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How to Summon a Primal

– ‘The Greatest Story Never Told ‘

in FFXIV, Main Character is a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, a secret society which exists in order to track down and destroy entities known as primals. 1,516 more words

Chaos Magick

Julius Evola’s unpublished Interview (1971), Part II

0:07:30 – 0:13:00

On primitive Buddhism as explained in The Doctrine of Awakening and Hermeticism as exposed in The Hermetic Tradition


Interviewer: Was Novalis an influence for you?

596 more words

Theophany and Transcription Errors

When a painter paints a mountainous landscape, he must fit a three-dimensional appearance into a two-dimensional medium. By the very nature of the canvas, what is shown is distorted. 489 more words


Secret Notes About Transmodern Alchemy

“The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call a ‘field of force.’ The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-a-vis the Universe. 409 more words

Cultural Consciousness

The Seven Hermetic Principles-The Principle of Mentalism

“The All is Mind, the universe is mental”. This quotation is used to sum up the concept in the Kybalion. It took me several years (and still working in it) to grasp this concept. 348 more words


The 7 Hermetic Principles-Revisited

Long ago, I wrote a synopsis of the 7 Hermetic principles as laid out in the Kybalion. At the time, the principles were new to me. 93 more words


On karma and magic

When it comes to the nature of reality, one of the few things I feel pretty certain of is that most Westerners are completely wrong about karma. 1,382 more words