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Summer Blossoms

Wanted to get another post out as I’ll be hunting for a White-Headed Woodpecker over the extended weekend. Will likely have difficulties getting to new posts during that time being deep in unexplored wilderness fending off Cougar attacks, dodging Viper strikes, wrestling Bears and befriending wild Wolves to survive long cold bitter nights. 1,063 more words


The Vancouver Heron Cam

My reality tv, But a hecks more relaxing

There is a colony of great blue herons that come to nest every year in Stanley Park, Vancouver. 358 more words

Bird Watching


I don’t often get a chance to photograph little ones in their natural habitat, but while on assignment I was able to capture some video and photography of these, sweet and demanding Black-crowned Night Herons chicks. 84 more words


Water Meadows

There are rumours of a stork. On a tip off from a friend, I head down to the river and walk north out of the town, under the railway bridge and beyond to the water meadows. 571 more words


Jordan Lake Dam: Great Blue Heron, immature

This is the immature heron that was in this morning’s Facebook video greeting.

He is probably a year old as he has developed head plumes and is beginning to change his head markings. 36 more words


The Difference a Year Makes

Spring 2019 ushers in my second season of birding, an unexpected hobby I dove passionately into. It also signifies the return of the black-crowned night-herons to my local pond. 216 more words

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Bird Feature: American Bittern

On April 13, an American Bittern was reported at a pond in King Family Vineyard in Albemarle county. I arrived around 4:30 PM.

American Bittern is rare inland, but there are a few reliable spots where they can be found in spring, including Bles Park in Loudon County and Leopold’s Preserve in Prince William County. 206 more words

Bird Feature