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What Gave Rise To Christianity

My current hypothesis about the beginnings of Christianity has centered around Plato, Philo of Alexandria, and various Gnostic sects.

What’s interesting in Gnosticism is that it’s quite easy to see what inspired some of its core tenets. 1,008 more words

Early Christianity

Paul Andersen on the pagan/Christian question

Earlier in the conversation, I indicated that I see paganism as being Europe’s Ur core, but the theology of Christianity as being true simultaneously to some degree. 714 more words


Salvatore Quasimodo

Poetic language and Hermeticism

Traditional literary critique divides Quasimodo’s work into two major periods: the hermetic period until World War II and the post-hermetic era until his death. 186 more words


Joscelyn Godwin on The Secret Teachers of the Western World

I have to share this warm and encouraging endorsement of my new book The Secret Teachers of the Western World from the veteran esoteric historian… 170 more words


A Review of The Secret Teachers of the Western World from Golgonooza

Here is a thoughtful review of The Secret Teachers of the Western World  by Nicholas Collof, from his excellent website, Golgonooza, named after William Blake’s mythical city of art and the imagination. 17 more words


The Immovable object & Unstoppable Force Cannot Exist In The Same Universe by Mikial

The immovable object & the unstoppable force theoretically cannot exist in the same realm or universe. Only one existing thing would be able to use all of the energy in this universe all at once in order to power its undeniable position. 423 more words

Mikial Kenneth Millard