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GitLab Spring-Boot Heroku Continuous Integration and Deployment

Gitlab has in built pipeline for continuous integration and deployment. For every commit to the master branch , Gitlab will build and deploy my code to two(dev and staging) different Environments. 278 more words


Salesforce API - Getting Access Token

In the article before, I described how to set up Heroku for integration. In this post, I will start with the basic — obtaining the access token. 453 more words


More Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap - My Experience

I did more work with Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap and encountered a few problems that I would like to share on my blog mostly for persons searching for answers. 652 more words


Doing the impossible: using Heroku

Want to learn Heroku but can’t seem to get started? Me too! I was taught by Byron Allen, I used Python code he wrote and I’ve documented what he taught me here. 721 more words


How To Empty Database In Heroku

To drop the database:

$ heroku pg:reset DATABASE_URL --confirm your_app_name

To recreate the database with nothing in it:

$ heroku run rake db:migrate

To populate the database with your seed data: 28 more words

Ruby On Rails

Slate + Heroku


Damn, after searching on Google i found that Heroku already provide a one-click-button to deploy Slate on Heroku. Poor me.


I’ve been using… 567 more words