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It's okay.

Growing up during my middle school and high school years, I had to figure out many things on my own. I had lived in Korea for the first 10 years of my life, but after moving to the States, both of my parents were in full-time ministry which made it harder for them to invest their time in my brother and I. 444 more words


Kebangkitan Hypatia

Pernah mendengar sosok Hypatia?
Dia adalah seorang perempuan, ilmuan matematika, astronomi dan filsafat di Alexandria sekitar tahun 391.
Saat ia sedang memperjuangkan pengetahuannya tentang semesta raya, ia dikalahkan oleh kekuasaan masyarakat yang saling berperang atas nama Tuhan. 38 more words



‘Daughters of Eve’, the Midland’s only feminist theatre company is launching this year in September! We’re touring professionally across the UK and are here to make a difference in the arts: for far too long the industry has been dominated by the pale, male, stale and to us there is nothing more homogeneous and tired than theatre that doesn’t represent the diversity of the communities they are playing to. 413 more words


GCTV: Cosy Den festivalen

På sommarens varmaste dag besökte vi Cosy Den festivalen för att dela med oss av vår favoritmusik och lyssna på bra band. Vi multitaskade lite och fick med oss en film hem. 12 more words


Beauty is... celebrating what your body can do

Meet Miss Loey Lane. She’s a “college student, army wife, mama to two fur babies (a husky puppy and a kitten) and a beauty-loving blogger.” Oh, and an all around bad ass. 14 more words

What Can Your Body Do

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Miscellaneous Stories

Why not a lesbian museum? Miriam Saphira reflects

In 2001 a small archives group was set up in Auckland to try to encourage people to write their stories and send them to LAGANZ (Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand). 537 more words

Charlotte Museum Trust