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My "Crustaceans" Project for Lilla Rogers's "Make Art That Sells" Course

This month’s assignment for class was tricky. The subject was “crustaceans.” I felt like I was supposed to get realistic with the subject matter, but I just wanted to have fun, so I stuck with my cute cartoony style (have been DYING to get back to it – it makes me happy). 117 more words

Dinner time!

Mixed veggies for dinner lol!

Also in the picture are natural bean sprouts. They also eat it!

The Welcomed Wanderer

Eventually the helicopter pilot called us back to tell us how beautiful our boat was. He asked if he could bring some beers and sail with us on Seachild for a few hours. 938 more words


Molted Hermit Crab

Shortly before Easter, my hermit crab completely buried himself. I knew what this meant because I have had several hermit crabs over the years. I knew that my hermit crab was going to molt and shed his exoskeleton. 299 more words


Special Day

Hello Everyone!

That wasn’t a planned post but I thought I would share it with, since this is a blog about pets. First let me say hello, I’m Cierra and I’m a new writer on this blog. 320 more words

Hermit Crab Class Pets

It’s the first day of spring break, and guess where I am… in my classroom, taking care of Eugene and Pearl, our hermit crab classroom pets. 348 more words

4th Grade