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Bathroom Organisation - Out of sight out of mind

Everyone loves a good clean bathroom, mostly because it makes the room appear to be cleaner than it probably is. We can’t give the bathroom a proper clean everyday, now can we! 238 more words


On 84th Birthdays We Try New Things

This weekend Mimi turns 84! To commemorate this momentous occasion her Lexington girls took her out for her very first manicure and to try Cuban food. 20 more words


Cali Cool 

Although I’ve visited many times before, I’m a new resident of the west coast. I’ve lived over half my life as a Floridian and the remainder in the Mediterranean so I’m used to the heat and humidity that makes you dress sparingly and conclude every day laying on the beach (even if it’s just in your daydreams while you hustle hard at your 9-to-5). 163 more words


That Little Shit

You know, it’s difficult being so far away from the one person who’s come to mean the most to you in this entire world.

Though he might be with you, every second of every day, but you miss the way he makes fucked up faces at you, slaps your ass just for the sake of it, sneakily brushes his arm against your boob in the kitchen, looks at you and then through you when he’s thinking about something that’s work-related, asks you how much water you bothered to drink throughout the day because he knows just how careless you are with yourself, or how he waits for you to enter the bedroom after you come home just so that he can hug and kiss you and you’d both know what perfection really is. 297 more words


This Could Have Been The Best First Post

Have you ever had someone who would look at you, straight in the eye, and somehow find the beauty buried deep inside you? The beauty you never knew existed. 270 more words


A Fun Friday Surprise!

Momma Just has hit celebrity status! Check out the article attached to the link below…

The Wife Behind the Scenes