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The Heroic Team: 6th of 6 Heroic Arts

The idea of the lone, singular hero is a myth.

Too often, we take on great heroic challenges by ourselves, carrying the weight of success and failure on our shoulders, and the myth of the singular hero makes that weight even heavier. 749 more words


The Practice of Sacrifice: 5th of 6 Heroic Arts

You are going to change the world. But not today.

You are committed to questioning assumptions and looking for opportunities. You are committed to being involved at a deep, meaningful, personal level. 635 more words


The Speed of One: 4th of 6 Heroic Arts

We are who we choose to be… now, *choose*!

In Spider-Man (2002), the Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) not only provides a physical obstacle to Spider-Man’s (Tobey Maguire’s) acts of heroism, but the Green Goblin also challenges the hero psychologically. 561 more words


The Heart of Courage: 2nd of 6 Heroic Arts

A former Minnesota Vikings coach once observed, “A Minnesotan will give you directions everywhere. Except to his house.”

“Minnesota Nice” is an interesting phenomenon. It implies that people are helpful, pleasant, and out-going, as long as they aren’t impacted or involved at deep, personal levels. 685 more words


The Hero's Question: 1st of 6 Heroic Arts

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can corrupt and change me.

Nazi Germany’s most powerful tools of propaganda were not Adolf Hitler’s fiery speeches or the party’s myriad publications, but instead simple, often-repeated words on the lips of the populace. 649 more words