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Sayaka Miki is a Hero

When we think of heroes, the picture that likely manifests for most people is a savior. Whether a guy in colorful spandex fighting crime or knight with a sword staving off evil creatures, heroes go above and beyond to save others through their actions. 1,472 more words


"Oasis" In The Midst Of "7" Words#147

Moment you help someone, you’re a “Hero”.

Deepak Singh

Divinely Anointed ...

It is through the process of ‘struggling’ that we are compelled to tap into our potential, to breathe life into our dormant abilities and to do things we never thought possible. 93 more words


Cameroon's loss of Marc Vivien Foe; 14 years on.

           Today marks exactly 14 years since Cameroon midfielder Marc Vivien Foe passed away while in active service for Cameroon at the FIFA confederations cup. 206 more words



Maybe it wasn’t meant to be easy. 

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be comfortable.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be convenient.

Maybe it wasn’t supposed to be understood.  421 more words


When you're "done"...

For a year now, I’ve been struggling.  Mentally, physically, EMOTIONALLY, and spiritually.

I’ve  rationalized the changes, I’ve given the excuses, and I’ve told myself “you know how to do it, so what are you waiting for?”….I’ve waited for this moment that I’ve put on my way to big throw on dress to go to the grocery store on a warm Sunday night to get a few things, and this dress is a different size than it was last summer. 294 more words

Dream Driver