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Barbie... A Female Role Model?

When I was a child little girls fell into one of two camps: you were either a Barbie girl or you were into Sindy. For me it was Barbie who I felt was far more sophisticated and glamorous. 386 more words


Top 5 Wednesday: Biggest Badasses

Hi Everyone!

Finally I’m back for the first top 5 Wednesday of the year! This week’s topic is biggest badasses which is such a fun topic to talk about. 716 more words


Nancy: Carbon + Pressure = Diamonds

I have to admit it: I’m jealous. It looks like you ladies had a lot of fun on Writing Sprints Friday. Micki had a fabulous week of writing, with over 4,000 new words. 683 more words


Three Burlesque Lessons for a Better Life.

Generally, I am coward who likes to sit behind a book seeing the world from the safe vantage point of someone else’s eyes.

Image courtesy of… 466 more words


'How to be a Heroine' and 'Is it just me?'

Over Christmas I was luckily enough to receive ‘How to be a Heroine’ by Samantha Ellis, which I completely loved. Whilst mainly being inspired by the ‘classics’ Ellis covers a wide range of literature and how they influence us, it made me think about novels and characters in ways I hadn’t expected and has also lengthened my reading list by quite a bit. 360 more words


Origin of Cassidy

Cassidy has very little influence beyond ‘tough young woman with guns and a penchant for cursing’.  At one point I imagined here betraying her allies because she has no use for them, but that quickly died off.   682 more words


My Favorite Under-hyped Heroines

I have been wanting to talk about this F O R E V E R. I LOVE me some awesome, kick-butt female characters, however there are… 950 more words