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Cult shows don’t always have the massive ratings (“The Walking Dead” notwithstanding), but they have dedicated fans and amazing characters. This list features some of the most kick ass ladies of cult TV that inspire and encourage female power. 457 more words

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Back to the Drawing Board

After receiving and acting on the suggested edits, I submitted “A Question of Time” to “my” publisher. I say “my” because she has published the first two books in the series, but that doesn’t guarantee she will pick up this one (fingers crossed). 326 more words


Gynophobia: the Fear of Strong Women

I was recently made to consider that some men are intimidated by women. It doesn’t surprise me that psychology has a term for this, Gynophobia, because that seems to me to be what psychology does, find names for things. 998 more words

Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am obsessed with time travel books, I don’t know why (okay, we all know why), and I grabbed this one, totally drawn to it by it’s short but catchy title and what I read on the Good Reads Page. 169 more words

Science Fiction

Between the pages with KT Smail

Brooklyn-based illustrator, designer and exhibiting artist KT Smail is revisiting the pages of classic literature to bring new life to some of our favourite heroines. 122 more words

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Dorothy Gilman

Dorothy Gilman was born on this day in 1923(-2012). She was an American writer who is most well known for her strong, complex heroines.

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All Our Old Heroines: How To Be A Heroine (2014), by Samantha Ellis

Every avid childhood reader remembers the heroes and the heroines that defined their young lives. They’re almost like close friends, those Lizzie Bennets and Lucy Pevensies and Harry Potters. 1,104 more words