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I wanted you to be a Monster

You stole my Uncle from me. The 6 of you were the bogyman to me all my life. My mother had a nervous breakdown. Ive been in and out of therapy so much of my life. 637 more words

Aussie History—a quick review

Ah, The Lucky Country, a slogan that has been touted about for a few decades. Before we hit that 250 year mark from Cook’s 1770 landing, we need a recap. 1,385 more words


A Part of Me Died with Sandra Bland 

Last week I watched the police dash-cam footage of Sandra Bland’s traffic stop. As I watched the horrific interaction unfold, a slow numbness took over my body, followed by fear and panic. 375 more words


Music: Herstory

Ideally, I would cover every single track in this album in detail because it’s an incredibly solid set of songs – 耐聽, and exciting. I don’t think I’ve been this eager to get my hands on an album in a very long time. 724 more words


Art by Yamini Pm: International Art Exhibit

Artist Portfolio Magazine

International Art Exhibit

Yamini Pm

From creative illustrations for corporate clients such as IBM, Titan, Deepam and others, to Storyboards, T-shirts designs, to portraits in charcoal of her favourite footballers, to murals, to graffiti, Yamini Mohan’s creative range is truly diverse. 291 more words


The Wedding of the Century Part II: Celebrating in Style!

The marriage of Queen Mary and Philip, Prince of Asturias and King of Naples was no little thing. It was a big event and the date chosen, was in honor of Spain’s patron saint, St James. 1,041 more words


The Wedding of the Century Part I: Mary I and Philip of Spain

Mary married Philip on the 25th of July 1554 at Winchester Cathedral. The marriage was officiated by Stephen Gardiner. There is no source that speaks about the color of Mary’s dress, but thanks to the inventory, we know that her dress was one of rich purple (purple as everyone will remember, was a color reserved for royalty) with her husband-to-be wearing a robe… 522 more words