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Deploy Rails application to Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform for building and deploying web apps. It is very easy to deploy ruby on rails apps to heroku using below 5 steps. 414 more words

Deploying PHP and Mysql App on Heroku

This tutorial will help you deploying a PHP and Mysql app.


  1. a free Heroku account.
  2. PHP installed locally.
  3. Composer installed locally.

Set up… 1,029 more words


MySQL or PostGres? Why not both? Well …

I have some mini-projects that I would like to move off my laptop and onto the internet for further testing. Almost all my projects involve web-enabled databases, so I need to set up databases to handle the data used by the websites. 432 more words


Still valid!

I knew I had written about using Mercurial and Git at the same time. I realized this would be useful when I decided to rebuild a helper application and (eventually) post it to Heroku. 144 more words


Why should you use Heroku?

Last week I’ve dedicated most time to implement new heroku features to Open Event. Due to the fact that wasn’t easy tasks I can share my experience. 444 more words


Setting the timezone on your Heroku App

So after the long hours of building my scheduling bot for Slack, I’m ready to deploy on Heroku, which is an awesome service by the way, but something is wrong, the times are all off. 54 more words

What I Learned Today

Deploying a Play app to Heroku with the New Relic plugin

Goal: Deploy the Heroku Scala getting started project with a free New Relic plugin.

Setting up my environment