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1-3 Magical Schooling of the Spirit, "No Verbal Thoughts" & my own Middle Pillar

1-3 “No Verbal Thoughts”

I’ll be using the last 8-minutes of my morning sit in padmasana¹ again, while listening to Holosync, for a hermetics exercise. In this case the goal is the same as regular meditation, to keep returning the internal driste to the edges of the nostrils, and to avoid as much as possible ALL verbal thoughts. 2,539 more words


As The Wheel Turns

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid.

We are entering a new age in consciousness.

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Cultural Consciousness

Speaking of magic and reversal spells...

As previously mentioned here and here, I buried a makeshift cauldron containing a reversal spell on the last day of 2016, in a sort of “hidden” area near the northwest corner of the yard. 211 more words


Meditation & a customized "Middle Pillar" ritual

We happened to see black, beeswax, tapered candles at the food co-op the last time we were there…

I’ve been both cursed and blessed. Sometimes even now I still look around and wonder how I got here. 427 more words



Things are as they are and do not need poetic embroidery.

– Niebla

(Haven’t been writing much poetry in some time, and this may supply some explanation. 14 more words