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Book recomendation: War zone travel reading

If reading is a form of travel, Ryszard Kapuściński’s “Travels with Herodotus” is a multifaceted journey. A fund read. An insightful non academic introduction to a literary classic – the “ 758 more words


From Fossils to Fibonacci: Nancy Gaffield's Be-Hind-Sight Zyxt (Oystercatcher Press)

As Nancy Gaffield’s new chapbook of poems tells us ‘each poem is an exploration / of language in place’. The phrase is followed by a reference to Gaston Bachelard’s influential 1958 volume… 498 more words

English Poetry

GIS report 20/02/2015: tyrannical infertility and partying with the Ptolemies

In my best efforts to be the Cicero to Graham’s Hybrida, the Caesar to his Bibulus, the Pompey to his Crassus, I am uploading this GIS report almost grotesquely early. 914 more words

Graduate Interdisciplinary Seminar

Mother Goddess of Love, Goddess of War

” … The oldest cult of the mother goddess, so far as our material goes, appears indeed to have been in Uruk where she is known as… 347 more words


THE HISTORY, by Herodotus


I have just begun the last book of The History. It’s interesting how the different nations and cities seem to have their own personalities and attitudes. 49 more words


Herodotus and Thucydides: Creating History

The earliest histories in our modern sense of the word derives, without doubt, from the Greeks. The earliest of the Greeks to write history with a systematic approach to information were, for their flourished in the same time period, Herodotus and Thucydides. 1,046 more words

Classical Greece

THE HISTORY, by Herodotus


An envoy was sent to Athens to try to get them to join in league with Persia. The envoy was sent with a convincing speech. 118 more words