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"All-New X-Men"

I missed more Marvel HeroClix UNCANNY X-MEN previews yesterday, over on the heroclix.com site: heroclix.com/marvel-heroclix/marvel-heroclix-the-uncanny-x-men/marvel-heroclix-new-x-men-fast-forces-part-1

(Did I remember to pre-order these Fast Forces?! *minor panic*) 48 more words


Orange Werefox Plays HeroClix in Bangkok

HeroClix is a miniatures game that uses familiar Marvel and DC superheroes that can be organized into war bands rather than armies to fight each other. 401 more words


Boardgaming For the Win Podcast episode #7

A marvelous Monday┬áto everyone out there! In today’s podcast I wanted to take a look at some of the collectible games on & off the market. 131 more words


April 25th - May 1st

The Valley Nerd Watch!

This week in nerd-related stuff: we’re jealous of anyone who got to check out PaxEast because we like being in gigantic stuffy rooms full of blooming, buzzing confusion. 1,699 more words


Previews yesterday over on heroclix.com for 2016’s “convention exclusives”. LOVE it. The shark is absurdly cool. Hope I can hunt some down on eBay in about a year.


The first 3-d city (let's call it the Mark I)

Here is the first Heroclix 3-d map I ever built. At this point it is over a decade old and has travelled through 3 moves with me. 163 more words

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