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New Books: February 2017

Hello, dear readers. I come to you with an update on my to-be-read list. This month I added a great number of new books to my bookshelf, which means I will have to cut back on new acquisitions. 230 more words


Walking Lugano

We have visited Lugano many times since Daughter started University there.  It has always been rushed with just two or three days.  This time, we booked a week.  93 more words


Releasing thy self

As per Spirituality, we have two selves within us. One is the true self and the other is our wounded self, better known as the “EGO”. 530 more words


[Trans] Demian – Chương VI (II)

Chương VI – Jacob Wrestling

Phần II.

Biên dịch: Gf93
Biên tập: An
Minh họa: High Blood

Điều tuyệt vời nhất mà tôi có được trong những tuần còn lại tại trường St.—— là những khi ở bên Pistorius bên cây đàn organ hay trước sự nhiệt thành của anh ấy. 6,694 more words

Translated Books



And she told me about a youth who had fallen in love with a planet. He stood by the sea, stretched out his arms and prayed to the planet, dreamed of it, and directed all his thoughts to it. 335 more words


Ein Baum spricht: Hermann Hesse

“[W]enn wir gelernt haben, die Bäume anzuhören, dann gewinnt gerade die Kürze und Schnelligkeit und Kinderhast unserer Gedanken eine Freudigkeit ohnegleichen.” Hermann Hesse

“[W]hen we have learned to listen to trees, the brevity, rapidity, and childishness of our thoughts gain unrivaled joy.”

497 more words

The Benefits of Complex Mindsets

In a 2015 commentary in Education Week, Carol Dweck acknowledges that she and her colleagues may have oversimplified “growth mindset” and ignored the mixtures of mindset in all of  us: 908 more words