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How Low Crude Prices Affect Nations, States and Companies

It probably goes without saying, but an oil and gas production company’s value rises and falls primarily on the value of the resources it is sitting on. 550 more words

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Tanggap darurat (emergency Response) adalah hal yang wajib dikembangkan di perusahaan untuk mengantisipasi kerugian akibat bencana yang karena suatu hal dapat tidak terkendali. 362 more words


Kanye West Says He's Still Ghetto [VIDEO]

Kanye West Opens up in an interview about his life, the Grammy’s and more.

Kanye nearly crashed the stage during Beck’s acceptance speech at the Grammys, and later said that Beck was… 99 more words

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Fındıklı'da ÇED bilgilendirme toplantısı iptal edildi

Rize Haber – Fındıklı ilçesinde Çağlayan Deresi üzerine yapılması planlanan Taşdibi Hidroelektrik Santrali (HES) için gerçekleştirilecek Çevresel Etki Değerlendirme (ÇED) bilgilendirme toplantısı iptal edildi.
HES projesini yapacak firma ile Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığı yetkililerince Fınd… … 6 more words

'Dreaming of me', mixed-media of photography and painting combined

For years, I have resisted the use of photoshop manipulation and layers using frequency separations to create artwork. I always felt it was the easy way out making anything look artistic, and thus, refrained from using this technique in making my work. 270 more words

Insiders Aggressively Buy Shares as Market Rockets Higher

Logically, it seems that as they stock market zooms higher, insiders who want to buy stock would wait until a pullback to add new capital. If this week’s action is any indication, it is entirely possible that many insiders and 10% owners looking to add to their holdings do not expect a major pullback in the markets anytime soon and are content to make strong purchases now. 473 more words