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Charles Brandt Speaks (part 3)

~ the Brandt Series ~

Charles Brandt is interested in conservation on three levels:

Restoring and preserving humanities contemplative spirit –his and other peoples; restoring what flows from the human spirit –what we create from our ink, crafts and artwork; and restoring and preserving the earth. 2,026 more words


Transparent As Glass

The older I get, the more transparent people become. Sometimes I think I know their motives before they do.

Society has changed a lot in my lifetime. 56 more words

That's entertainment?

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I lull myself into la-la land by pretending that I am going to give a dinner party. Instead of counting sheep I begin to plan my candle light soiree, from the menu to the guest list to making sure I remember to clean the bathroom and put out special seashell-shaped bars of guest soap that I haven’t seen sold in stores since 1985. 759 more words

Hermit cave

I came across this terrific illumination depicting Saint Jerome kissing the feet of Christ (presumably in a mystical vision). I found myself fascinated by the contents of his cave! 29 more words


Completely acceptable reasons I won't leave the house today

It’s too hot/cold/sunny/windy/rainy/temperate.

I’ve run out of deodorant and my natural musk radius is 3 feet.

The benefits of fluorescent light are understudied.

Today’s the day I usually dig out my foot corns. 99 more words