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Recommended Reading: Herodotus, “The Tale of the Clever Thief”

We learn to write by reading, and so I’d like to share with you some of the works of classical literature that have inspired me as a writer. 1,447 more words


Only the Good Die Young

Colleen hosts a wonderful challenge each week called Writer’s Quote Wednesday. It is an opportunity to present a quote that made an impact on me. 113 more words

Wednesday's Write-Up

Herodotus (c. 484-425), Histories

Translation and Commentary of Herodotus, Histories (in progress):

Book 1: Clio


This is the exhibition of the inquiry of Herodotus of Halicarnassus (or, of Thuria), so that neither the things born from humans become faded in the progress of time, nor great and wondrous deeds, some exhibited by Hellenes, others by foreigners, be without fame, both other things and especially why they made war with each other. 1,030 more words


Investigating Animal Mummies (I): Crocodiles at Hawara

Preparations are now well underway for our upcoming exhibition, ‘Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed’, opening October 8th. Working with the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank at the University of Manchester… 681 more words

from Travels With Herodotus by Ryszard Kapuscinski: the reasons given to go to war

The Great Ruler, occupied with the conquest of the world, goes about it somewhat like an avid but still methodical collector. He says to himself: I already have the Ionians, I have the Carians and the Lydians. 214 more words


K KARATOFENE ATHENA The told of the ideogram from here derived KLM Royal Dutch airlines Khafre

Aiello Maria Luisa Antonietta Olimpia Karatofene Santo Antonio chinino china Aiello Family on Naples and Bologna continue the history about the words insert as  Athena my name Antonietta with the suggestion of Olimpia and name of… 785 more words

Wisdom? Bleep That!

Wisdom: “the ability to judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight.” That’s the first definition from the online American Heritage Dictionary. 

The Indo-European root of the word “wisdom” is  847 more words