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Untold Stories

“Oral Histories, Sadia, Team Jupiter”

Option Two: Ancient and Modern

  • Machuca, Ivanna. “Pedro Batista.” The Brooklyn College Listening Project, bclisteningproject.org/2017/01/25/pedro-batista/.

The Brooklyn College Listening Project 1… 767 more words

Isn't Egypt Just.. Sand and The Pyramids?

Oral Histories, Eman, Team Ares

My storytellers are Manal, my mother who is 48, at home, and Omar, my brother who is 22, over the phone. 344 more words

“Barbarians” in 2018

Barbarians in the news, Christian, Team Ares. Strauss, Barry. “Barbarians, Then and Now.” The American Interest, 10 Sept. 2018, http://www.the-american-interest.com/2018/09/10/barbarians-then-and-now/. “barbarians arise in territories not under the effective control of any state.” … 348 more words

Barbaric Dna

Barbarians in the News, Arslan, Team Apollo.

“The study, which appears in Nature Communications, is the first cross-discipline analysis of 6th-century barbarian cemeteries and contains the largest number of genomes generated from a single ancient site to date.”(Skull DNA fills in of Rome – Invading Barbarians-  327 more words

What kind of person would do that?

Barbarians in the News, Milton Fernandez, Team Demeter.

“A “particularly barbaric” paramilitary-style shooting near Ballymoney during which a teenager was shot in the arms and legs shows “the real and brutal face of paramilitarism””(Duncan Elder, September 23,2018). 379 more words

The Luck of the Irish

Oral Histories, David Rothstein, Team Ares

I interviewed my cousin, Sean, who is 23 years old and my aunt, Neota who is 44 years old. They both went to Ireland this past July. 377 more words

Story Time

Oral Histories, Hamial Asif, Team Jupiter

Story tellers: Irim- mom, 45, at home and Nadia – aunt, 33, at her house

I asked my mom and my aunt about their trip to Switzerland two years ago. 340 more words