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Another cottonmouth!

I had another exciting encounter with my favorite snake species yesterday. And in case you were wondering, like all the others I have encountered, this individual didn’t chase me!


Chinese Giant Salamanders (Andrias davidianus)

Common Name: Chinese Giant Salamanders
Scientific Name: Andrias davidianus
Family: Cryptobranchidae
Location: China and introduced to Taiwan
Size: 5.9 feet or 180 cm

The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest salamander and amphibian in the world. 97 more words

Rapid's Frog (Limnomedusa macroglossa)

Common Name: Rapid’s Frog
Scientific Name: Limnomedusa macroglossa
Family: Alsodidae
Location: Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay
Size: 2.1 inches or 55mm

The Rapid’s Frog is the only member of it’s genus, … 59 more words

Frog Of The Week

Plethodontidae - Lungless Salamanders

Plethodontidae – Lungless Salamanders

Number of Subfamilies: 2 – Hemidactyliinae and Plethodontinae
Number of Genera: 28: Hemidactyliinae – Aquiloeurycea (6), Batrachoseps (22), Bolitoglossa (132), Bradytriton… 705 more words

Family Friday

Bleeding for your passion

“I got bitten by something interesting, so it was a good day!”

This is not a normal statement and I realize that.

Now, a day later, I look down at the tiny marks, already healing, already disappearing and I wonder about the life I have constructed for myself. 1,126 more words

First blog post... Welcome to Varanerd.

Welcome to Varnerd…

Varanerd: An endearing term for people who love, keep, care for and study the Varanus species that we have the honour to share the planet with; A big lizard nerd. 192 more words