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Their don'ts

She woke up to the subtle sound of her alarm clock going off by her bed. Fatigued she searched for her phone in the dark on the table just beside her, before she sleepily turned it around to look at the time; squinting her eyes trying to get used to the bright light from the electronic device, which lighted up her whole room. 2,017 more words


Gender pronouns and social diversity.....

I read an article today that said “the 10 gender pronouns you need to know”….. How about just telling me your name. I don’t need anymore information. 57 more words


Short Story Lines.

“Tell me a story

from your life,”

said she.

“I can’t,”

said he,

“because I didn’t Live

until I met



Holiday Greetings

Not a very active week for a Sissy. I had family in town and that doesn’t work well for a closeted crossdresser. I have gone to the adult theater a few times but no body that turned me.   558 more words

Solutions Heshe Genuine Leather Women Fashion Candy Color Tassel

A tassel is worn on the mortarboard or a tam. A tam is a graduation cap that is reserved for the higher level degrees, such as the Masters, Doctorate, or the PhD degrees. 221 more words

Let's bake a birthday cake! Step by step

The tradition of baking a special birthday cake in my family always fascinated me. No matter how tired she was, the night before someone’s birthday mom doesn’t sleep much – she bakes… 387 more words

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