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heroku: multiple accounts and multiple environments

use heroku accounts plugin to setup multiple accounts.

– set your work account for production

heroku accounts:set work

– create a production environment
heroku create --remote production… 46 more words


Encrypting and Decrypting on Salesforce and Node.js

Need to send secure messages back and forth between Salesforce and Node.js?  Whether it’s Heroku, AWS, or somewhere else, Node.js is an important platform to be able to communicate securely with Salesforce on. 766 more words


Publishing a create-react-app App on Heroku for free!

Greetings, all. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been casually learning about the React framework. The experience has been a blast, and while I’m definitely still a big ol’ noob, I’m hoping the following will prove useful to someone out there. 820 more words


Securing Redis Cloud connections with SSL & Client Certificates on Heroku

At Frederick we use Redis extensively. We currently have over 20 production Redis databases and at least as many for pre-production / testing.

In order to manage all of these Redis instances and make it easy to add new ones for new services, we use Redis Labs’  540 more words


Workday Wants to Enlist More Outside Software Developers

Workday, a company that hawks cloud-based human resources and financial software to businesses, now plans to open up many of its core technologies so that third-party developers can build their own Workday-adjacent software. 174 more words


White Horse Website built with Angular 2 and Node.js

For my very first freelance job, I was commissioned to develop a basic eCommerce website for a local business. This website was to display basic business information (like store location and hours) as well as retrieve inventory information from the store’s POS systems and display the products to users. 118 more words

Wrapping up Rails, Deeper into CSS

This past week I have completed the Rails section of the Odin Project. The course content and Michael Hartl’s tutorial have given me a good basis to continue moving forward with back-end development. 151 more words