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Gender pronouns and social diversity.....

I read an article today that said “the 10 gender pronouns you need to know”….. How about just telling me your name. I don’t need anymore information. 57 more words


Short Story Lines.

“Tell me a story

from your life,”

said she.

“I can’t,”

said he,

“because I didn’t Live

until I met



Holiday Greetings

Not a very active week for a Sissy. I had family in town and that doesn’t work well for a closeted crossdresser. I have gone to the adult theater a few times but no body that turned me.   558 more words

Solutions Heshe Genuine Leather Women Fashion Candy Color Tassel

A tassel is worn on the mortarboard or a tam. A tam is a graduation cap that is reserved for the higher level degrees, such as the Masters, Doctorate, or the PhD degrees. 221 more words

Let's bake a birthday cake! Step by step

The tradition of baking a special birthday cake in my family always fascinated me. No matter how tired she was, the night before someone’s birthday mom doesn’t sleep much – she bakes… 387 more words

Find A Hobby You Will Love!

6 books about love and relationships

What can be more complicated, that trying to understand and feel the other person? Nothing I bet. And it’s actually what is modern relationships are about – you try to get this stranger, to live together, to build your life together, be together 24/7. 374 more words


5 Osho books to change your life

People are always scared of the so-called “how-to books”. How to live happily ever after, how to love, how to brush your teeth..so many of them, so many reasons to be scared. 613 more words

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