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Social Justice in the Classics

Last week we examined some holes in the Spartan Mirage. We looked at an academic view that questioned the idea that the Spartans had the best army and that they loved freedom more than the rest of the Greeks. 1,890 more words

Ancient History

The Sword in the Stone: True Story

Marge has asked me to explain how I figured out the story of young King Arthur drawing the sword from the stone, and thus becoming king, was a true story. 266 more words


'Redistributing Poverty' (2012)

I still find it hard to believe that anyone would ever think the government could “redistribute the wealth.” Government does few things well, and many things badly.




Naturally, after some lessons of discussion on Herodotus, we have moved on to Thucydides – the second father of history and the first father of scientific history. 740 more words


These men much despise us

From Herodotus’ Histories (4.134) as Darius’ invading Persian army finally catches the Scythians and force a battle:

When the Scythians had lined up in battle order a hare ran into the space between the armies, and each of the Scythians gave chase as they saw it.   74 more words

Herodotus (again)

Continuing on with Herodotus (before we move on the Thucydides) in class has led us to discussions about, firstly, the purpose of his history writing and, secondly, the sources he uses to construct his history. 775 more words