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Permission To Travel

With the United Kingdom adopting a cabin-baggage device ban similar to that of the United States of America, discussion of the arbitrary (and purposeless) nature of the ban has increased. 578 more words


The Fundamental Teachings of Ancient Alchemy and Hermeticism

By Phil Harris

An insight into the true nature of the principles of alchemy and the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus (also known as Thoth, Mercury, or Hermes in different cultures). 144 more words

The Occult

The Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone
a situation where one feels safe or at ease.
“the trip is an attempt to take the students out of their comfort zone” 117 more words


Maybe I'll start teaching #hermetics...

Instead of marketing myself as a private yoga teacher. This came up in conversation when Sam was here, the fact that I could try marketing myself to locals who can afford a minimum of $75 an hour for private instruction. 823 more words


1-3 Magical Schooling of the Spirit, "No Verbal Thoughts" & my own Middle Pillar

1-3 “No Verbal Thoughts”

I’ll be using the last 8-minutes of my morning sit in padmasana┬╣ again, while listening to Holosync, for a hermetics exercise. In this case the goal is the same as regular meditation, to keep returning the internal driste to the edges of the nostrils, and to avoid as much as possible ALL verbal thoughts. 2,539 more words


As The Wheel Turns

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.

We are entering a new age in consciousness.

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Cultural Consciousness