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School Trip

A story from 11 years ago.

My daughter stayed home from school on Monday so when she returned on Tuesday afternoon, the poor girl had a ton of homework. 616 more words


The Mysterious Black Hole...

A story from 12 years ago.

I turned the babysitter on this morning.  No not like that, you twisted fools.

Ok, here is my dirty little secret.  530 more words


Just like Mommy...

A story from 12 years ago…

My children are so much like their father – they look like him, they walk like he does, and they all create astounding amounts of laundry and housework.  198 more words


Children and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Yes, I have heard it all.  “You have 8 kids!!! And you would love to have more?? Are you crazy or stupid?” “Don’t you know how expensive kids are?” 656 more words


Naps and Other Wild Times

An event from 2003….

After lunch comes naptime at our house.  Now, to be truthful, naptime is quickly becoming a bit of a misnomer.  It is more like “quiet time in your rooms to give Mom a chance to search for her sanity somewhere under the Lego pile”.  549 more words



A Coca-Cola in my hand
Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace
Supernatural on Netflix
Tired eyes, a wrinkle, a crease

I feel my hunger subside
As I eat some knock off Pork Rinds… 130 more words


Holiday Gift Guide Ideas: His & Hers

Hey guys! For today’s post I wanted to share with you some holiday gift ideas that I have for both the ladies and guys in your life because I know people are starting to do their Christmas shopping early this year. 304 more words