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H is for Hermes Trismegistus

Well, I’ve fallen behind again so this week my goal is going to be to make two posts everyday until I’m caught up.

Moving away from more ancient beliefs we find ourselves in the classical era of the Mediterranean cultures, when there was far more contact among them than in previous ages. 422 more words

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Mysticism - Awakened Codes

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Yet another fantastic post by Judith Kusel. I highly recommend following her work. It is a treasure trove of powerful ancient wisdom.

Notes On The Fourth Tractate Of The Corpus Hermeticum


Notes On The Fourth Tractate Of The Corpus Hermeticum

Ἑρμοῦ πρὸς Τάτ ὁ κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς

Chaldron Or Monas

The title given to the fourth tractate of the Corpus Hermeticum, Ἑρμοῦ πρὸς Τάτ ὁ κρατῆρ ἡ μονάς, requires some consideration if it is to be translated without using English words that have, in the centuries since the text was written, acquired meanings which are not or which may not be relevant to or representative of the metaphysics, and the cosmogony, of such an ancient text; with an injudicious choice of words more often than not resulting in the modern reader projecting certain interpretations upon the text, as might be the case in translating, without some comment, κρατῆρ as ‘basin’, cup, or ‘mixing bowl’, μονάς as ‘monad’, and Τάτ as Thoth. 1,172 more words

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Tetractys and Magic

Alright, alright, I can hear some of my readers mutter in the distance.  “Yes, polyphanes, we know you like the Tetractys.  We get it.  You’re on a huge Pythagorean kick lately.   2,509 more words


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alchemical_planetary_tetractys_pathsI've shared a Tetractys Tarot spread few days ago. I've found another interesting article about this magickal figure and it's a great background and add-on to the spread, giving it additional layer of interpretation.

Tarot and Qabalah: What even is that.

Until only a few years ago, pretty much everything I knew about Qabalah (QKC?ab(b)alah?) came through what I saw Madonna and Britney Spears do in Us Weekly.   681 more words


What's Magick?

So what’s magick and what does it have to do with enlightenment, nirvana or God? There’s a podcast on Buddhist Geek with history and aim of magick as its subject and some comparison between Buddhism and occult. 10 more words