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Beware 'the Narrative'

Herodotus admired the Persians because they taught their sons two things: to shoot straight, and to tell the truth.

He would not have admired today’s journalists and teachers–nouns that ought to have quotation marks around them, they’re abused so badly. 220 more words

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2,000-Year-Old Pet Cemetery Unearthed in Egypt - Archaeology Magazine

A report from the University of Delaware detailing excavations at the Red Sea port city of Berenike, Egypt, includes the finding of a 2,000 year old ‘pet’ cemetery containing the remains of 17 dogs and cats, some still wearing their iron collars and attended by jewelry. 328 more words

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The Finale

There is so much more to say and read, but yet time has run out. We haven’t even gotten into anything really, but we did ask questions. 47 more words

Analysis of Herodotus: Book Eight

The war between the Persians and Greeks only intensifies in the second last Book of Herodotus’ history: this is the Book in which the prevailing forces of the Persians are finally reversed with their navy left defeated and their king in fear of the consequences. 1,676 more words

November 2016

Analysis of Herodotus: Book Seven

Herodotus’ seventh book brings together many of the strands developed in previous books of hubris, Greek development and the clash of civilizations. This rests on an interpretation of Herodotus which states he was a purposeful, subtle historian, one which I agree with. 2,318 more words

November 2016

Drunk Persians, Political Correctness, and Deceptive Advertising

Herodotus reported that the ancient Persians preferred getting drunk when deciding something important, and the next day, after sobering up, they’d reconsider the decision. If they were still in agreement, the drunken decision would be adopted. 679 more words