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Crab Racing

China-town is in the lead and racing right behind is Squid. The finish line is coming up just ahead, but as China-town is about to finish, Steve (who was the whole time doing nothing) climbs over the back wall, across the sand line and WINS! 312 more words

3D Printed Homes... For Your Hermit Crab

Japanese artist Aki Inomata asked the question, “Why not hand over a ‘shelter’ to hermit crabs?” 

Conjuring up images of the mythical Cosmic Turtle, these 3D modeled  and printed shells are created from CT scans of real shells and then rendered with detailed architectural additions, such as the New York City skyline or a Thai temple. 64 more words

Art & Design

el 9 de febrero...surfing and sand dollars!

We just heard that school was cancelled back at home for the 6th time in about 2 weeks because of another huge snowstorm! The news makes it even harder to say “adios” to Nicaragua! 797 more words


A New Project: Growing Coral

After writing a news post about the Great Barrier reef last July (found here) i became increasingly interested in coral reefs and how we humans can so easily destroy such delicate structures. 409 more words


Dolphin Feeding

I settled into my beach chair and dug my feet into the wet sand, the water kissing the tops of my ankles. My family had booked the beachfront house for the middle of August, when tourist season was just about over and the locals came out to enjoy the last bit of summer freedom. 986 more words

Bye-bye stress!

I really was not expecting my paycheck to come today. The reason they wouldn’t issue a stop-payment on it at work was because of the possibility of it coming today. 170 more words

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