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From Civil War to Civil Bore?

When it comes to gaming I try to look on the more positive side of things, I don’t need to be pessimistic about some part of a game which I’m choosing to do for fun and blow off steam, we play games to escape for the exact opposite reason. 1,254 more words


GamerStache PlaYs: HeroClix Superior Foes of Spider-Man Unboxing

Hey folks! Been a bit since I last posted.  I decided to do another  unboxing video for the newest Marvel set of HeroClix.  This series is titled: The Superior Foes of Spider-Man.  26 more words

HeroClix Wish-List: Gypsy Moth! (or "Skein")(Marvel)(v1.1)

Gypsy Moth! Well, She calls herself “Skein” now. “What’s a ‘skein’?” you may ask. According to Google: “a length of thread or yarn, loosely coiled and knotted; a tangled or complicated arrangement, state, or situation (“the skeins of her long hair”); a flock of wild geese or swans in flight, typically in a V-shaped formation.” 336 more words


HeroClix Wish-List: Mandrill & Nekra!  (Marvel)(v1.1)

Although WizKids has been including more and more previously-UnClixed characters in recent sets , can’t help but hope for more.

Must be the 2016 Presidential election cycle, but I’ve been thinking lately of obscure, as-yet-UnClixed “mind-controlling” characters. 465 more words