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Alive-flash fiction


Group therapy. It’s not supposed to be spill-your-guts and be judged, but feels that way. Surreptitious glances are thrown your way. Musician. Drug overdose. Cliché. 232 more words


House passes $1 Billion to fight opioid epidemic in DC

Congress has passed an initiative to finally fund the opioid crisis.
The 21st century cures act has been passed by the house 392 to 26. 116 more words


Man speaks out after Facebook Live heroin overdose

MEMPHIS — Ronald and Carla Hiers, both in their 60s, had just overdosed after snorting heroin and were unaware of the crowd that had formed around them, some laughing and joking at their state. 847 more words


Here goes nothing.

As it hit midnight on January 27th, I was cuddled up in bed on the phone with my boyfriend having one of our typical all night conversations. 667 more words


5 drugs you should know - so you won't use

Understand the consequences of drugs before you ever get tempted to use them, so you are not the one being rushed to the hospital.

Get the facts and share them with friends, family members and siblings because we all know someone who needs to be informed. 652 more words

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First woman arrested in sober home crackdown

BREAKING: Amanda LaFrance, 25, came to Florida three years ago to get clean and found herself in court on Saturday facing 13 counts of brokering other addicts with insurance to Whole Life Recovery, a treatment center in Boynton Beach whose owner and operator faces charges of paying kickbacks for clients. 309 more words