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Solutions Heshe Genuine Leather Women Fashion Candy Color Tassel

A tassel is worn on the mortarboard or a tam. A tam is a graduation cap that is reserved for the higher level degrees, such as the Masters, Doctorate, or the PhD degrees. 221 more words

Let's bake a birthday cake! Step by step

The tradition of baking a special birthday cake in my family always fascinated me. No matter how tired she was, the night before someone’s birthday mom doesn’t sleep much – she bakes… 387 more words


6 books about love and relationships

What can be more complicated, that trying to understand and feel the other person? Nothing I bet. And it’s actually what is modern relationships are about – you try to get this stranger, to live together, to build your life together, be together 24/7. 374 more words


5 Osho books to change your life

People are always scared of the so-called “how-to books”. How to live happily ever after, how to love, how to brush your teeth..so many of them, so many reasons to be scared. 613 more words


How to cope with quarrels if you live together (?)

“OMG, I never thought that we are going end up together.” Right? Hell yeah, me too. And, believe me, your new *roommate* also had no clue, that he is going to see your face… 526 more words


They said: move on. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. She nodded, but there’s only so many times she can put her heart on bait and watch them nibble.


And sometimes she pretends to be him. Only to sit and wonder how can he not love her. :)