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Molting 101 - What to do if your Hermit Crab is Going to Molt or is in a Molt

This is another post in my series, “Molting 101,” and it is about what to do if you see the signs that your Crab is going to Molt and what you should do if you missed the signs and your Crab is already in a Molt. 502 more words

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crab Update #2

This is a follow – up post to, “Hermit Crab Update,” so if you haven’t read that post yet, you should do so now.

I am here with another update! 298 more words

Hermit Crabs


Panto tuna lute

open gee gnomic

ale eminent tory heir gone

tomorrow sorrow scars

Desultory smoulder

Pine cones gloaming wormcast

Seashell hermit crabs

Grumble gruesome gulls gambol… 32 more words


The World of the Rock Pool

One activity I can spend hours and hours doing at the beach is rock pooling. The love of exploring the rocks and finding the creatures that live in the pools has stayed with me ever since I was young. 507 more words

Hermit Crabs

I have yet to do a post about our kitties, maybe I’ll work on that at  later date.

Bug recently celebrated a birthday, and Little Lady worked very hard doing extra chores around the house to buy her a hermit crab!   46 more words

Molting 101 - Hermit Crab Molting Signs

One of the most unique  happenings that an owner will experience with their Hermit Crabs is a molt. Very few animals, let alone pets, will molt or do something like it. 348 more words

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crab Update

This might seem a little surprising as my blog is about Goldfish and Hermit Crabs, but I don’t own any Hermit Crabs yet. However, I will be getting them very soon… 346 more words

Hermit Crabs