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"J" is for Job Satisfaction

I can’t get no-oh satisfaction…”

–Mick Jagger

All right, all right…we all know Mick was not singing about job satisfaction, but how many of us have said this under our breath as we leave our desks at the end of the day. 858 more words

Theory : Herzberg two factor theory

เฮอร์ซเบอร์ก สรุปว่า ปัจจัยที่ก่อให้เกิดความพึงพอใจในงาน (Job Satisfiers) นั้นจะสัมพันธ์ลักษณะในเนื้องาน โดยเฮอร์ซเบอร์ก เรียกปัจจัยนี้ว่า ปัจจัยจูงใจ (Motivators) ซึ่งประกอบด้วย ประเด็นสำคัญคือ การได้มีความสำเร็จ (Achievement) การได้รับความยอมรับ (Recognition) ความก้าวหน้า (Advancement) ตัวงานเอง (Work itself) โอกาสเจริญเติบโตในตำแหน่ง (Possibility of growth) การได้รับผิดชอบ (Responsibility) 42 more words


Semaine 6/52

Enfin de vraies conditions hivernales, beaucoup de neige et des températures bien en dessous de zéro. J’aime bien cela, ça rend la montagne plus calme, plus silencieuse. 320 more words


The Missing Microwave, The Pea and the Power of Small Irritants

Do you know the story about the princess and the pea? The story is about a princess who was unable to get a good night’s sleep because of a tiny pea buried under about a huge pile of mattresses. 583 more words

Fall 2014 Semester: A Reflection

September – December 2014

This semester has by far been the most interesting, eventful, and exciting one yet. It’s one of those experiences where growth is inevitably present; not only can it be seen, but it can be felt — and that’s not something that happens often. 1,080 more words

An Entitlement Complex, or Gen Y's Quest for Meaning?

In the late 1950s, Frederick Herzberg conducted surveys on what we now term “The Greatest Generation,” those who fought during WWII. Selecting a group of factory workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Herzberg asked “what do you like and dislike about your job?” After months of research and a literature review of thousands of similar studies, Herzberg concluded that there were two factors that predicted whether someone would like or dislike their position. 1,561 more words


Opposite of job dissatisfaction is not job satisfaction ... what do you mean?

Reading endless research papers for my MBA may finally be paying off. I’m finding one or two gems. This one from Frederick Herzberg is one such article. 410 more words