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Hermit Crabs Pt. II

As I sat in the sand that night, accompanied by my head torch, watching the large crustaceans roam around the sand like Zamboni’s, I encountered one who was significantly larger than the rest. 1,563 more words

Hermit Crabs Pt. I

The beach where I work in the Osa Peninsula, in Costa Rica inhabits a large number of hermit crabs, and I must say I have become quite fascinated with them. 880 more words

Moving day

Tiny house hunter
Looking to downsize my life
Does it have a pool?


Lots of interesting animals along the shore of the bay

Spending a week right on the Sinepuxent Bay just across from Assateague Island and then the Atlantic Ocean, we got to see lots of the animals there. 467 more words


Hermit Crabs and Why They Must Fight For Those Seashell Homes!

If you read this blog, you have probably grown tired of me talking about hermit crabs, but here I go again!   Usually I am complaining that every awesome shell I come across out in the backwater is inhabited by a hermit crab. 484 more words


Jumping Spiders in Sandy Samui

Yup! Jumping spiders. Not ok. These can have their own paragraph later on, oooh and so will the hermit crabs <3. Ohhhh and this is the post about Hannah almost getting married to a 70 year old man. 1,652 more words

Cannon Beach 2017 Part III

From the pictures I’ve posted you might not know it, but I am telling you, this has been a wild week of weather. ¬†Tuesday night I was woken up more than once by the winds howling over our skylights. 761 more words

Oregon Coast