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Scale a process type


Heroku run one process type (web) automatically. But to run other process types, you have to run following command (worker dyno):

$ heroku ps:scale worker=1

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Heroku Tip


Check configuration for current project using CLI:

$ heroku config

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Python and Node.js on Heroku

Maybe the lack of doc is intentional, but to have Flask/React app on Heroku, you need:
– to run grunt build in a sub-folder (project/static/Gruntfile.js), add a package.json at the root folder. 58 more words

Devise primary key error on postgresql, heroku, Rails4

rails console

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.tables.each{|t| ActiveRecord::Base.connection.reset_pk_sequence!(t)}
Ruby On Rails

Building the Website

I have to admit, I had much higher hopes for this website. I may have gotten in over my head. My original goal was to create a website, completely from scratch. 253 more words

Deploying Mean.js app on heroku

Create a git repository of your mean.js app and do the following:

1.  cd <app-directory>

2. $heroku login

3. $heroku create

4. $heroku config:set NODE_ENV=production… 187 more words


gSchool Week 12 - Personal Project Time

We just reached the halfway mark and spent the week working on personal projects. The goal was to create a project that we could complete in 4 days and present to the class at the end of that time.  468 more words

GSchool Weeks