words


Local Planning and Rural Planning – are further reforms necessary?

As we’ve explained through this blog in recent weeks, the National Trust is becoming increasingly concerned about the piecemeal, rushed and confusing way in which the Government is making changes to the planning system.  1,152 more words

National Trust

Azalea Inn and Villas "A Bed and Breakfast Inn"

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a historic bed and breakfast inn in Savannah Georgia, invites you to savor the richness of our historic city’s charm. Visit us at http://www.azaleainn.com.


The UN’s Heritage Heist

UNESCO recently adopted a resolution that completely ignores the Jewish historical, religious and Biblical ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jerusalem. 875 more words