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Jail Break

The hermit crab is trying to escape!

And it managed to escape! Oh well, it’s owner had to return it to its habitat and give it food. :)

Charles Brandt Speaks (part 3)

~ the Brandt Series ~

Charles Brandt is interested in conservation on three levels:

Restoring and preserving humanities contemplative spirit –his and other peoples; restoring what flows from the human spirit –what we create from our ink, crafts and artwork; and restoring and preserving the earth. 2,026 more words


Transparent As Glass

The older I get, the more transparent people become. Sometimes I think I know their motives before they do.

Society has changed a lot in my lifetime. 56 more words

That's entertainment?

Sometimes when I can’t sleep I lull myself into la-la land by pretending that I am going to give a dinner party. Instead of counting sheep I begin to plan my candle light soiree, from the menu to the guest list to making sure I remember to clean the bathroom and put out special seashell-shaped bars of guest soap that I haven’t seen sold in stores since 1985. 759 more words

The Lore of Fields

From E. to K.

I grieve for my past lives. I see my history in postcards. You were in France. Where have the hermits gone? You walk the wilds of Wyoming, haunt the desolate fields of Pennsylvania, wash away in the rivers of Iowa. 7 more words