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Immateriality as material.

Immaterials – data between visibility and invisibility.

Design by onformative studio and Christopher Warnow


The Embodied Cyborg - Part One

I don’t know about you, but I can help but think of embodied cognition when I see the Verizon Uppernet commercial on TV. The idea of embodied cognition is that the body shapes cognition, that ideas are formed and expressed in the physical world, are of the physical world. 153 more words


Spring Light

Ephemeral wildflowers live most of the time under the forest floor as rhizomes, bulbs or roots.

The category “ephemeral wildflowers” encompasses in fact the whole life cycle of the plants that manifest in spring, interacting only then with the space between the forest 192 more words


All Pervasive Queerness

The Cyborg Queers the Human body.  By locating so much information, so much experience and knowledge outside the body, the boundaries between Human and Machine, Human and Animal, Male and Female, Inner and Outer become permeable, then fluctuating and then break down. 107 more words


[hertzian space + modern mobility] :: a revised idea

/// project :: FreqMap ///

After reviewing my initial idea I determined that the scope was too large. I needed to tighten the focus of the app — Which sensor data was is the app collecting? 248 more words


BLAST THEORY at Armchair Critics

Hello my friends,

tomorrow evening there will be another session of Armchair Critics, this time Matt Adams from Blast Theory will be joining us to talk about how artists have used the Hertzian space in their work and the political aspect of it’s privatization by mobile phone companies amongst others. 19 more words

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