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Trust Creates Motivation

When managers use the word “motivate” as a verb, it is as if motivation is something they can “do to” the workers. This approach shows a lack of understanding of what motivation truly is and where it comes from. 348 more words

Enabling Actions

You Think You are SO Smart

Guest blog post by Dr. William A. Sommers…

I recently read a book by Karen Phelan, I’m Sorry I broke Your Company. I wish the consultants I have worked with over the years would apologize. 505 more words

Drive - the secret of motivation

I saw the video, then read the book. Drive by Daniel Pink is fascinating.

He takes us back to the work of Harlow (more famous for his surrogate monkey mother experiments), McGregor’s “ 225 more words


EDUCATION 101: A look Into McGregor's Theory

Theory X and Theory Y.

McGregor; According to him, the style of management adopted is a function of the manager’s activities towards human nature and behaviour to work. 200 more words

My Books

Gamification, Psychology and Suitcases on Wheels

By Juan J. F. Valera Mariscal

Making a connection between psychological theory and games is innovative in itself. It is at the same time something simple, a bit like inventing a suitcase on wheels: both the suitcase and the wheel had already existed for centuries, but the revolutionary -and surprisingly recent- idea was to combine both concepts. 949 more words

Guest Posts

"J" is for Job Satisfaction

I can’t get no-oh satisfaction…”

–Mick Jagger

All right, all right…we all know Mick was not singing about job satisfaction, but how many of us have said this under our breath as we leave our desks at the end of the day. 858 more words

Theory : Herzberg two factor theory

เฮอร์ซเบอร์ก สรุปว่า ปัจจัยที่ก่อให้เกิดความพึงพอใจในงาน (Job Satisfiers) นั้นจะสัมพันธ์ลักษณะในเนื้องาน โดยเฮอร์ซเบอร์ก เรียกปัจจัยนี้ว่า ปัจจัยจูงใจ (Motivators) ซึ่งประกอบด้วย ประเด็นสำคัญคือ การได้มีความสำเร็จ (Achievement) การได้รับความยอมรับ (Recognition) ความก้าวหน้า (Advancement) ตัวงานเอง (Work itself) โอกาสเจริญเติบโตในตำแหน่ง (Possibility of growth) การได้รับผิดชอบ (Responsibility) 42 more words