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The Bonny Shoals of Herring: the unending pursuit of the ocean's glorious bounty

Oh, it was a fine and a pleasant day,
Out of Yarmouth harbour I was faring
As a cabin boy on a sailing lugger,
For to go and hunt the shoals of herring. 626 more words


Little One, Jigging for Herring,...

This is one of my favorite memories from a while back, introducing my littlest son to fishing, just the two of us, no big brother or friends, nobody to match up to,…Just a Dad and his Boy,…and we’re targeting Herring with some, “serious tangler,” jigging rigs,… so this is not an average fishing trip. 1,164 more words

The Land As Provision

So, Which Color, has the most Impact ??

I had the thought, “Drop into my mind once,

If the Creator, has a favorite color,..which would it be ?”

I was probably sitting on a rocky beach at the time, somewhere along the coast of Alaska, and since that day, the same query has come to mind many times over. 1,195 more words

Intercessory Journeys

What the weather shows

I know what I want to do in this weather: hibernate, or at the least stay indoors with a good book. It says a lot about me! 364 more words

Like a mighty river flowing

Wick has an amazing Heritage Centre, which leads the visitor through the interesting history of the town – without the boring bits! No glass cases with bits of dusty fossil! 444 more words