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I Just Don't Get It 

So this has been on my mind for a little while now….So I’m going to ask you guys opinion. Now recently at one of my clinic appointments, I found out something and was a bit taken back because it was the first time I was made aware that I tested positive for that particular test….. 339 more words

Easier Said Than Done

So, I continued reading the book about Mother Teresa today and there was a line that stood out to me.

“I would give everything, even life itself, for Him.

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Hesitation Can Kill a Dream

Have you ever planned something for so long, once it was time for execution, it seemed as if you were in an outer body experience? To some, this trip to California may be random, spontaneous, ill planned or a result of me running from my past. 200 more words

Not Feeling It

Since I’m “just not feeling it” today, I should probably start with reading Mel Robbins book, “The Five Second Rule; Transform Your Life, Work and Confidence with Everyday Courage” (2017, Savio Republic) As Mel and my retired pastor, Edmund Tedeschi, would say, just take action and your feelings will follow. 248 more words

Life Through My Eyes

Dueling Tankas - Reservations

My life needs to change

Life will never change

I must leave the past behind

I cannot escape my past

This is my best shot… 26 more words


To Hesitate


Always on the periphery

Of many misunderstandings,

She slowly dances alone

Along the firelight’s flickered edge:

Almost blind,

Almost about to see.

Shadows sway the light… 38 more words


12 Days of Anime #3: Hesitation has been quite a drug, but I'm ready to quit.

If this blog has taught me anything it is that my disposition towards second-guessing myself is not doing me any favors. Unfortunately, this might just come with the Introverted personality that I was born with, but still, it is not something that I want to continue to live with for the rest of my life. 292 more words