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Homework in the Morning

Our first-grader* has homework.  Lots of real homework.  Like 10-20 or more minutes of homework a day, plus reading.  This, I was not prepared for.  Personally, I ascribe to the philosophy ( 719 more words


2015, February 13 – 236 – her 3

Float amongst the stars (5)
I think I saw her face there (7)
My heart is now hers (5)


Herb and Lemon Buttered Popcorn

It’s time for a tiny golden man strategically holding a sword-thing to be handed out to the beautiful people of the silver screen. And since the Oscars is all about the movies and its stars, what better treat to eat than the food we gorge on while AT the movies! 384 more words


Eschew Delusion

It’s amazing how often lately I see myself reacting to situations from a habit-level, old idea of who I am, how I feel. I forget tools I’ve learned and growth I’ve achieved, in odd, weird places. 277 more words


HERS - Chap 8 - My Valentine ! I'm in love with a challenge

Valentine Day


7:07 PM

For the first time in my whole life , my Valentine wasn’t about giving … But receiving… A lot of love ❤ 1,194 more words


Hers - Ep 7 - Boyfriend out of town !

This is not my first time experiencing boyfriend out of town . But this long , 2 weeks …. Is the first time . And seems like the first night alone was not that good ! 1,685 more words


Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Kennedy Money Clip Wallet

Ladies and gentlemen, ready to put your credit cards and cash in the coolest wallet out there?

If yes, then meet the Kennedy Money Clip Wallet… 46 more words