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Okay so with my last post I kinda got ahead of myself and started discussing my personal findings from undertaking the processes. It’s just too exciting not to get carried away with. 190 more words


NaCl [Sodium Chloride, or 'Table Salt']

Why join a team when ultimately its the same thing?

 Quoting: Caylus Ark

Because all life works on choices…

And you chose life… as you said.

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Chaos Magick

Nothing is Hidden, Nothing is Concealed

a dark horse, a volatile setting where the climate spawns storms…
Athena emerged from Zeus’s forehead
with the wisdom of the owl
Jupiter, reigning over torrential skies…

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Cultural Consciousness

the bigger the moon, the smaller the earth

According to theosophists and UFO buffs,
erratic movements of some cyclists and lawn mowers clearly show that
they are just heavily transformed drops of mercury… 88 more words


New Book Release! Christianity and Mysticism

Hello!  Christianity and Mysticism is a perusal of Christian Mysticism, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Kaballah, psychic mediums, and other topics relating to the spiritual life and death. Four Spiritual Laws of Christianity are linked inside, as well as a free offer for another Christian book. 84 more words


Valentinus was a Christian, not a "Gnostic": Exploration of the history shaped by the "Orthodoxy vs Heresy" Dichotomy

In this series, I will look at the historical figure Valentinus (2nd c, CE), whose life work demonstrates an important intersection of second century, CE, Western thought: Hellenistic trends in Judaism and Christianity in Alexandria, “gnostic” influences from Syria and Palestine, a classical education in Greek philosophy and highly sophisticated Christian theology. 1,151 more words