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Tetractys and Magic

Alright, alright, I can hear some of my readers mutter in the distance.  “Yes, polyphanes, we know you like the Tetractys.  We get it.  You’re on a huge Pythagorean kick lately.   2,509 more words


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alchemical_planetary_tetractys_pathsI've shared a Tetractys Tarot spread few days ago. I've found another interesting article about this magickal figure and it's a great background and add-on to the spread, giving it additional layer of interpretation.

Tarot and Qabalah: What even is that.

Until only a few years ago, pretty much everything I knew about Qabalah (QKC?ab(b)alah?) came through what I saw Madonna and Britney Spears do in Us Weekly.   681 more words


What's Magick?

So what’s magick and what does it have to do with enlightenment, nirvana or God? There’s a podcast on Buddhist Geek with history and aim of magick as its subject and some comparison between Buddhism and occult. 10 more words


PGM IV 154- 285: Initiation Ritual

The magical system of PGM IV 154-285 promises “a holy power” and the ability to evoke and obtain information from any spirit or god.[1]  Such operations of “miraculous nature” require that the practitioner first complete the initiation ritual that constitutes the majority of the text.[2] It is through this rite that one obtains the necessary spiritual authority to call upon the gods and the spirits of the dead.  2,855 more words

Magic In Practice And Ritual

Reading the Corpus Hermeticum, pt. 1

While meditating on nature of things Hermes Trismegistus falls in deep meditation and is being visited by Poimandres who explains him the cosmogony. The next teaching is about immortality, henosis, yoga, the coming of the Mind back to God: 110 more words


Waite's second deck

Arthur Edward Waite is famous both for his involvement in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and creation of the most popular and famous Tarot deck in the world. 104 more words


The Path

There’s an excellent text that helped me to understand the aim and the path itself. While nothing should be taken at its face value, I can’t express how much it helped me to clarify what lies ahead and why I perform certain things. 382 more words