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Bangunan berlantai dua ini berada di kanan Jalan Raya Letjend Suprapto, jalan satu arah di Kota Lama Semarang. Bersebelahan dengan Taman Srigunting di samping Gereja Blenduk. 366 more words

Catatan Perjalanan

Growing Up Rich

With all the hoopla about the newest birth in the British royal family, I got to wondering what it would be like to grow up rich. 1,030 more words

My highlights on the Singapore Heritage Festival 2018

The Singapore Heritage Festival 2018 has come to an end, after 3 intense weeks of tours, exhibitions and talks all over Singapore. Just like the Star Awards, there’s winners and losers and its impossible to cover all the tours or events as there is simply too many going on, the schedules do clashed, not surprising as they probably want to cater to wider audience and “spread” the crowd out. 1,146 more words

Heritage Sites

Women of Bradford: Heritage walk

Manningham Library

Manningham Library was the start of this fascinating guided heritage walk by Helen Broadhead on 21st April.

This historic building was first opened in 1910. 484 more words


The not so silent rails

There is a river near where I live and over that river there is a high railroad bridge that was built in 1901.

The railroad bridge is very old and has seen a lot of history.  242 more words

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