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She ...(part -1)

A cold morning, she was snuggled under the blanket. It was almost five in the morning. Time to wake up, A whole day awaiting her. She was still struggling to wake up from her dreamland. 317 more words

Lady Killers by Tori Tefler


What a delightfully creepy book. I’m not really a true crime fan because it makes me even more paranoid than I already tend to be, but I had to find one for Read Harder this year. 422 more words


The Black Athena-Goddess Neith

A couple days ago I went to the DAV (Disabled American Veteran Association) to handle some business. After signing in, the African American (Moor) Man whom I sat with the day prior (the COMMANDER) called me back in his office, “ATHENA”. 521 more words

Winsday Wisdom

4 : 49 am

이 고요한 새벽에 지나가는 기차에 의해 흔들리는 벽과 의자 사이에 묘하고 팽팽한 긴장감이 돈다. 깨어있지 않으면 느낄수 없고 볼수 없는 이 떨림의 흔적은 그 미묘한 순간의 차이로 끝나버리고 마는 것이다.

적막하다고 하면 할수있고 고요하다고 하면 할수있는 이 침묵속의 밤 시간에서 새벽으로 변하는 그 변화점이 어딘지, 어떤것이지, 또 왜 그런지를 알수있는것일까? 과연 그 찰나의 순간을 마음속에 주워담을수 있는것인지…난 도무지 모르겠다.

오랜만에 맞이하는 새벽의 공기가 벌써 차가운 코끗을 찌르며 스며든다.


Thailand’s sex industry: an open secret

It is estimated that the sex industry in Thailand is worth 6.4 billion US$ a year. According to the government, 200,000 people work as prostitutes, but numbers on prostitution are controversial as it is an underground industry. 1,797 more words

Gender Equality

Be a Part of HERSTORY 3!

Would you like to play a part in making HERSTORY 3 come to life on stage?

Want to have your name posted on our website and printed in our program? 79 more words


Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou


Despite having heard the name Maya Angelou since my youth, this is the first book of hers that I’ve read. I was specifically looking for a good memoir for Black History Month. 361 more words