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Live long enough

From a young age I’m being told to be a good person; I’m being shown how to by those that I would call my parents. They show me random acts of kindness that they show others whether its as simple as helping someone get something that they can’t reach to helping someone decorate their house. 793 more words


Martial arts movies have come an awfully long way in the last few decades, elevating themselves from poorly overdubbed Sunday matinees to some truly wondrous and epic affairs. 952 more words


Drake promises to fly Nigerian student to his show for being a top fan

A Nigerian Instagram user’s wish of flying side by side with Drake just got granted as the Canadian rapper took to the social media platform to acknowledge his videos and also make the promise. 184 more words



I have a fun new drinking game for everyone who reads my blogs- take a shot every time I mention my mom. If you ask me to write about my hero, you better believe the star of that show is going to be the one and only ShaRee Mathews. 623 more words

Mistborn Review: A Hero's Struggle

My Rating:  ★★★ ★ ☆

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Before I opened this book I wasn’t too sure about whether I’d like it. I love Brandon Sanderson and all the books of his that I have read so far have been amazing, but I read a few iffy reviews of Mistborn and was a bit nervous. 643 more words

Book Review

Who are You? Part 1

Who are you, really? Do you know?

Who are You?

More recently, I have been spending a lot of time with the late-great Carl Jung’s work on the unconscious. 573 more words

Watching over Grandmama now

I watch over everybody I protect everything. I am dog hero.