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Young Smooth Snake

This year we’ve had many Smooth snakes (Coronella austriaca) – they seem to have replaced the Slow Worm although they don’t eat slugs. They’re non-venomous and nowhere near as aggressive as Grass snakes. 54 more words

RIP Anthony Treble

Thursday 20th August 2015, will be remembered by so many as it marked the passing of our very own Steve Irwin, Anthony Treble.

For those that new Ant in person or online they knew how passionate he was about animals, how reliable, caring and genuine  he was as a person. 215 more words


Spiney, scaley distractions

Those who have read this blog for any length of time know that single-mindedness is not one of my shortcomings. I call myself a coleopterist and even go on trips dedicated specifically towards their study, yet find it impossible to ignore the diversity of non-beetle insects that one finds on such trips. 1,411 more words


Indigo Expeditions in Alta Verapaz - Part 4

So, what did we do the morning after we had climbed a mountain? We got up at 4am and went for a hike, of course! 958 more words


(Belated) June Species of the Month: Carpathian Newt

Sorry, still busy and behind, and this will be a brief species of the month…

For June of 2015: The Carpathian Newt (Lissotriton montandoni… 211 more words


Indigo Expeditions in Alta Verapaz - Part 3


Day 6 was going to take us higher and further than we had gone before in our mission to survey the herps of the CCFC campus. 1,333 more words


Indigo Expeditions in Alta Verapaz - Part 2

It didn’t take long to recognise general patterns to the weather. While you might initially wake up to some mist lingering around the forested hills, this would clear up, and the mornings would subsequently be sunny and warm. 929 more words