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The Flash: Season 4, Episode 6 [SPOILERS]

Written by Ang

“When Harry Met Harry”

Another week, another Wells, as this episode’s tagline should go. Before we can get to that, however, we need some good old fashioned hero training. 1,881 more words


Authentic Truths- Where are the Heroes?

Where are the heroes? It seems in every time of unrest, there is a hero, and a heart, that chooses to stand taller than the rest. 416 more words

Questions people ask me

I wanted to write today because of something that has been going on lately. People know I’m joining the U.S Navy and many of them are puzzled which, in turn, puzzles me. 847 more words


Forgotten Heroes 1

The Junior Earplug Adventures never fails to remind us of the heroism of the Earplug Brothers; but in past tales others have ‘done their bit’ for the greater good too. 120 more words

Digital Photography

Jeanne: The Thin Line Between Alpha and Predatory

Recently, I went back and read a make-out scene I’d written a couple of years earlier, where the guy basically shoves my heroine up against a lamppost, sticks his tongue down her throat and presses his erection against her belly. 424 more words


Currently Reading...

I bought this book few days ago, The Zookeeper’s Wife.

I thought it was a fiction when I saw the cover with the beautiful and talented Jessica Chastain on it, but reading the introduction I found it’s a true story of a Polish couple who hid Jews at their zoo in Poland during WWII.  91 more words