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Her's - Love On The Line (Call Now)

Settle yourself in for some luscious sounds from Liverpool-based¬†Her’s¬†as their latest single goes so dreamy you’ll begin questioning whether Inception was merely a film or was in fact a warning of the potential horrors still to come. 180 more words


Her's - 'Love on the Line (Call Now)'

Liverpool duo Her’s have returned with ‘Love on the Line (Call Now)’. Opening like an electro-tinged soft-rock version of ‘Oliver’s Army’, there’s a playful sense of humour as the synths take over and the band sing about how ‘hers is a love that I cannot afford’. 46 more words

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What is a HERS Rating?

The price of utilities is one of those things that never seems to cut us a break. Every winter the price of gas goes up and every summer the price of electricity follows suit. 627 more words


Welcome to Indie Pool

Hello and welcome to Indie Pool, the place where you can find all of the upcoming and emerging indie bands from Liverpool.

The inspiration for this blog came from an… 181 more words


and sometimes a single text or a simple hello changes every thing you ever felt. cause now my lies engulf our existence and intertwine our future. 14 more words

Beneath The Stars

Baby Stewart is a...

Genetic testing is all the rage these days.

We’ve had a couple of appointments thus far and at each one they do blood work to test for any genetic abnormalities to try and see how healthy the baby is. 823 more words


The one where I find out I'm pregnant.

Just so that we’re clear, this was an absolute surprise. Alex and I love children and of course we wanted to have one or two… 1,288 more words