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Strictly: Snorkelling

Somehow we’ve managed to wangle a load of long weekends this year, and there’s no better time to take a trip than when you have three days off. 857 more words

Rockpooling in the Rain

Every now and again the tides are right for rock pooling at Calgary beach. They need to be very low for it to be worth it, and it just so happened that they were low on my day off. 261 more words


— known as a vacancy chain, it’s a term originally used by social scientists to describe a way that people trade resources. you can see it all unfold in this wonderful bbc1 video, consider it a lesson from the crustacean world. 13 more words


Increasing Humidity with an Aquarium Bubbler

This technique is a super simple and cheap way to increase humidity in a pet’s terrarium or tropical habitat. All the supplies are easily found in any pet store (or even big box retailers like Walmart) that sells products for pet fish. 288 more words

Care Articles

I’m not going to lie, school holidays make me freakin’ anxious! We have a 7 year old boy that we have nicknamed ‘kelpie in the city’. 511 more words

Very Last of Curve from ChosenPerspectives


I really am obsessed with this word “Curve”, and I guess I am not alone. There are so many entries this week! I thought I was done yesterday but I kept remembering other CURVES I really adore! 326 more words