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Hermit Crab Class Pets

It’s the first day of spring break, and guess where I am… in my classroom, taking care of Eugene and Pearl, our hermit crab classroom pets. 348 more words

4th Grade

April's Anemones

April’s anemones!

Sea anenomes are in the phylum cnidaria, like jellyfish. Sea anemones attach themselves to rocks with their adhesive foot, attacking prey as they go past with their stinging tentacles. 279 more words

HMS Challenger

K is for Kal-El

Good evening everyone! Today’s post is about another one of my pets, the hermit crabs. Kal-El is my favorite because he’s the biggest and he’s mine. 313 more words



Spring tide reveals rock pools
Children search for scuttling crabs
Shouts of pure delight. 9 more words

Woman With Landscape

Hermit Crab

In the same vein as the scorpion, here’s a hermit crab:

While drawing this, I found some pictures of hermit crabs out of their shells. They don’t look anything like I expected!

10 Minute Sketch

What's New?

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve been so caught up in things lately I haven’t had a chance to post. Well here I am now! 707 more words


Watch This Mezmerizing Video Of Hermit Crabs Swapping Shells

The above video documents one poor hermit crab’s struggles to find a suitable home to live in. According to this clip — taken from BBC’s… 101 more words

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