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"What Do You Mean Esoteric Freemasonry?" Guest Post by Sir Joaquin Munoz

Antoine Faivre and Christine Rhone (2010) develop a general taxonomy of Western esotericism in their short text Western Esotericism: A Concise History. Their designations are extremely helpful for the new student seeking to understand the ideas, concepts and challenges presented in the study of esotericism, for the very reasons Faivre and Rhone point out. 1,051 more words


Gary Lachman - The Secret Teachers of the Western World

I’m reading the The Secret Teachers of the Western World right now and it’s a very good book…~TS

By LegaliseFreedom1

Gary Lachman discusses his latest book The Secret Teachers of the Western World. 131 more words

The Occult

31 Days of Horror: 3

Day 3: As Above, So Below

This is one of my most favorite movies EVER. I have seen this movie at least 15 times. It’s so intelligent and creepy af! 144 more words



Believing or Not Believing is Not a Concern at All; You Simply Love. You See a Rose Flower. Do You Believe in It or Do You Disbelieve in It? 37 more words


The Return of Hermes

 David Pantano

Notes on the Body of Peers, a contemporary group of Hermetic practitioners

This article traces the presence of an underground cell of practitioners dedicated to advancing the hermetic arts from the late 60s until recent times and known as the Body of Peers (Corpo dei Pari). 4,186 more words


Thoughts on the White Work

Shortly before the Autumnal Equinox, I was thinking to myself something along the lines of how it would likely be a real challenge for me to wake up the following morning and realize that this grueling, half-year chapter has come to its conclusion. 818 more words


Hegel the consummate Neoplatonist 14h

14.4 If not the Hermetica, what is the source for God as process? (concluded)

At every stage of god as process, what is recounted and asserted in the Hermetica and theosophised by Böhme is speculatively philosophised in Neoplatonism. 2,451 more words

Capitalist Ideology