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Shame and Survival--Monica Lewinsky on the Culture of Humiliation

by Monica Lewinsky

“How does it feel to be America’s premier blow-job queen?”

It was early 2001. I was sitting on the stage of New York’s Cooper Union in the middle of taping a Q&A for an HBO documentary. 719 more words

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Sorry, Babe, You're a Feminist

“I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a feminist.” Carrie Underwood

“I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist.” Kelly Clarkson

“I am not a… 206 more words

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Why Don't Men Read Books By Women?

by Chloe Angyal

Read this article and more at Feministing

I made a pledge at the beginning of 2015. This year, I’m only reading books by women. 777 more words

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Lucky 13, Rita Bornstein

Alma mater, translated from Latin, means “foster mother.”  My alma mater, Rollins College, was established on November 4, 1885.  One hundred and five years later, the first female president was sworn in– as the college’s 13th president.   140 more words

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