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Finding the Same Wavelength

I’ve listened to Matthew Good since high school & this spring, I’m hoping I can live out a dream I’ve had since that time then to see him perform.  494 more words


On hero worship

What did you do today? I filled the bird feeders in my backyard, put out corn for the squirrels, took a long ride with my dog Rayzor in which we split some 5 Guys, picked up a few rolls of film that yielded some really nice photos, and now I’m writing to you, True Believer. 969 more words

Episode VIII

Five Reasons Why Police Are Not Heroes

The word ‘hero’ gets thrown around a lot by police and their supporters, but when you examine what makes a hero more closely, police rarely ever qualify. 636 more words


Not Singing From the Same Songsheet

I hate going to live music concerts. I know that in terms of popular culture this is the equivalent of being a leper, but I have made my peace with it. 1,937 more words


Star Wars: Awful Movies Made to Sell Pseudo-Sci-Fi Swag to Poseurs

The Star Wars franchise has always been much more than some movies, but part of a large scale marketing campaign to sell an endless trove of collectible junk. 809 more words


Why Are So Many People Impersonating the Police?

There have been numerous stories recently of people who impersonated a police officer for one reason or another. As I am constantly seeing these stories I am left to wonder a few things. 1,413 more words


Met a Hero and the Hermeneutics of Human Existence

I’m sorry if you ended up here by accident. I’m sure that you mean to be somewhere else, reading something much more edifying or entertaining. If you continue to read on: kudos for your perseverance in the face of an almost impossible situation (that of dealing with my perspectives at the moment). 1,451 more words