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GJohn as Polemic: A brief history of John studies (H&J Part 02)

Many have believed the Gospel of John stands against a backdrop of intra-Jewish community conflict.  But could the Fourth Gospel also have a relationship with… 133 more words


The Art of Secret Societies

Did anyone see this exhibition in NYC last year?? Here’s an excellent article by Allison Meier on Hyperallergenic.com: “Installation view of ‘Mystery and Benevolence: Masonic and Odd Fellows Folk Art from the Kendra and Allan Daniel Collection’ at the American Folk Art Museum (all photos by the author for Hyperallergic unless noted) … 1,278 more words


H&J on Audio - Introduction and Part 01: "The Primacy of John"

Happy to introduce the new Hermes & John audio series!  This series will provide those interested in the Hermes & John project with another way to digest all the research. 172 more words


We Are Not Angels

Oakley balanced upon one leg, his arms out wide to steady him. He often did such things when June was acting oddly. She was sitting in a tearful hunch nearby, ripping herself apart from the inside all over again. 665 more words


The Megas Aeon Podcast #11 - Robert W. Sullivan IV - Royal Arch of Enoch, Hermes and Esoteric Movie Symbolism

On this show, we have the pleasure of Robert W. Sullivan IV of joining us in this June in the year of our Demiurge 2017. He is a Freemason, attorney and a gifted writer and researcher who has written such works as Royal Arch of Enoch, Cinema Symbolism 1 and 2. 68 more words

Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients

“The Arbatel de magia veterum (Arbatel: Of the Magic of the Ancients) is a Renaissance-period grimoire – a textbook of magic – and one of the most influential works of its kind. 570 more words


What I Learned from the Novel I Wrote in a Week (Part One)

Hello everyone. I’ve been quiet on here, despite promising that I’d blog monthly. On the upside, I presented a paper on The Curse in Early Modern Life at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle. 948 more words

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