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Herodotus and Harry Potter

Sketch with words from Histories by Herodotus and Harry Potter

All right so the story for this one is from my Greek History class. We were reading Histories by Herodotus, and there’s this conversation in there between Xerxes and one of his men on one of their war campaigns where they say what’s saddest about human life is not only death but that men contemplate taking their own lives. 107 more words


Before I dive knee deep into historical muddy waters, I want to first point out that a lot of my ancient history references comes from Herodotus. 44 more words

Forgotten Past

The Best Stories of Herodotus (And Why You're Going to Read Them)

Have you ever read Herodotus? Let me guess: the answer is no. Are you ever going to read Herodotus? You bet.


Well, bits of it, at any rate. 543 more words


Literacy and Freedom

Literacy and Freedom are Chapters 7 and 8 of “Progress:  Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future”  by Johan Norbert.  As the purpose of these blog posts is to update our mental models regarding how much change there has been between now and the past, only the nature of the improvements will be presented, and not the innovations that underlay the improvements.  1,182 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

The Harper's Song: Enjoying Life After Death in Ancient Egypt

I bet ancient Egyptian poetry is not your strong point – it certainly isn’t mine! To begin with, I do rather subscribe to the view that while a great poem in translation may be still a great poem, it’s just not the same poem. 650 more words

Mediterranean Mondays

Fragmentary Friday: The Sons Came Second

As early as Herodotus (4.32) it was doubted that the epic that told the story of the sons of the Seven Against Thebes was by Homer. 116 more words