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Recommended Reading: Sherman Alexie's "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me"

I was Special Needs kid before needs were considered special.  I was a kid SOMEWHERE ON THE SPECTRUM when the spectrum was only “normal” and “not normal.”  I was The Official Tribal Fool living one hundred years after fools were last thought to be holy.

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TaleHunt Tuesday: #BrokenPedestal

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“Never look to your heroes.”

That’s what I should’ve known when I saw Angel Winston. 33 more words

Flash Fiction

On Sherman Alexie and Testicles

In between Sherman Alexie’s reading at Books & Books and his reading at Palmer Trinity the next day, he won the National Book Award for… 312 more words


Misplaced Missive #51 - Away

I can see what’s so great about leaving
Forgetting about what you’re constantly feeling
Getting to breathe without fearing the hearing
Of reprimands and commands never ceasing. 83 more words


LA Time Festival of Books 2017

Last weekend was Los Angeles’ annual “Who Says We Don’t Read?” gathering. Every year 150,000 people gather at the USC campus over a weekend to “celebrate the written word.” And this year, despite an unseasonably warm Saturday and the March for Science, … 347 more words

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

I had planned to lead with a picture of my Mystery Science Theater Revival League membership card, but my mugger is now enjoying it (because of course I kept my Mystery Science Theater Revival League membership card in my wallet…what if I needed to show it at a moment’s notice?) 470 more words

Hero Worship

I ♥ Burt by Leah Holbrook Sackett

I am both partial to and particular about angora sweaters. I like to wear them without a bra. I imagine that is what it would feel like to press my breasts against a hairy chest. 943 more words

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