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Is it really THAT dark?

“Justice Kavanaugh’s actual swearing-in unleashed more ‘barbarians at the gate’ as protesters hammered (literally) on the doors of the Supreme Court!”

Hoaster, Carolyn. “If mere accusation can ruin someone’s life, we are in a very dark place indeed.” 290 more words

Truth Be Told ?

Oral Histories, Khelise, Team Athens
Interviewees : Cynthia H., Friend, Age 17, at Home & Kenyava E., Friend, Age 17, Home
Cynthia and Kenyava have both visited the South at the age of 15 and 16. 341 more words

Puerto Rico and le Puerto Ricanosss! Honorable mention of Roberto Clemente.

Oral Histories, Israel, Team Athena

Who I talked to

Myriam, my mother, 40, at our home and

Gladys, my grandma, 70, at our home

What I got from them… 757 more words

Barbarian Execution

Barbarians in the News, Jason Yong, Team Athena

“What this process does to the victims’ families is barbaric,” Wadhwani, Anita “Execution delayed for inmate who requested death by electric chair”  326 more words

Barbarians in the news

Barbarians in the news, Stephanie, Team Venus

‘Barbarians’ Turned Macedonian Capital into ‘Comic Book’ (http://www.balkaninsight.com/en/article/barbarians-turned-macedonian-capital-into-comic-book–10-07-2018)

In this article, the “Barbarians” are referred to as the working group, which was funded by the VMRO DPMNE party, which sponsored the project of turning the capital, Skopje 2014, into a comic book. 263 more words

A trip to Mexico. Good or bad?

Oral Histories, Antonios Chatzinikolas, Team Liber

Story Tellers and Location 

The other day I talked to my friend Daisy (18 years old) and her sister Joana (22 years old) asking them about their experience in Mexico. 709 more words