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Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist 14c

14.2  But wait! Shockingly, there’s more! (continued)

Magee wrote ‘Hegel’s philosophy of religion is from the beginning indebted to Eckhart’s mysticism’1 – a mysticism which conceived God as the coincidence of opposites… 1,226 more words

Capitalist Ideology

The Magic Mirror: How Life is a Living Metaphor

They say the world is your mirror. If you don’t trust anyone, you’re probably not trustworthy. If you look at the world and see nothing but chaos and war, ask yourself what you are at war with. 2,452 more words

The Edge Of Things

We mistake our downward-spiral for that of the world, the radiance of forgotten suns, leaden doubt, to sink with the heavy weight of seven spheres, or cast wonder back upon the ledge where we rest on the edge of things, raised to the octave higher, to the outer-most exteriority and back again. 15 more words


Behold…your lovely shell, unending, yet falling away, already it has begun, yet it outlasts the sun, the ripening and ruin of the flesh, the universes as far as every star, the wild musician, hear again, in silence in fury, followed by echo that is your own, torn apart but so complete, in solitude the mirrors disguise, yet languorously flows beside, fleeting birds that dive, into the waves made of nude twilight, as gold enfolds the shell, the corpus is complete. 33 more words

Found page from 2000

Recently moved out of St. Louis and found this lone page of poetry.

O imperial lady of creation,
a miniature misconception of you
rests comfortably atop my screen… 169 more words


Travel and the Hidden Variable

Travelling always brought me a weird joy as a younger guy, but after years of touring around bumfuck Australia with bands as an audio engineer, the shine wore off. 131 more words

Mumbles In The Hall

Transmigrational Equality For Recent Fish and Squirrels

Have you ever wondered if animals, trees and bugs have a relatively primitive form of a soul, that may transmigrate into a slightly more complex form after physical “death”? 2,281 more words

Philosophy And Research