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The House of Esther

The holiday of Purim begins this evening. Thus, I am very honored to post this fascinating study by my friend and guest author, Tim Stevenson. 3,700 more words


Mrs. Job

When I was getting my master’s degree, I had to take an incredibly difficult hermeneutics class. For the uninitiated (i.e. most of us), hermeneutics is the study of how we interpret texts. 849 more words

Walking along the Dhammapada -- Chapter 1: Dichotomies

I’m taking another journey through the Buddha’s lessons on the path of the Dharma (one way you could translate the title Dhammapada). A few years ago, I wrote posts on a handful of chapters, but I didn’t go over every chapter. 1,289 more words


Transcript for The Family of Abraham: Part 1—Introduction

This transcription of the first part of my series on the story of the family of Abraham was transcribed by Lorraine O’Neal. If you would be interested in her transcription services—for sermons, lectures, talks, or something else—you can contact her  1,365 more words


The Gospel According to St. Cleanthes and St. Epimenides

How Mormons Abuse Paul’s Use of Pagan Sources in Acts 17:28

compiled by Fred W. Anson
The Gospel According to St. Cleanthes
One of favorite responses when a Mormon cites Acts 17:28 (“For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.”) is to simply ask, “Oh, and since you think that Paul was endorsing Cleanthes’ ‘Hymn to Zeus’ by citing from it in the latter citation (“ For we are also his offspring“) 1,761 more words

Mormon Studies

Be Christ-Centered, Not Just Gospel-Centered

Buzzwords have a funny way of painting their subject in the best possible light.

a few examples. “Progressive”—who doesn’t want to make progress?
“Attractional”—who doesn’t want to attract unbelievers into the church? 1,230 more words


A High View

Read John 5:24-30 …

Recently this quote came to my attention in a book that seeks to describe five different ways that people use when approaching the Scriptures, to discern the meaning therein, and find application for their own life and times. 556 more words

Bulletin Thoughts