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Deploy a Flask app on Heroku

Quick steps to deploy a flask application on Heroku.

echo 'web: gunicorn app:app' > Procfile
heroku create APP_NAME-stage
heroku create APP_NAME-prod
git remote add stage git@heroku.com:APP_NAME.git… 24 more words

Salesforce and Amazon Get Awfully Chummy

As Salesforce rushes to achieve its “dream” of reaching $10 billion in annual revenue, it will work a lot more with Amazon Web Services, said Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff. 702 more words


How to migrate your existing Django project to Heroku

Recently I had some fun with Heroku, the well known PaaS provider. I had a small personal Django project I use for invoicing that I ran locally with ./manage.py runserver when needed. 687 more words


How Software Companies Come Up With Their Crazy Code Names

No one outside of Salesforce knows for sure why the company’s internal code name for a project to wean itself off of Oracle’s technology is… 475 more words


Salesforce Caught Between Two Software Worlds

Salesforce, like many software companies of a certain age, is navigating a tricky path in the fast-changing technology world. Companies that are more than a decade or two-old must constantly re-evaluate their technology suppliers to assess if they should keep what they have or switch. 13 more words


Python web server on Heroku

Here is how I created a hello world web server on Heroku using Pyramid.


You need:

  • Python (I use 3.5.1)
  • Git
  • An account on github with SSH set up…
  • 222 more words