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Merry and Pippin

Meriodoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took are oftentimes considered the comic relief of The Lord of the Rings. The pair of cousins certainly are funny at times, but they have more depth than they are sometimes given credit for. 434 more words


(9.21 s) Presence Represented

Presence Represented 

When you face forward
There is always something
Or someone behind you

Even in your most private spaces
The emotional traces
Jockey for position… 149 more words

Inspired By My Friends...

Nobunagun: After Thoughts

Have you guys heard of the name, Oda Nobunaga?

He is quite a famous feudal lord of Japan a long long time ago. He tends to get featured in alot of animes: Nobunaga Concerto, Nobunaga the Fool, Drifters, Sengoku Basara series, etc. 864 more words


Hero #1: Wolverine

(McNiven 2018)

Wolverine is the tormented samurai of Marvel legends . His unpleasant state of mind and creature senses have made him an enjoyably grating nearness in any story he flies up in – and he has flown up in a significant number throughout the years. 122 more words


Hero #2: Captain America


In spite of the fact that he may battle wearing the red, white, and blue of America, Cap would go to bat for anyone needing a saint .He grew up as a weakling with an endearing personality, so when a super-warrior serum changed him into a man at the pinnacle of human potential – huge muscles, shocking spryness, mind blowing perseverance – he was at long last ready to put that solid good compass of his to great utilize. 124 more words


Hero #3: Iron-Man

(ultraraw26 2018)

Tony Stark is numerous things – virtuoso, extremely rich person, playboy, giver – however as Iron Man he speaks to something more. A brush with death prompt the making of his first reinforcement, and since that time he has utilized his immense riches to finance the Avengers and give his suit like a billion overhauls. 128 more words


Hero #4: The Hulk

(Singh 2018)

A Jekyll and Hyde story finished with superpowers, Bruce Banner’s change conscience is shockingly relatable once you move beyond his transcending stature and green skin. 131 more words