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The 'Good' of Tradition; The Impossibility of Reading Scripture Without Theology

What I realized in seminary while immersed in historical theology and new testament studies was that doing theological exegesis and engaging with the tradition of the church is… 977 more words


Manuscript of my sermon for June 17, 2018. The final lesson of our four-week series on the Ten Words (more commonly known as the Ten Commandments), called “Ten Words for God’s people.” 3,306 more words


Jeff Sessions, Your Use of Romans 13 is Wrong

On Thursday, the 14th of June, Flag Day of all days, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited a passage of the Letter of Paul to the Roman church. 1,288 more words


Is Jesus Perfect Theology?

There is a saying making the rounds in certain circles of Christianity today that both excites me and bothers me at the same time. That saying is… 434 more words

End Of Religion

The Bible Says...

The Bible is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons. Sarah Sanders says “It is very biblical to enforce the law,” in defense of the current policy of separating the children from the parents who are trying to enter into the US illegally ( 1,165 more words


How do we read the Bible? A case study from Sessions and Romans 13

Over the last day or so, I have been a mix of frustrated and furious at our administration’s use of our faith’s sacred text to justify the inhumane practice of separating families who are seeking asylum in the United States by coming through our southern border. 931 more words

Its not Complicated

The Womb

How did we get dealt the Dead Man’s Hand?  We have to travel back to the womb where it all started for us. As the Lord spoke; 1,401 more words

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