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How Your DVR was Hijacked to Help Epic Cyberattack

Elizabeth Weise reports: Technology experts warned for years that the millions of Internet-connected “smart” devices we use every day are weak, easily hijacked and could be turned against us. 423 more words


Как я Telegram бота на Go писал. Часть третья. Публикация.

В предыдущих частях был разработан и улучшен бот, помогающий найти заклинания для Dungeon and Dragons.

Теперь требуется разместить бота на какой-либо платформе. Рассмотрим два варианта: … 267 more words


The Reason For the Teardrops on My Twitter Bot

What happens if we combine the corpus of Taylor Swift lyrics as the source for Markov Chain sentence generator with a Heroku Scheduler Python task that posts hourly to Twitter? 284 more words

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how to host rest api on heroku server using command line?

Hello Readers,

This Blog is about “how you can host your rest api created using mysql and node.js

Heroku is a platform which will allow us to host maximum 5 applications without any charges  and it is very simple to deploy and scale our node.js application to heroku server..In this demo,i am using command line to deploy the application on heroku server. 86 more words


Qwerty War: day 5

On day five, I plan to get the leaderboard persistence built and deployed: the only part of the project that requires a database back end. I figure that I’ll build this with Django and deploy on Heroku. 520 more words

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[How To] Deploy your ASP.NET Core app to Heroku


For this tutorial, I’ll be using Elementary OS 0.4 Loki, so the commands would be geared towards my system, but since elementary OS is based off Ubuntu, the same commands would work on Ubuntu.  524 more words


Django + Bower + Heroku, It's not so complicated

It’s allot simpler to deploy Django projects with Bower on Heroku then you think.  There have been a plethora of plugins and specialized apps developed to help solve this problem.   1,644 more words