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Splendor Solis: Plate 14

Separate the gross from the Subtil, the earth from the fire – Hermes

The central cucurbit in plate fourteen now shows a white three-headed bird. Each head wears a golden crown, and the bird is standing, wings outstretched, in a posture similar to the phoenix rising from the flames. 501 more words


What do the Lower Cards in the Tarot Mean?

The pips are the cards numbered from ACE (1)-10. They show current energies that may be hidden from view or that the Querent may not see or want to see. 162 more words


What do the Court Cards Mean in the Tarot?

The court cards trump the lower cards in the suits. The royal figures pictured on the court cards are analogous to those of a modern playing card deck, but the Tarot adds one more card: the Page. 171 more words


What do the Aces Represent in the Tarot

The aces represent the distilled energy—the seed energy or essence of each suit. As such, they could be said to be both higher and lower than the court cards, just as in a regular playing deck. 215 more words


The Meaning of the Suits in the Tarot

Energy, the Super Conscious (Higher Self), inspiration, desire, passion, and planning.

Thought, character, self-conscious, the ego, moral principles, communication, reason, and the intellect. 127 more words


The Path of Manifestation

The suits of traditional tarot card decks are analogous to the classical elements, and this is how they are represented in The Tarot of Creativity: 410 more words


What do the Suits in the Tarot Signify?

The suits represent the four worldly paths to personal mastery through natural human qualities; these can be either weaknesses or strengths, depending on the card, the orientation of the card, and the other cards in a reading. 196 more words