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My Social Life at Hogwarts!

Day 15: Pick three characters to be your best friends at Hogwarts.

Let me get started on answering this question right away because I’ve daydreamed about this more often than I care to admit. 940 more words

Hermione at Newport: Part 3 of 4:

Day one afternoon at Fort Adams under the tent as “Guests” (see photos below)

At Fort Adams we were able to get a close up look at the frigate with our Guest stickers on our lapels We gained entrance to the huge tent for special guests.  547 more words

Surveillance Gallery

In creating an immersive version of The Winter’s Tale, I wanted to contrast the life that Hermione and Leontes and Mamillius (to an extent) had before the events of the play to the period that happens in between the two halves of the play and finds Leontes watching old footage of his family and past as well as “recordings” of the world around him.   110 more words

Clementine Salvi-offer

Avowed Intent

Post-Second Wizarding War AU where Remus survives to battle alongside Hermione against covert discrimination in the Ministry of Magic’s new incentive program aimed at increasing the post-war population and tax revenue.   7 more words


Leontes and Memory

In this version of The Winter’s Tale, Leontes has already lived through the first half of the play. He has banished his wife for unruly behavior while under the influence of sudden jealousy and heard of the death of his young son Mamillius. 280 more words

Clementine Salvi-offer

Avowed Intent: Chapter 2

Precisely three days later, the new law — titled Post-Second Wizarding War Advancement of Cohabitation and Copulation Incentive Ordinance, ACCIO for short — was passed.  The Daily Prophet included a report of the proceedings, with the most important text excerpts drowned out by official statements and sycophantic opinions from the writer. 1,520 more words