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I saw you needing narcan
And i barely stopped to see
Your skin was gray
And I felt your cold
As you laid there nearly slain. 160 more words



We have lost over 1,100 British Columbians in the past 10 months due to overdoses. 1,100 people, how is that possible? That is an 83% increase from last year and the numbers continue to rise. 1,239 more words


How Do You Detox From Heroin - Call 1 (800) 615-1067 - YouTube

http://drugaddictionscenter.com/ How Do You Detox From Heroin How do you detox from heroin? There are several options to do detox. You can choose withdrawal … 7 more words

Consumptive Chic: A History of Beauty, Fashion, and Disease - Bloomsbury - 2017

Long before “heroin chic” made headlines, the emaciated figure and feverish flush associated with tuberculosis victims were admired as beautiful. As the disease spread 71 more words

The Season

I don’t feel like celebrating. Nor do I have the energy to care if anyone understands.

I’ve been dreading this holiday season for almost a year now. 288 more words


Happy Holidays (really)!

I have a scar that runs down the middle of my forehead, it is not real noticeable unless I furrow my brow, but it is there! 979 more words


Allowing myself to be depressed

It’s Thanksgiving day. It’s jut another day for me. When you work in the restaurant business like I do, weekends and holidays and all other days just sort of blend together. 583 more words