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SEXUAL HEALTH: sensible talk about herpes

Researching medical conditions online is always a dicey proposition. Dr. Google almost always offers too much information (e.g., statistics without context), focuses on worst-case scenarios, and scares people to death, sometimes intentionally. 978 more words

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Could It Be Herpes?

Source: Could It Be Herpes? « Women’s Health

“I’ve got this yeast infection that just won’t go away. I had itching and burning, so I used an over the counter cream. 705 more words


Valentine's Day Warnings

Valentine’s Day Warnings

14th February is valentine’s day when couples celebrate their undying love for each other which is a lovely gesture but can be a problem if you happen to have a cold sore. 642 more words


Viruses and Herpes: You Probably Have It

Welcome to the wonderful world of viruses! This week we have just begun learning about viruses in class, and to begin our educational journey, we all have made infographics. 52 more words


Ringling Bros. elephant dies of Herpes | WFTV

No one knows why the virus manifests this way in some elephants, since most elephants harbor the virus and never become ill,” Director of Veterinary Care Dr. 9 more words

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Brought to his knees

Begging me every step of the way, to return to him.

She feels triumphant. She ‘almost’ bagged.

Meanwhile he almost died. 158 more words


NASA studies the effect of spaceflight on herpes

NASA has just awarded reachers at the University of Florida grants totalling $US80,000 to study the herpes virus.

The official name of the project is the Effect of Spaceflight on Herpes Virus Genome Stability and Diversity. 196 more words