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Jail Break

The hermit crab is trying to escape!

And it managed to escape! Oh well, it’s owner had to return it to its habitat and give it food. :)

Pet Update 1/6/17

Hi friends! It is a new year and time for an update on our family pets. All are healthy and happy as far as we can tell. 495 more words


Officially A Ripe Potato

Today my age finally reflects who I have been on the inside since I was 16 years old. Today, I am officially a ripe potato! 591 more words


Day of Sadness

Pets going to pet heaven is inevitable. The fishes that we had in the little aquarium came and went pretty fast and we never felt anything. 156 more words

Pets & Insects

Shell Point Beach in Crawfordville, FL

My family has found another peaceful, serene spot in Florida. We traveled to Shell Point Beach to enjoy some ocean.

Here are some pictures we took: 87 more words


The crabnapper next door

Google “accidentally took crab home from the beach,” and you’ll see we’re not the only ones facing the crabnapper’s dilemma: what to do when the beautiful, empty shell you bring home from the beach is actually occupied and taking the creature back to his home is not an option. 407 more words

Parenting And Home Life

Long and Difficult Week

This was one of those weeks where I have felt like I have been barely staying afloat. So much has been thrown my way. I no sooner finish one thing and I am handed two more responsibilities. 622 more words