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Suicide Nanggung


Pas sore mau berangkat jaga, sekilas ada acara tipi yang menayangkan dimana seorang anak sedang melaporkan ibunya yang kurang memperhatikan anak-anaknya. Si ibu ini punya pacar, dan kerja juga. 220 more words


Membentengi Diri dari Rasa Ingin


Ingin menurutku hal yang wajar bagi manusia. Meskipun kita harus bisa menetapkan batasannya. Contohlah kasusku.

Saat yang lain wisuda, aku tertunda karena beberapa hal. Saat itu seingatku aku merasa ingin berada di samping mereka. 763 more words


Every Woman Should Run For Public Office Once Or Twice

“There’s never been a colored, a Jew, a Democrat, a Yankee, a queer, or a woman as Mayor of this town and there never will be!” … 1,348 more words

Lovelyz - Ah Choo inspired makeup tutorial

soo i decide to take a youtube route cause why not? actually no. im just too lazy to type yah.. i like editing videos .. too bad doing youtube in singapore is not a thing.. 31 more words


The Queen is delivered of a 'fair young lady'

On the 7th of October 1515 Margaret Tudor, Queen Dowager of Scotland and Countess of Angus ‘was delivered and brought in bed of a fair young lady’ 672 more words

16th Century

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Den 5-11 oktober arrangerar studieförbunden i Sverige Världens största musikfestival. I Stockholm har ABF, Studiefrämjandet, NBV och Sensus gått ihop för att arrangera en rad separatistiska spelningar på Lilla Hotellbaren och Debaser strand. 900 more words


God Save the First Queen of England, France and Ireland!

On Sunday, the 1st of October, Mary Tudor was crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey. She was the first female King in English history. Her day began early when she departed from the Tower of London, she was accompanied by her ladies and other nobles. 1,193 more words