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Recurring Dream~

Dreamt of dreaming again…

I am friends with 4 more or 5 more kids. We were just kids..
I am in our usual hangout and it seems like some years have passed and that i am a teenager already.. 838 more words

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Wild Nothing at Leaf (23 Feb ’17)

After last time’s gig of three pretty unknown-to-me bands, this was a case of repeat exposure to a great double bill of Wild Nothing and… 808 more words

Gig Review

Picnic in February 

The weather was so nice today that we decided it was the perfect day to keep the kids outside as long as possible. Perhaps all day and night (camp out with daddy?!) 48 more words


Positional Plagiocephaly

If you aren’t aware positional plagiocephaly is the technical term for ‘flat head’ in infants. I heard about this with my older son, Luke, he was developing a flat spot when he was an infant and I worked and worked and worked with him to get his head in different positions to avoid needing a cranial band (helmet). 218 more words


Multiple Dreams...

First dream:

My face is different. I look like a european girl wearing a simple Victorian dress. I am living with my mom and apparently it’s only the two of us. 403 more words

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Charlotte Mayor's Bizarre FBI Indictment Says He Took Bribe To Make Feminine Hygiene Product

Patrick Cannon allegedly took over $48,000 in bribes from undercover FBI agents. Details on what exactly the mysterious feminine hygiene product did remain unknown. View this image ” Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon. 11 more words


A Golden Gown and.. errr.. poop?

dreamt about this last hmm jan 17? ..

In my dream there is something like a concert competition going on. More like a Choir or maybe a Play? 427 more words

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