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A Gallery of Greeks & Romans

Talking with a friend about ancient Greece the other day reminded me of being in Athens back in 2007, and taking two days to wander through its… 550 more words


Did Herodotus treat women as "other"?

Looking at women in Greece and the concept of otherness, first of all I would like to say that there is no single view about women and their position in Greek society. 605 more words

Ancient Greek World

Ancient Models for Writing About Language Barriers

The ancient Mediterranean was a multilingual place. Although a few languages were in common usage—Phoenician, Greek, Aramaic, Punic, and Latin, in different times and places—many other languages were spoken, including Iberian, Gaulish, Etruscan, Oscan, Hittite, Hebrew, Egyptian, and Numidian. 1,684 more words


Babylonian Women Must Be Prostitutes Once

Herodotus (1.199) explains a bizarre ritual of mandatory religious prostitution:

“This is the most shameful of the Babylonian customs. Every native woman must once in her lifetime sit near the shrine of Aphrodite and have sex with a foreign man. 279 more words


2,400-Year-Old Pure Gold ‘Bongs’ Used By Aryan Kings Discovered By Researchers

2,400 years ago, ancient Aryan royal chiefs used pure gold ‘bongs’ to smoke powerful mixtures of cannabis and opium before heading into battle.

Source: Ancient-Code.com… 392 more words


"From Homer to ISIS": Talk at the 2016 ISCSC Conference

I had the opportunity to present a paper last week at the 2016 International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations Conference, held at Monmouth University (New Jersey). 68 more words


Herodotus, 1.22-23: Arion and the dolphin

Full Herodotus translation with commentary here.


Periander was the son of Kypselos, this one who revealed the oracular response to Thrasyboulos. Periander was ruler of Corinth, and the Corinthians say (and the Lesbians agree with them) that a great marvel happened in his life, that Arion the Methymnaian was carried on a dolphin to Tainarus. 606 more words