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Morning Ray of Sunshine

Fear ravages us, takes away our sleep, peace, destroys hope, positivity, doesn’t allow us to live the day.

Fighting fear doesn’t help. It only takes us away from everything else we should be doing and engages us in the negative space. 201 more words

I Am Sorry (We Are No Longer Friends)

Now I know
What I did to you
What I put you through.
Now I understand.
You were my hero, my best friend.
You saved my life night after night. 192 more words


Unsung Courage

I was thinking about courage this morning. Lots of people do incredibly courageous things. It was uncanny to sit down, open my email, and find an article by my friend… 508 more words


Hero a la Mode

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (November 1990)

On 25 July 1876 a regiment of cavalry, sent by General Terry in advance of his troops for reconnaissance, and under the command of Colonel George Armstrong Custer, (1) entered the valley of the Little Big Horn in what is now southeastern Montana. 793 more words

The Carte Blanche of a Likable Character

A while back, I was watching the M*A*S*H* series, and I had a little epiphany. It started when I realized that although Hawkeye and Trapper regularly tormented George Burns, the series always framed their actions as humorous and Burns’ actions as mean-spirited and wrong – which is essentially how the audience took it. 423 more words

General Thoughts

Can Dogs Love? A True Story

By Stanley Coren

IF YOU WANT TO CAUSE A COMMOTION IN ANY PSYCHOLOGY department or any other place where animal and human behavior is studied, all that you have to do is to claim that your dog loves you. 1,529 more words


Lakewood PD Memorial WOD

Memorial WOD for the Lakewood (WA) Police Officers

On Sunday November 29th 4 Lakewood Police Officers sat having coffee. Some whack job not worth a mention walked in and murdered all of them. 93 more words