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Broken Reality; Herodotus

August 12, 2017

I liked the way the author introduced Herodotus, the Greek historian known as the father of history.  He conceived the concept of “history” as a way to uncover the moral problems, and truths of experiences and/or events. 250 more words

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A Trial of Freedom (Best Stories of Herodotus)

“…you know well how to be a slave but have not yet experienced freedom, nor have you felt whether it is sweet or not. But if you could try freedom, you would advise us to fight for it, and not only with spears, but with axes!” (Herodotus, VII.135)

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Starting at the Beginning: Herodotus

Who better to start off a blog on history than the so called “father of history.” Some have called Herodotus the first historian, but others have called him the first liar. 606 more words



How many gospels are there?

It’s not a trick question. How many gospels are there?

You know this.

The answer is… 2,731 more words


The Black Dove of Dodona

Everyone knows about the Oracle at Delphi—one of the most important sacred places of the classical world. Delphi was sacred to Apollo and it is where (in mythology) he slew the ancient giant python which vexed he and Artemis and donned the mantle of god of prophecy. 362 more words

Legal Education and Bias: An Historiographical Perspective

In this post I’d like to discuss lecturers sharing or being influenced by their political views.  This is a complaint I’ve heard quite a bit, particularly within the context of my legal studies, that one lecturer or another is biased and they should be neutral in their teaching.  1,470 more words


Motivations behind Xerxes' Invasion of Greece


After the failure of the Ionian revolt the Hellenic states turned towards the seemingly inevitable Persian invasion. Herodotus states that the Greeks were expecting another invasion by the Persians and the whole of Persia was preparing for war (7.1-2). 3,292 more words

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