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Herstory: Maria Roda

“We too have a heart that beats, that suffers when facing so much misery. The pain of the working masses affects us too. Who knows misery more than Women? 184 more words


INTERVJU: Pale Honey

Tuva Lodmark och Nelly Daltrey. Foto cred: Pale Honey

Inom loppet av några dagar tog Pale Honey över mitt internet. De dök upp i mitt Facebookflöde, i tidningar jag läser och vänner tipsade om dem. 659 more words


unintentional touchstones

Certain objects become touchstones of our younger years. Perhaps it’s a small statue or a wall hanging that has come to symbolize childhood for you in some way. 365 more words


no más

you messed with the wrong person.

i might have been silent of what you’ve done to me in the past, but silence doesn’t mean it never happened.  25 more words


'Andrea Dworkin & Me' - by Christine Stark (2008)

“The day of my release, Sue picked me up at the hospital in her ’85 tan Volvo. I felt shame: psych ward, raped, welfare, waiting to get on disability shame. 267 more words


VECKANS SKIVA: Slant 6 - Soda Pop Rip Off

Jag köpte Slant 6 – Soda Pop Rip Off när vi var i London för någon månad sedan. Det kan vara något av det bästa med att besöka en större stad – skivaffärerna. 203 more words


good ol' days

Because of the circumstances, growing up I had to move after couple of years of staying in one place. I constantly had to make new friends whenever I was starting to get close to the ones I’ve made before having to move once again. 137 more words