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ADRENALINE: Gold Rush Part 3

In the weeks that followed Edward and Katrina had been visited by the goons on several occasions finally forcing him to concede and take the ‘protection’. 1,034 more words


Patrick Sonderheimer, Captain and father of two, acknowledged for heroism in effort to save passengers from co-pilot Andreas Lubitz

Mirror: The captain of the doomed Germanwings plane who heroically tried to save the passengers on board has been named around the world tonight as Patrick Sonderheimer. 76 more words


I Lived With A Hero

I am sixteen.

Throughout my sixteen years in this beautiful country, I have lived with a hero. My hero, is not your average Clark Kent. My hero, is way better than Clark Kent. 248 more words

A Real Hero

Come with me for a moment. I’d like to tell you about someone.

Can you picture it? He was something of a lonely child. Hated and outcast almost from birth; his father’s people despised his mother’s, and vice versa. 1,864 more words

Living Conditions

Deadpool costume first look

It’s already perfect. Feb. 12, 2016 save the date for Deadpool!


I Too, Am A Villain

I refuse to save the world with my words. Rather, I’ll wait until the world is beyond repair and then write how nobody did anything to prevent it.

Simply Scheide

Nurse Goes 'Above and Beyond' to Help Local Mother, Daughter

Leigh W. Smith of Leigh’s Wordsmithery  offered this heartwarming nursing story to folks at today’s Reader Promotion Party :

Nurse Gary Harris wasn’t even working when he made two total strangers’ day. 26 more words