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Mom's Hermit Recipe


Friday, Sept. 23: A family recipe (if grandma allows, of course!).

Every Christmas my mom would make cranberry nut bread and hermits.  I was never fond of the cranberry nut bread, but I love hermits. 125 more words


the enchanted pathway of a stymied hermit

The hermit didn’t like visitors. What hermit does? Yet still they trooped to his house, knocking on his door and disturbing his solitude. Would you like to buy some cookies? 197 more words

The Patron Saint of Outcasts

…and, gosh, do we need his help right now.

Today is the feast of Saint Giles, one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, miracle-worker and hermit. A vegetarian, Saint Giles lived on plants and berries and his sole companion was a hind. 78 more words


The Call of the Wild

I said it again today: “Everybody is crazy but me and you, and I have my doubts about you…”

Seriously, what I said to my wife was, “Can’t we just pull out, leave, check out, unplug, get a cabin in the mountains where I will have you, my books, a fireplace, a dog and a view. 289 more words

Monastic Wisdom

Review: Ghosts of the Desert by Ryan Ireland

I first have to say that this is the first time I’ve read a book written by someone I know personally. I wanted to read this second book by him because the premise sounded interesting and I wanted to be supportive of his writing. 290 more words


Writing About Writing: How To Be A Writer Without Being A Hermit

If you’re like me, sometimes you realize that you spend more time with a notebook and pencil or a computer than your own family and friends. 333 more words


Thank Goodness We Don't Have to Do that Anymore: Hire Decorative Hermits

You know how, when you are a British noble in the eighteenth century, and you are redoing your landscaping and you’ve got Capability Brown doing the design and are adding some nice fountains and follies, but somehow it’s still just missing something? 269 more words

Thank Goodness We Don't Have To Do That Anymore