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Heroclix Battle Report 3:

Location: The Daily Planet (Indoor/Outdoor)

wkM-018 Impossible Man
wkM-015 Doop
smww060 Mr. Mxyzptlk
wkD-010 Bat-Mite

smww6-003 Green Lantern
smww027 Jimmy Olsen… 184 more words

HeroClix Wish-List: Fasaud

Marvel Comics supervillain Fasaud. Show how easily it is screw up any attempt at potraying social or cultural or political diversity. *Maybe* it’s easier to show it using “heroic” characters. 402 more words


HeroClix Wish-List: Crusader (v1.1)

Marvel Comics character, the Crusader. Well, one of the characters that’s used that name. And one of the few that I know of to really play into “religious zealot” stereotypes. 271 more words


HeroClix Wish-List: Black Mamba

Yes, I already have a Wish-List post for this character. We still haven’t seen this Serpent Society and Serpent Squad alum in the game yet, and I wanted to post this cool “uniform upgrade” picture I found over on the Project: Rooftop fan-art site. 7 more words


HeroClix Wish-List: Master of the World (Marvel)(v1.1)

One thing about Marvel Comics’ version of Earth: it’s been subject to quite a few extraterrestrial visitation.

I mean, there were the Celestials, gargantuan humanoid traveling scientists. 371 more words


Heroclix: The Borg

My last post featured a Fighter Pod Borg.  So I figured I’d make it a theme and post my Borg Heroclix.

This Borg was made from the bottom half of Mr. 18 more words


Married With Clix - Meta Fix Issue #76 - Colossal Mayhem

Meta Fix!
The changes made to Colossals and Giant were HUGE but what effect will they have on the Meta?