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In memory of my friend: Robert B. Quick
February 27, 2015

Betty called.

Betty called with terrible news.

The man she loved, the man she forged a formidable partnership with, the man she shared quiet moments with and the man that she had burned for… 1,317 more words

Amsterdam NY

Haircuts From Mars - Hero Worship

Haircuts From Mars ‘Hero Worship’ album. It is an electronic soundtrack to imaginary comic about a Superhero. Each track is meant to be the theme to a new chapter. 238 more words

Lone Head Records

The Church Culture of Hero Worship

People love superheroes. So much so that they spend millions of dollars to go to a movie theater and watch them take out the bad guys. 1,536 more words

The Bible

Von Neumann

It was the anniversary of John von Neumann’s death last Sunday. If I had an intellectual hero it would be von Neumann; he basically was an expert in… 1,135 more words


The Wishing Map 36

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Nine: The Ties That Un-bind (Continued)

Previously: Delaying for the moment her search for her brother, Gina traveled with the millboy B’frona and her newly adopted dragon whelp “Puff” to the nearby village of Rennou, and fell immediately in love with its storybook beauty. 908 more words


Salon takes on 'American Sniper's' 'chicken-hawk cheerleaders,' Chris Kyle hero worship

Thanks primarily to Senator Harry Reid, most Americans can rest easy at night knowing that the country’s cowboy poets are adequately subsidized. Unfortunately, independent writers and musicians don’t always enjoy similar protections and sometimes resort to corporate patrons like Salon to promote their work. 429 more words


A Fine Young Man

Very Early Saturday Morning

Ten-year-old Roy Brown sits in his chair at the kitchen table alone. Yesterday his brother, Billy, was killed on Pine Landing Road. 415 more words