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But ... Why Though ..?

As with all things, sometimes Heroes of the Storm doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes you build a hero wrong, or the map is just unfavourable to your hero. 466 more words

Cass Elle

Day 7 - "Where did Butcher come from?"

Today’s lesson: check the map. If the enemy is not showing up there and you’re deep into their lane, it’s pretty safe to assume that they are either doing camps or bosses or they’re hiding nearby, waiting to do horrible things to you. 264 more words


Looking back on phase one with Outlaws

Last Sunday we spoke with Coffee, IBW, and Hykkup from Outlaws to reflect on phase 1 of the HGC ANZ Premier Division. You can listen to the interview… 1,117 more words

Heroes Of The Storm Esports

Day 6 - "Cassia threw the game, I think we should report her for them?"

Today’s lesson: try to make the most of every moment you have the advantage. While the enemy is retreating or down, play aggresively and force them into making more mistakes, rather than just playing conservatively and achieving nothing from your superior position. 230 more words


Tea Time

My friend Echo is sick so I drew her Ana so she’ll feel better!


Day 4 - "You were epic!"

Today’s lesson: many matches are lost at the draft. Draft smartly and try to have a versatile team. One-trick heroes are easily countered. It’s better to assume that the enemies know how to counter your every ace-in-the-sleeve, rather than going into a fight unprepared. 257 more words


Exciting News Story!

This is an exciting news story!

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