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2017 Theological Conference

Happy to announce that next month I will be speaking at the 2017 Theological Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The annual gathering, hosted by Restoration Fellowship… 227 more words


Working Alchemy on the Soul

Mundane miracles
shine forth
beacons of hope
in a sea of despair.

with synchronicity
divine purpose amidst
indifferent causality.

Possessed with
the sublime madness… 54 more words


The Great Work

A few months ago I became fascinated by alchemy because of an episode (three episodes, actually) of Astonishing Legends. The episodes were about the… 811 more words


The Seven Spheres Workings (Beginning)

I have decided to undertake a new direction in life. The need to cast off the old and embrace the new has come on to me. 747 more words

#89 - The Work

Grasp time’s fabric, bring it to you, do The Work.

There is only ever The Work to do.

Lyric Wax

Guest Review of the 2016 High Council Meeting in Louisville By Sir Knight J. Munoz

“Wisdom and the understanding of the true nature of reality” is an intensely monumental undertaking, and one which has been at the heart of esoteric… 505 more words


A Pagan Restoration of the Corpus Hermeticum

“Distinct among all other beings on Earth, mortals are jumelle; deathful of body yet deathless the inner mortal. Yet, although deathless and possessing full authority, the human is still subject to wyrd. 316 more words

Traditional Satanism