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viaI  I have gone on this rant before. Men are bad at sex, I absolutely know why women complain. I have been going out dressd to gay bars and adult movies for about 5 year and in that time I can name on barely two hand good sex expierences I have had. 181 more words

“What are you doing?”, She asked suddenly. He was frightened for a second and then sighed. He had been sitting alone on the deserted canoe in the beach. 555 more words


Unearthly Love.

How about getting drunk tonight,

Till the harsh reality gets out of sight?

As your fingers touch my skin,

I ask myself is this not a sin? 183 more words

We'll meet again

​I’ve been hiding my emotion for so long,

But I guess I should open up my heart and share, few words of love and care. 254 more words

What Animal Are You In The Investment World?

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The investment world is full of animals, and traditionally, there are four. And this is not just limited to people who are interested in investing. 521 more words

Money Matters

I surrender.

​I’m at a point where I’m trying hard, to fool myself and trying hard to pretend. But despite the desperate attempts, I’m failing. I’m failing, over and over again. 363 more words

To Her Ravaging Memoirs

I make into my quietude, and try to break the impasse with my heart. ‘Is this a night, or I am merely shrouded beneath her hair? 1,133 more words