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Trans-Aged: Trans-Identity by (yet) another name

I have been calling this era “the age of our massive identity confusion.” From transexual to transracial to transable, we now come upon the curious condition of a person claiming to be… 760 more words


వర్మ ' వంగవీటి ' హీరో ఇతడే..

వర్మ ‘ వంగవీటి ‘ హీరో ఇతడే..

వంగవీటి రంగాపై ‘ వంగవీటి ‘ పేరుతో సినిమా చేస్తున్నానని వర్మ ప్రకటించిన సంగతి తెలిసిందే. తాజాగా ఆ సినిమాకు సంబంధించి హీరోను సెట్ చేసినట్టే కనబడుతోంది. తన ట్విట్టర్లో, రంగాను పోలిన గెటప్ తో ఒకరి ఫోటో పెట్టి, ‘ మై రంగా ‘ అంటూ ట్వీట్ చేశారు. రంగాతో………Read More…….

Officer Known For Helping Others Needs Support

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FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A hero on and off the street, the roles for a Fort Worth police officer have shifted and now he needs the community’s help. 246 more words


In 1960, It Snowed On A Sunday

One snowy Sunday in 1960, after attending the 9:00 Mass with my father, I walked to the parochial school next door for Sunday school and he went home. 389 more words


A Hero or A Mentor

Heroes, who are they? Superman? Batman? Wonder Woman? Not exactly, but they are
people, people we look up to in our lives. Your hero may not fly, have super
strength, or even wear a cape, but they still have the power to "save" the day. 115 more words

Imagine a 10 inch wide, 30 foot long plank is laid on the ground in front of you and you are offered $20 to cross it; would you do it?   183 more words

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