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Scientists have caught viruses talking to each other—and that could be the key to a new age of anti-viral drugs

Some of the greatest scientific discoveries have been accidental. To that list, Israeli scientists have added one more. They’ve discovered for the first time an instance of viruses leaving messages for other viruses. 554 more words


Time heals all wounds. But not herpes. And Trump—now officially president—will be the open sore on our nation’s collective genitals for the next four years. And there is no political Valtrex to help. 264 more words

How My First Love Shaped Me Into A Dysfunctional Human Being

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Story Time;

When I was sixteen I met a guy who I didn’t think would make much impact on my life at the time but turns out he made me who I was in my darkest of times. 1,168 more words


D Day

The day I found out I had contracted genital herpes was one of the hardest days of my life.

I had plans to go to visit my sister who lives an hour and a half away that Thursday, so I was up early, around 8:00.  612 more words


Jo(e)ke of the Day – Fully Shaved – Day 27

Statistics have been reported, since most women now are fully shaven, the average amount of pubic crabs are very low to almost non-existent compared to what they used to be. 38 more words


The Seven Plagues of London

It’s hard to imagine a date with more anticipation than my fourth date with Whippersnapper. It had been two weeks since our third date. It felt like things between us really deepened in that fortnight, because of him being so open about his sexual health problems, and me supporting him through it. 1,731 more words


Still Alice, and Still Searching: The Cause and Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

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I was completely blown away in a storm of tears and emotion after watching the critically acclaimed film, “Still Alice”. For those who haven’t seen and/or heard of it (don’t worry, I was on that same boat just a couple days ago), the story follows linguist Dr. 1,191 more words