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Dear App, why are you giving me the wrong date?

Localization has always amazed me. But I also giggle when developers get it wrong. I know for experience that it is not obvious. How does the app know what language do you speak if you leave in Montreal, Switzerland or Belgium, where there are more than one official language? 666 more words

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Publishing Your Voxel.js Game for Free to Heroku

Today I’m going to be guiding you through how to publish your Voxel.js game using a free Heroku account.

The limitations on a free account are: 1,497 more words


Despliegue de Proyecto de Login de Usuario basado en Sencha ExtJs 6: Servidor Remoto (PHP)

El uso de un servidor se ha vuelto una necesidad en este campo hay muchos servidores que aplican como buena opcion segun cada lenguaje de programacion, pues segun cada criterio uno debe escoger la mejor opcion posible para mi en mi particular forma de pensar creo que… 351 more words


I wanted to learn AngularJS

Last I checked AngularJS out, I was following a book about it but I found the author jumping around on the example codes so I stopped. 565 more words


Rails: Different storage for carrierwave assets depending on the environment

I am using carrierwave for storing images, one (or more) per field of a table in a database of the my Rails app. Given that heroku does not allow assets to be uploaded by the user, or dynamically for that matter, I had to use storage in the cloud. 352 more words

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Deploy a Rails 4 app with Capistrano 3

For several reasons, including reducing infra costs, we recently bought a dedicated server on OVH to move all our Rails apps on it. We needed to add the deployment scripts, and set up a staging environment. 875 more words

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