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Villains - Make Them Good or Make Them Gone

Everyone knows that characters drive story. Our heroes and heroines and anti-heroes and comic reliefs give us a human or anthropomorphized experience. Sometimes the story is exciting– action, adventure, romance. 810 more words


Family secrets

Secrets and lies. Every family has them. Events are omitted purposefully from the family history, questionable relatives are white-washed, stories are half-told or not at all. 306 more words


Top 8 bad ass heroines in horror

Helpless victims make for awesome villains, but what helps some horror movies stand alone is the seemingly bad ass and powerful protagonist fighting back against whatever adversity is against them. 60 more words


Wonder Woman

I am late to the game, but after a lot of anticipation, I finally watched Wonder Woman.

It was kick ass.


Wonder Woman is the female superhero that I’ve been waiting for after all these years. 404 more words

Top Ten Tuesdays: Kick-arse Heroines of Science Fiction

From dimension jumping to time travel to aliens next door to dystopian futures, these ten series would not have been the same without the awesome heroines leading the way. 1,652 more words

There's reviews then there's Robin's reviews.

My pleasure today is to review

My pleasure today is to review

Shehanne Moore’s exciting book,

“The Unraveling of Lady Fury.”

There’s a back story worth sharing, 831 more words


Atomic Blonde Spoiler Free Review

By Domoni

Since we decided to focus on heroines in August, I decided to go check out Atomic Blonde. I hadn’t seen a single trailer for this movie, which doesn’t surprise me because women led films often get the short straw in promotion. 714 more words