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If someone were to put a proposition before men bidding them...

If someone were to put a proposition before men bidding them choose, after examination, the best customs in the world, each nation would certainly select its own. 6 more words


What Is History?

Our inquiry into the great books has brought us to the fruits of Herodotus’s masterful work praising the greatness of ancient men. Cicero, rather dubiously, once called Herodotus the  824 more words


Xerxes, Thermopylae, and Salamis: Books VII - IX

In Book VII, Herodotus details the anger of Darius who was unable to seek vengeance on Athens and also Egypt that was revolting against the Persians. 1,017 more words


Short commentary on Herodotus' encomium

Herodotus’ encomium has been criticised for being too fatalistic for saying that the Greek defeat of the Persians would never have happened had Athens abandoned their country. 605 more words


Egypt, Persia, and the New Regime: Book III

Book III is concerned with the internal battles among the barbarians -a competition for the best of men among the Egyptians and the Persians. Per usual in Herodotus, he presents multiple perspectives and defends one or the other, as in the case of the Greek and Egyptian defense of Helen arriving in Egypt for the Trojan War, contra other barbarian nations that claim she stayed in Ilium for the war. 1,502 more words


The Rise of Egypt: Notes on Book II

Book II is often called “Euterpe,” named for the muse of the past meaning “rejoicing well” or “delight.”

In beginning to discuss the much envied empire of the Egyptians, Herodotus opens with an account of the Egyptian quest for origins, not merely their own, but rather for all humans. 700 more words


The Wacky World of Herodotus

What do you say about a guy whose books are still in print 2,400 years after he wrote them? Who has two nicknames–“the father of History” and “the father of lies”? 138 more words

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