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You Are a Champion

It’s a Monday and let’s be honest…Mondays can be tough. Today was a great day because we got Dash the robot in the mail, but we are also coming from a three day weekend. 150 more words

Why Spider-Man makes me cry

I know, Spider-Man making someone cry is super lame. I know it’s lame, but it’s the tragic hero story that gets me every time, especially Spider Man. 259 more words

On the Bright Side

I bet by now you’ve about had your fill of my ‘the world is shit’ rants, so I think we need to get a bit more positivity around here, don’t you think?! 469 more words


The Every Day Run Of The Mill Kind Of Hero

Not all of us are meant to be heroes.  The,  wear-a-cape-save-your-life-super-human-crusading-life-form, hero.

Some people are just….average.

People who get up and go to work, moan about how tired they are, roll their eyes at the ridiculous of the world who is bigger than they are, plod through a Monday to get to the weekend kind of average human. 295 more words

Life Chatter

You Destroyed the Darkness

when you walked in
and opened the dusty
blinds of my heart
darkness vanished
leaving no shadow
in its wake

HERO will go on hiatus.

After 10 years of activity, HERO has announced that they will go on hiatus after December 22nd. They explain that they need time to think about the future and don’t know if they will walk the same road again or not. 280 more words