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February 19 - Mudblood

Then Moses presented the bull for the sin offering. Aaron and his sons laid their hands on the bull’s head, and Moses slaughtered it. Moses took some of the blood, and with his finger he put it on the four horns of the altar to purify it. 633 more words

Daily Walk

[Fanfic] Living Past the End -Chapter 6

Living Past the End


Writer: avonlea_dreamer (aka bingblot)

Summary: A fiction about Trio after war, how each of them face to normal life. 6,919 more words

Harry Potter


THWI really love watching on youtube, and reading ‘tag’ posts, mainly the Disney Tag and the Harry Potter tag, because I love finding out other people’s thoughts on things, they’re really interesting questions. 956 more words

Happy Valentines Day!

Ah Valentine’s Day. The  light-hearted holiday seems to induce either panic, scorn or fun, depending on who you ask.

I thought I’d celebrate by listing some of my favourite literary couples. 494 more words


The Cursed Child

If you’ve read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, you would know that Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange had a child. Her name is Delphini, but she goes by Delphi and if you’ve read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, you would also know that this child was born in Malfoy Manor right before the Battle of Hogwarts and she was raised by a woman of the name Euphemia Rowle. 950 more words