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Romance Writers Weekly - Celebrity and Character Crushes

This week on Romance Writers Weekly, Kathryn Renard is asking about celebrity crushes. Do authors have them and what makes the person crush worthy. And if we’ve ever crushed on a character we’ve… 335 more words

Dani Jace

Swami Vivekananda and hero-worship - Koenraad Elst

“This moronic Hindu love of Christanity and Islam does partly go back to Vivekananda’s sayings like the famous ‘Islamic body, Vedanta brain’ quote. Vivekananda could not foresee that the next generations of Hindus would degenerate to such a level of loss of the power of discrimination that they—including monks from his own Ramakrishna Mission—would start to pontificate about an illusory ‘equal truth of all religions.’ So he never focused on that problem, and later thinkers like Ram Swarup and now Rajiv Malhotra had to take it up.” – Dr Koenraad Elst… 2,230 more words

Psychological Warfare

A Pastor's Dilemma: When I Disagree With My Heroes

John Wesley is my patron saint.  I have spent hours of my life reading his sermons, letters and journal entries.  Those hours double, maybe even triple, when you include the amount of things I have read about Wesley.   735 more words

Devotional Thoughts

Off the Shelf: Fight CLub #2, issue 7

Fight Club 2 #7 by Chuck Palahniuk

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sebastian’s struggle to remain in control continues as Dr. Wrong tries to tell him about earlier times Tyler has been active and Tyler returns to his original mission statement from… 193 more words


Off the Shelf: The Wicked and the Divine, vol. #2

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 2: Fandemonium by Kieron Gillen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Laura mourns Eleanor Rigby (AKA Lucifer) & has a secret meeting with Inanna, who has discovered that the two would-be assassins Lucifer killed were obsessed fans. 289 more words


Free Your Mind

I’ve really enjoyed George Carlin.

I just finished reading his self-described “sortabiography” (Last Words).  George started writing it years ago and his agent/manager finished it for him after his death. 645 more words


Hero Worship and the Mega-church

America is a superhero driven culture. Have you noticed? Almost every movie, television show, and young adult book series is drenched in super-heroism. Think about this for a second. 1,520 more words

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