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C'era una volta/Once upon a time by Giuseppe Ungaretti

C’era una volta

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Bosco Cappuccio
ha un declivio
di velluto verde
come una dolce

Appisolarmi là
in un caffè remoto
con una luce fievole… 168 more words


The Occult Philosophy in Elizabethan England

Dame Frances Yates’ work is a study of Christian cabalism as it was understood in Elizabethan England.  She argues that “occult” philosophy was the dominant philosophy and sees Cabala as “supposed esoteric tradition passed down from Moses through the ages.   315 more words


Forse un mattino.../One morning perhaps as I move in an air of glass by Eugenio Montale

Forse un mattino andando in un’aria di vetro

Eugenio Montale

Forse un mattino andando in un’aria di vetro,
arida, rivolgendomi, vedrò compirsi il miracolo: 282 more words


All is mind - Part 2 

So all is mind, yeah? We keep coming back to this notion. When we are feeling certain ways, we just have to remember that it IS all in the mind. 318 more words

In dormiveglia/As I doze by Giuseppe Ungaretti

In dormiveglia

Giuseppe Ungaretti

Assisto la notte violentata

L’aria è crivellata

come una trina

dalle schioppettate

degli uomini


nelle trincee

come le lumache nel loro guscio… 201 more words


All Is Mind

“Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves”

-Bill Hicks

The first hermetic principle, the principle of mentalism, all is mind. Three simple words that are the base of many different schools of esoteric studies. 312 more words

Esoteric Christianity-The Real Teachings of Christ were Hijacked!

Most Christians have no idea that the teachings of Christ contain deep mystical and philosophical teachings that are in line with the lineage of Mystery Schools.   138 more words