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Occult related video of the day: "As Above, So Below" by Tom Tom Club

Came across this from their 1982 debut album. The lyrics actually describe a method of Tattva exploration by clairvoyance, although the Golden Dawn did not recommend holding “the symbol to your forehead.”


The Glass Bead Game and Foucault's Pendulum Comparison

The following is a comparison of Umberto Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum and The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse.

Both works themselves are oddly similar to my own projects, in that they deal extensively with the connections between pieces of art that would ordinarily be incomparable. 867 more words



From Lev Grossman, the author of “The Magicians” that spawned the show on SYFY (I love that show):

“A magician is strong because he feels pain. 238 more words


The Nine Parts of the Soul in Ancient Egypt

Ren (The Name): Naming ceremonies attached a person’s Name to them, and it was believed that this part of the person’s soul would live as long as the Name continued to be spoken. 1,207 more words


Conversations with a Fox-Spirit: Compassion & Sympathy

I used to have a whole lecture about compassion (or maybe I just thought I did – maybe I never wrote it down) – and how… 624 more words


Egypt in the Western Occult Tradition

By Richard Smoley

O Egypt, Egypt, of your reverent deeds only stories will survive, and they will be incredible to your children! Only words cut in stone will survive to tell your faithful works, and the Scythian or Indian or some such neighbour barbarian will dwell in Egypt. 2,204 more words


Conversations with a Fox-Spirit: The Nature of The Light & Dark

Order is the rarity. We treat it like the norm, because it is all we actually see – a world of people with two arms, two legs, etc. 634 more words