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Eight Things I Want From Avengers: Infinity!! (Or, More Irresponsible Speculation!!)

Hi There! It’s been awhile (well, we’ve been tweeting up a storm the last few months, but still!).

Fresh off getting my butt kicked at the Spring WKO (look, I’d write about Call-Ins ruining the game, but it’s been discussed to death and Wizkids apparently has market research to show that people like extra value inserted into packs via things like Equipment or ID Cards, so, they’re not going away anytime soon… ), today we’re starting to get ready for one of the biggest sets of the year. 846 more words


Dice Masters and HeroClix News! Worlds Moved From Origins - Nationals Still There

Greetings Fellow WizKids Fans!

There was an article dropped on WizKids, HERE, that has prizing and one event location announcement. Yes, you heard that right – ONE location announcement. 1,115 more words

Dice Masters

A Very Tiny Birthday

I recently made a simple tiny set up to create a birthday image with an Antman heroclix figure. I decided to document the process and made a rough video throughout. Hope you enjoy!


HeroClix Figure Spotlight #2! - Rat King - TMNT: Heroes in a Half Shell

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of of HeroClix Figure Spotlight! I decided to go with one of my favorite figures from the  753 more words


Week 7, Game 7: Today is a good day to roll die

Star Trek Attack Wing. Despite being built from the same base system as X-Wing (the FlightPath system), Attack Wing isn’t as widely played.  The fact that I bought my last seven ships for $1 each is probably a testament to the player base in New Zealand. 457 more words

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