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Historical Interlude: The Birth of the Computer Part 1, the Mechanical Age

Before continuing the history of video gaming with the activities of the Tech Model Railroad Club and the creation of the first truly landmark computer game,  5,907 more words

Computer History

Wine and Computers: The Surprising Washington Origins of Two Industries

Normanstone’s near neighbor came to be the seventy-six acres of Northview, purchased by Cornelius and Margaret Barber in 1834, located where the Naval Observatory complex now spreads. 940 more words

Dumbarton Oaks



The Computing History:

Let us look back and see how computers have evolved. For whatever we know about the early days of computing, Egyptians used pebbles to represent items, which they wanted to count. 217 more words

Computer Fundamental

My History of Computing (Punch cards to FORTRAN)

The Beginnings of the Industry

One of the first appearances of computer technology occurred in the USA in the 1880s, and was due to the American Constitution demanding that a survey be undertaken every 10 years. 2,568 more words

Hollerith constant

Hollerith constant

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Hollerith constants, named in honor of Herman Hollerith, were used in early FORTRAN programs to allow manipulation of character data. 305 more words

Coding the Arts

It seems to me that it is becoming increasingly essential for designers to become fluent in a computer programming language if they are to produce the designs and images which they visualise. 539 more words

General Thoughts

Who installed the first computing device at the United States War Department December 9, 1888 and went on to found a company that later merged to become IBM?

Herman Hollerith was born February 29, 1860 to a German immigrant in Buffalo, New York.

In 1875, Hollerith entered the City College of New York and graduated from Columbia University School of Mines in 1879 with an “Engineer of Mines” degree. 932 more words