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#TheGodProject - Rosebank Catholic Church


This is the first installment of a new section for my blog, called #thegodproject. You can read more about the premise behind it… 2,307 more words


Atheist Quote of the Day 7-26-15

“There is, perhaps no phase in the moral history of mankind of a deeper or more painful interest than this ascetic outbreak . A hideous, sordid, and emaciated maniac, without knowledge, without patriotism, without natural affection, passing his life in a long routine of useless and atrocious self-torture, and quailing before the ghastly phantoms of his delirious brain, had become the ideal of the nations which had known the writings of Plato and Cicero and the lives of Socrates and Cato. 290 more words


Needy or Not, it's what you Need

What is needy?

There are people out there who are introverts. Straight up, simple and true, introverts. They don’t need others, they don’t need validation, they don’t need understanding, they don’t need connection. 546 more words


The Forests and the Hermit

What we love defines who we are.

The people, places, and things that hold a special place in the heart nest deep inside for so long it appears that they are built into the roots of us. 622 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but where does a hermit go to get away from it all?


He made his work a most perfect act

This Lives of the Saints book I’m reading is so full of little tidbits I thought I’d pull together a few that I’ve liked so far, along with some comment on why I highlighted those particular sentences. 2,188 more words


Why Caves?

Someone asked me recently: why caves?    Before starting this blog, I spent some significant time reflecting on imagery that would hold up over time and give me ample literary, artistic and philosophical territory to explore.  265 more words

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