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The Gift of a Question to Tap Drama Free Livin'! Watch - Musings from the Phone Booth.

Welcome to Musings from The Phone Booth –
A place where we share Epic YES! Moments,
Legendary Lessons and offer Tidbits of Wisdom
for your Xtraordinary Game-Changer Gadget Bag.
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Maggie Kramer and Habitat for Humanity

Selfless, caring, and passionate are three words that can be used to describe Maggie Kramer. Kramer was one of the leaders for one of the five trips for Habitat for Humanity this year. 462 more words


NAMI on Campus

Some things are easy to talk about. Some things aren’t. And sometimes it takes a group of students willing to create an organization that is working to make room for discussions about the hard topics to make these easier to talk about. 653 more words


The Evolution of Heroism (Part 1)

There was a time when there was only one sort of hero – costumed, hiding behind a mask, and with a complex that constantly drove them into the face of death each day; for the sake of a world that could probably have continued spinning without them. 248 more words

Telugu Movies Punch Dialogues

Browse through your favourite actor movies for their Cheesy and Punchy dialogues.

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I Haven’t Given Up on Heroes!

Good day to you my crew! I hope your weekend was just as productive as mine was. I got a little bit of raiding in with my guildies but mostly focused on my homework for the final week of the quarter. 2,591 more words