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The Secret Teachers of the Western World

Recently I delivered the manuscript of my new book, The Secret Teachers of the Western World, to my publisher Tarcher/Penguin. The Secret Teachers of the Western World… 157 more words


What Happened To The Egyptians

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In the Word there can be two meanings, depending upon the context. By “Egypt” can be meant either good or bad. Sometimes, Egypt is spoken of in a good sense, denoting those who are in memory-knowledges [ 902 more words

Maybee it's Ctholnic, may[be] Tachyonic

 ταχύ ?

the key is manifesting, more rapidly now then before, but it is still yet in the way of forming. If you squint like me you’ll see it already and many things will no longer surprise you after…still though, it is a thing by its nature that is not supposed to be explained. 1,300 more words

Chaos Magick

Institute Benjamenta, or This Dream People Call Life (1995)

First published by EyeForFilm

It opens with a riddle that has no solution – or, more accurately, whose solution is ‘nothing’. It features an alternative title ( 712 more words

The Piano Tuner of EarthQuakes (2005)

First published by EyeforFilm

Ten years after their feature debut with Institute Benjamenta (1995), the brothers Quay have re-emerged from the workshop with The Piano Tuner Of EarthQuakes… 790 more words

H is for Hermes Trismegistus

Well, I’ve fallen behind again so this week my goal is going to be to make two posts everyday until I’m caught up.

Moving away from more ancient beliefs we find ourselves in the classical era of the Mediterranean cultures, when there was far more contact among them than in previous ages. 422 more words

A To Z Challenge

Mysticism - Awakened Codes

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Yet another fantastic post by Judith Kusel. I highly recommend following her work. It is a treasure trove of powerful ancient wisdom.