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Thursday Knit-a-Sock-Along: Week 7

So, I bet you’ve been waiting with bated breath for me to reveal the next sock pattern I’m knitting…haven’t you? In my last Sock post, I had three different patterns in mind and it was a hard decision to make. 350 more words


People Are Trying to Free Harry Potter's Dobby in London

It’s as if Hermione Granger’s beloved Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare has sprung up some heartened rebels.

Photographs have appeared on the Internet (and… 165 more words

Hermione at the Library - quick post by Helga

My kid likes books. Loves them, even. And loves our small but great local library. We try and go every week – Hermione is starting to figure out how it works other than “comics are over there, non-fiction over there, chapter books on those shelves and here are all the picture books.” She often asks to use the computers to play games, but the last two visits she has insisted on using the online catalog herself, and today she looked up books on robotics by herself, with just a reminder from me that the non-fiction books (the ones she wanted) where the ones that start with J and then a number, rather than J and then an author name. 180 more words

What Would Hermione Do.

I dressed up as Hermione for Halloween from age 9 to 11. She is my spirit animal, and most recently my life motto.

Think about it, it works for everything… It’s especially helping me keep up with my school work. 207 more words

Job Search

Which kid were you?

We all hated those political school desks, the popular kid at the head, the weird one in prime mocking position at the opposite end. But it’s the most comfortable, familiar thing, to feel like I’m sitting in a classroom again, volunteering with the little ones at their girl-guiding group. 715 more words

Kicks And Giggles

JK Rowling Dives Deeper Into the Potter Family

JK Rowling may have finished the original story of the “Boy Who Lived” in 2007, but it does not mean she is done with the Potter family once and for all. 32 more words

Didn't anyone notice something wrong with the Hermione-Krum relationship?

This thought occured to me while I was midway through Goblet of Fire last month… Krum and Hermione were a couple back then. That was strange. 108 more words