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"Have a Prompt!" Saturday #23

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Give a prayer of thanks to those that made and continue to make this day possible. Be safe and of good cheer!


Captain America: Why He Is My Hero

Listen to me — all of you out there! You were told by this man — your hero — that America is the greatest country in the world!

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And by the way - Happy 4th of July

Every now and then you hear a song that sends shivers down your spine. Gives you goosebumps. Waters your eyes. There’s no receipe for such song. 178 more words


I want to be Hero.but I am villain.

Yeah. I want to be Hero

But I behave like villain.

I have feeling for you

But you, you called me villain.

I want to be hero.. 52 more words


Riding the Train on September 15, 2001

I rode the train from Chi-Town to Fort Worth on September 15, 2001. It was an experience I will never forget. I rode with sailors, soldiers, judges, businessmen, tourists, and travelers.

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A Hero Among Heroes has left Us: Sir Nicholas Winton

Wednesday, July 1, marked the passing of a WWII era hero by any sense of the word, Sir Nicholas Winton. He was working as a stockbroker in Britain in 1938 when he learned about the plight of refugee families in Prague fleeing from German oppression and neighboring European countries wouldn’t take them in. 211 more words

Dear Reader

I don’t often write directly to you. I may mention you at the end of posts or tell you what I have learned but I think how much I write to you is meager in comparison to how much I write to myself. 369 more words