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Which STD Is Your Best Weapon?

BY Traitorous Gumball

At Rutgers University, we take great pride in our STD rate. In fact, we collect them like trading cards, Pokemon, bellybutton lint, or whatever else people collect. 376 more words

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This Baby Got Oral Herpes From A Stranger's Kiss, So Let's All Agree Not To Kiss Babies When We're Sick

If you’re one of those people who likes babies, you know that they cause a knee-jerk reaction that forces you to get all up in their adorable little grills and start making idiotic noises at them while they stare at you, surprised and terrified. 488 more words

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I'm Back! And I'm ready to write stuff.

So I haven’t posted in about eight months. The grad school search got pretty intense there for a while. Then I spent the whole summer working a terrible job and planning to move. 519 more words

Herpes Treatments and Cures

Herpes treatment is an active subject with many individuals fueling the fire. Other steps that you can take as an organic herpes treatment include eating a unique diet, which your physician or homeopath can counsel you on. 728 more words

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Tahukah Anda tentang herpes zoster ? Bagaimana cara mengetahui seseorang terkena penyakit herpes ? Dan apa obat yang tepat untuk menangani penyakit herpes ini ? 893 more words


Drug-resistant STIs mean 'if you don't wrap it up, you're in trouble'

Three common sexually transmitted infections chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis — have become increasingly resistant to antibiotics. It’s causing health officials to sound the alarm as the STIs can cause… 505 more words


Types Of Herpes - HSV 1 & HSV 2 - Latest Cure For Herpes

We are gonna talk regarding the types of herpes sickness in this article. Well, there’re 2 main varieties of herpes malady that may influence any person at any age. 449 more words