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Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but where does a hermit go to get away from it all?


He made his work a most perfect act

This Lives of the Saints book I’m reading is so full of little tidbits I thought I’d pull together a few that I’ve liked so far, along with some comment on why I highlighted those particular sentences. 2,188 more words


Why Caves?

Someone asked me recently: why caves?    Before starting this blog, I spent some significant time reflecting on imagery that would hold up over time and give me ample literary, artistic and philosophical territory to explore.  265 more words


Foot in Mouth

Foot in mouth: speaking without thinking. As opposed to foot and mouth – the horrible toxic disease we were petrified of contracting as children. Sadly, this has lead to a lifelong fear of cows and pigs—I won’t be a farmer in this lifetime. 483 more words


LV: Ornamental Lawn Hermits

You’ve probably heard somewhere along the line that Victorian England was a rather odd place, teeming with eccentrics and eccentricities that ranged from the obsessive collecting of ferns to unwrapping mummies for fun to keeping ornamental lawn hermits in… 544 more words

Maine Hermit Wisdom: Get Enough Sleep

In 2013 an elusive hermit was arrested for stealing food and sundries. Dubbed “the North Pond hermit,” Christopher Knight survived over a quarter century in the Maine woods, living in a tent even in winter. 386 more words

Get Low - 2010 Bobby Duvall classic

This is another one I am late to the train on.

Fucking Bobby D.

this is a sad movie. One that captures the feeling of the 30′ s in rural America. 130 more words