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Being Mean Is Just A Smokescreen

Fact Check.

Sometimes people put up a front to make others believe the opposite of what is true. We all do it at some point in life. 324 more words


Unlikeable Heroines

Top 5 Wednesday
Favorite “Unlikeable” Heroines:
This top 5 Wednesday is about your favorite “unlikeable’ heroines. These are the heroines who are unliked in the book or by the masses. 369 more words


Finding Great Heroines

I’m sat here writing this after coming home from watching Wonder Woman for the first time. Don’t worry – this isn’t a film review – but it got me thinking about role models for women in stories (not just books!). 518 more words

You Can’t Trust A Muse

As a writer, I often run up against this romantic notion of the ‘muse’. Perhaps due to its prevalence in Ancient Greek cultures or because we, as artists, are desperate for a little beauty in a job that can be mind-bogglingly lonely and boring some days, the muse is often portrayed as beautiful, tragic and elusive. 564 more words

Romance Novels

*Part Three* Saturday Survey. Who is your favourite?

Recently I started a poll to explore just who are our favourite Mary Stewart characters. That survey aimed to find out our favourite heroine/narrator from the five earliest Mary Stewart books, from… 315 more words

Mary Stewart

A Belated Book Birthday!

Two years ago today yesterday, I published Loving Ashe and life hasn’t been the same. I love all my book babies and this one especially. … 100 more words


Archetypes in Fiction

The same archetypes that show up in peoples relationship styles, which I call the Hermit, The Queen of Cups, The Knave of Swords… 389 more words