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Book 14: Heroines by Ira Mukhoty

Heroines by Ira Mukhoty is a concise compilation of the personal histories of eight powerful women in India, spanning across centuries, but with one distinct collective characteristic, which is the desire to live life on one’s own terms. 365 more words

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Heroine (Tropes)

I’m a female. But I’m not a woman.

It’s the strangest thing to other people, I know. But I can’t relate to many women. I am a staunch protector of women’s rights – rights to choose, to education, to leading their own lives. 361 more words

Heroines: Ovid's 'Heroides', fictional letters from great women - an index and more

One of Ovid’s most controversial works, his Heroides (which means ‘heroines’) could have been written early in his career, or quite late, and some have claimed that few of its letters were even written by him. 883 more words


Young People Reading: Finding book series that feature awesome women

If you ask my sister, who is an accomplished athlete and certified fitness instructor, about her fitness role models, you will get an unusual answer. Her role model and inspiration is not an actress or TV star, but a fictional heroine from a YA fantasy series, Keladry of Mindelan. 526 more words

My Hero -- My Heroine -- My Characters

Every story has a main character or two. A villain, a hero, a heroine. Good guys, bad guys, and gals. Even your short stories have girls and guys in various stages of love, hate, and madness. 407 more words

Ira Mukhoty On Heroines, Modern Women & Future Books

1. Heroines has such powerful women features in it, were these whittled down after many choices or were these ladies the ones you wanted to portray from the start?

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National Wallace Monument: Scottish heroines vote

The national Wallace Monument is holding a public vote in regards to choosing a woman from among Scotland’s many heroines, to be included in the monuments Hall of Heroes. 68 more words