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Herp of the day: Andean Snail-Eater Snake

The Andean Snail-Eater snake (Dipsas andiana) is a nonvenomous snake that habits in Ecuador.

They are slender, small to medium-sized snakes, often no longer than 60 cm (24 in), and rarely longer than 100 cm (39 in). 18 more words


The Snake Whisperer Part 1

It is tremendously easy to say something flippant like “I was born among snakes and that is why I like them.” But, it doesn’t always work that way, does it? 1,114 more words

Born Of Lightning

Herp of the day: Maki’s Keelback Snake

Maki’s Keelback (Amphiesma miyajimae) is a nonvenomous snake endemic to Taiwan. It is a small species up to 60 cm in total length.

This species feeds mostly on amphibians and has been known to climb trees in pursuit of tree frog tadpoles.   14 more words


Herp of the day: Black-eyed Monkey-Frog

The Black-eyed Monkey-Frog (Phyllomedusa camba) is a species of frog found in Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru.

Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, intermittent freshwater marshes, rural gardens, and heavily degraded former forests. 29 more words


Herp of the day: Ornate Rainfrog

The Ornate Rainfrog (Pristimantis ornatissimus) is a species of little frog endemic to Ecuador. 

Its natural habitats are tropical moist lowland forests and moist montane forests. 21 more words