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A Friend, Simply

As a friend you have much better insight

You ask a lot of me, but it is what I requested

You would like the mystery of my light… 162 more words

...of The Hunt For 'GoAhead' October...

It’s October 1st !!

Those of a certain vintage will remember the 1980 hit movie ‘The Hunt for Red October’ based on a Tom Clancy novel of the same name. 293 more words

A Case Against Hesitation

As I hone my craft of trading, I am forever looking for key experiences or nuggets of wisdom to hang off of, to attach meaning or metaphor that helps me see things more constructively.   263 more words


Don't hesitate

I don’t recall regretting choices I’ve. Yes they were not intelligent decisions but one memory remains; it was thrilling.

Generally the stories are nice to tell and even joyful to remember. 84 more words

Day 1

Stutter Step - A Poem

Stutter Step – A Poem

Like a quick, passing glance
The foot falls of our dance
Stutter and come to a halting screech.

Not through random chance, 231 more words



Hesitation: n. delaying one’s reaction(s) and/or communication(s) frequently due (to uncertainty and/or to unwillingness) and/or to fear

Why do we sometimes hesitate? Usually it is something we are afraid to say or do again or for the first time and sometimes it is something we have never done before and we are uncertain of the outcome. 140 more words

Common Sense


I look around and I see people choose their own future, without any hesitation, without any fear. And I feel small, like an ant, in this world of giants, in this world full of people safe.