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Access IoT Data in Salesforce using Heroku Connect OData

Yesterday I wrote about getting IoT Data into Heroku.  It’s pretty cool, but other than looking at a Heroku PostgreSQL Dataclip, there’s not a lot you can do with the super… 437 more words


Node.js IoT Host on Heroku: The Simplest Thing that Might Possibly Work

TL;DR – Look ma — CODE that stores DATA which becomes usable in SALESFORCE via OData.

For the last couple of days, I’ve been talking about some hardware I’ve put together ( 624 more words


Refinery Hosting on Heroku


1) The Ruby language version 1.9.3 or higher
2) A working installation of ImageMagick
1) create a gemset using RVM

rvm use –create ruby-1.9.3@refinery… 149 more words

Ruby On Rails

Forum on the Fly

Following my previous post about Heroku the project I was working on is now available on a free account at https://forumonthefly.herokuapp.com

It’s a simple, clean application to use and designed for groups of people of varying size to be able to talk about a subject with a degree of privacy, control of privacy is available to all users and unlike a full forum you can open separate forums for different groups of people without having to worry about permissions etc… just give people who you want to talk with the url and you’re done. 40 more words


Heroku's new app-development product line is meant for the enterprise

Heroku, the Salesforce-owned company that powers the application-development process of hot startups like Lyft and Upworthy, announced a new product line Thursday called Heroku Enterprise… 329 more words

Adding a devise user or admin in a Heroku app

To add a devise user on a Heroku site we combine two commands

Command 1: With devise a person can enter the following into their rails console to create a user: … 152 more words

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Deploying a Django App to Heroku, Successes and Problems

I have been on and off playing with the Django web framework. I finally decided to stop procrastinating and actually deploy a live app that people could visit. 291 more words