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Late Middle Aged Christian Humor

I was online, chatting with my sister about who we had admired when we were kids.

She messaged, “I remember when I was in junior high, high school, I always picked out someone I admired and stared at them a lot. 61 more words

Fatherly Advice

I’ve noted on several occasions that my family did not participate in Hallmark Holidays; Mom was resolute about Mothers Day (“So what about the other 364 days of the year?”) and Dad was not sentimental nor much aware of Fathers Day, so my siblings and I got off easily most of the time. 405 more words



“Do yourself a favor: become your own savior”
— Daniel Johnston 279 more words


On Percieved Greatness and 'Leaders'

We human beings have a tendency for hero worship. We look at someone we see as ‘above’ us, and we give them our power. ‘If only I could be that great!’ ‘If only I were him!’ ‘My life would be great!’, or: ‘I need this person to be XYZ!’, In the following passage from Thomas Merton’s ‘The Way of Chuang Tzu,’ a book very precious to me, Chin Shih explores the potential imbalance in emotion and attachment to perceived ‘leaders.’ 302 more words

Sound Wisdom

Admire the Achievement not the Achiever

A few weeks back as I was talking to one of my college friends. He mentioned to me that he had visited our college the day before to attend the inaugural ceremony of an indoor stadium. 1,460 more words


Spectator Sports, the Pathologies of Competition and Hero Worship

By David Ramírez

I do no watch sport events on television, much less attend one—unless it was for a social gesture, which is rare I would accept. 1,902 more words


You are my Awesome

Standing there in your  cape of gold you look so smart,

In your hand you hold the very stuff of life, my  heart.

You shine the light around exposing the dull and grey, 152 more words