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Isis & the Kore Kosmou, Part 3

We ended last time wondering whether Horus, the son and student of Isis, might be the “Pupil of the Eye of the World” rather than Isis. 1,162 more words

Goddess Isis

Hegel’s historicism: the mystical unfolding of history

…these lectures constitute the very first comprehensive history of philosophy that treats philosophy itself as undergoing genuinely historical development. …They depict philosophy as an integral intellectual activity that, despite its apparent diversity of contents and methods, has a distinctive unity and telos emergent precisely from its successive historical forms and schools. 409 more words


The Ladder to Heaven

The earliest known written records, dating back to about 4,000 B.C. describe in great detail, much of what was going on in the area of ancient Mesopotamia… that Gods, “The Anunnaki” (Those who, from Heaven to Earth, came), touched down upon the Earth with their own agenda, resulting in the seeding of human life on this planet. 2,050 more words


Asclepias Viridis: an Etymology of Optimism

Asclepias viridis (Spider Milkweed)

About Spider Milkweed: Since it grows most commonly in Texas, this variety of milkweed provides monarch butterflies with a valuable source of nectar on their journey north from Mexico.

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Blog is Moving!

Greetings friends and readers of this blog,

After over 8 years at wordpress.com, Reflections from the Black stone is moving!  

I’ve decided that that the time has come to move my blog over to a self-hosted server and change the name. 16 more words

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