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Heroes & Generals adds squad system

Heroes & Generals gets today a new content udpate, introducing the new Squad system 178 more words


Heroes & Generals Review

Hi everyone, I was suggested to do some videos on Heroes & Generals. It’s a free to play online shooter by Reto-Moto. After 100 plus hours of Heroes & Generals gameplay, I have come to the conclusion this game is pretty decent for it’s budget and non-paying players. 210 more words


Heroes and Generals recieved Panther Update

Heroes & Generals receives a new major content update, introducing the legendary Panther German Tank, the M29 Weasel vehicle for the US faction, new camouflage patterns for the US troops, new ammunition and item bundles. 147 more words


Heroes and Generals: Adams Update

So there was a new update. this is more of a ground pounder infantry update. the biggest things I think that people will like are the mobile AA. 974 more words

Heroes And Generals

Heroes & Generals gets Xylander update

Reto-Moto keeps working on Heroes & Generals. Today the World War 2 free to play MMOFPS gets a new update:Xylander, 140 more words


Heroes & Generals Celebrates One Year on Steam

Since the Early Access release in July 2014, the playerbase has grown to more than 5.5 million players and Reto-Moto has added a lot of new content to the game, expanded the featureset, fixed lots of bugs and tweaked gameplay and balancing using performance stats and community feedback. 171 more words


Game update - Vasilevsky Patch

  • Forward Airfield Iteration #2:
    • Church and Bridge
      • Added X1 as an optional capture point between O1 and O3 to improve flow between those two points.
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Heroes And Generals