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Winds and tomorrow

It is easy to re-live the past,

To sit and reflect,

Shine a light on what was.

There is certainty in last week or month, 137 more words


Loosen Your Bow Strings

By Jenni Carey, School of the Ozarks

I am currently taking a class over the writings of Herodotus and Thucydides.[1] Along with the enjoyment of reading Herodotus’s unique narrative style (a delightful mix of literature, poetry, geographical description, and historical events) I am finding nuggets of wisdom and truth, quite valuable to those of us trying to survive in the world of classical Christian education while filling roles as fathers, mothers, church leaders, and Sunday school teachers. 682 more words

Classical Christian Education

Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia (British Museum)

I’m a lover of ancient history, and I’ve grown up with mental images of the Roman Empire, the Athenian democrats, and the expansive might of successive Persian empires. 1,457 more words


Bible Accuracy 7

So far we have read that most of the books of the bible were written by the Prophets and Apostles.  They actually
lived through the events that were written.   250 more words


Looking at the Halys River

I’ve been wanting to use this space to talk some about the ancient world, but have been struggling to settle on a niche. I have posted some relevant translations, but that isn’t really my thing and… 989 more words


Person and People: Herodotus

“A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals.”

So Kay declares in Men in Black, using this to justify keeping the public in the dark about the existence of aliens. 283 more words


Bk 1 xxxvi 7 De schematibus (cont)

inter Delphinas arion

Vergil speaks of Arion among things  impossible by nature:

Now let the wolf turn tail and fly the sheep,
tough oaks bear golden apples, alder-trees… 1,624 more words

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