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Reptile Species in Old Books on Reptile Keeping

I gradually realised in the 1950s that many of the species described by the authors of book on keeping reptiles that some of the species described never appeared on the market. 209 more words


Reptiles Imports in the late 1940s and early 50s

I knew that during the years of austerity after the Second World War, the U.K. had import controls to protect the £ Sterling. What I could not understand was how fish keeping and herpetology became so popular under these circumstances and how magazines from that time had advertisements for a fairly wide range of imported reptiles and amphibians. 210 more words


Works Quirks

This week at work has been insane, first my truck delivery for the store is delayed because the truck driver had an emergency. I have so many customer’s waiting for items on that shipment because of out of stocks. 422 more words

Scrub Python.

Possibly my favourite species of snake, and if my wife would allow it, I would have one.

However 15 ish ft of attitude is not for the faint hearted. 25 more words


Lots more early post-war Aquarist magazines

I have obtained a large number of early and rare copies of the Aquarist. Articles on hereptology have been scanned and can be found in the updated files on the DOWNLOADS page.


Reptiles on BBC Television in 1950

The following, from Water Life, October 1950, is self-explanatory but interesting:

Interesting because it is Mrs Leutscher who was involved and not her husband, Alfred. 136 more words