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Forget You, I Will

Forget you I will;
If you can ever forgive me.

Forget your habits I will;
If you can stop looking for me on the bed every morning. 184 more words


i am complicated!

I know I am complicated

I know I keep lots of things inside, and

I know I am not the easiest person to read, but that’s okay… 26 more words

My Nights, His Sleep

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It’s three in the morning. I stare at the ceiling, gazing at the dark nothingness, perfectly awake. Sleep had not bothered to knock on my doorstep, or rather, it was kept at bay by nothing significant. 1,307 more words


catching up


I haven’t posted for a while because I really haven’t had much to talk about. Partly because I’m back to work retirement is boring;  got to be more to life than jerking off 5 times a day. 455 more words


viaI  I have gone on this rant before. Men are bad at sex, I absolutely know why women complain. I have been going out dressd to gay bars and adult movies for about 5 year and in that time I can name on barely two hand good sex expierences I have had. 181 more words

“What are you doing?”, She asked suddenly. He was frightened for a second and then sighed. He had been sitting alone on the deserted canoe in the beach. 555 more words