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Is There Such A Thing As The "Right Regrets"?

Arthur Miller, American playwright, essayist, and prominent figure in twentieth-century American theatre, was once quoted saying:

“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.” 429 more words


Mildly Hesitant

I found myself mildly hesitant yesterday about writing of our having ordered chicks. I had it in my mind when building the coop last fall that we might be able to get our hands on some adult chickens for our starter flock. 346 more words


To the boy I almost loved.

It wasn’t a long road, more of a path may be, carved between the green field which connected the building to the main gate. The grass had all worn out resulting in a pathway from years of walking over it. 355 more words



     Hesitation is without a doubt one of the biggest destroyers of opportunity, success, and joy. We are given so many chances through life to seize a moment that we let go  by because we stop. 365 more words

Equivocation & hesitation

There is a good example here of a politician being put in a tight corner on spending by the interviewer and having to equivocate. In the second part the pressure to equivocate is revealed in the increased hesitation in the speech of the politician. 491 more words

Political Discourse

Pep Talk

Sometimes it’s helpful
to imagine yourself
on your deathbed
or on a ship
sinking in the Pacific
hours away from shore—
or at the doctor’s office… 154 more words