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Hesitation, after all

Good morning, life.

Alarm set for 6am. Ten minutes spent deliberating whether the person I was yesterday was right to set my alarm and sign up for a 7am yoga class. 307 more words

My Angel

how do i place you, my angel
where on this canvas
do you speak
i want to express your story
not my artistic narcotic obsession with balance… 104 more words

The Mystery Of Formation

I met you without a clue,

that this is how I would fall for you.

Slowly, without knowing.





and then passionately. 28 more words

Too little, Too much

How stark the horizon.

How dappled your love.

I exist at the threshold.

Torn, eternal onlooker.

The beauty of detail.

Too little, too much.

The Hat Comes Off

Staring at a blank page is becoming a bad habit.

It’s Thursday night and I’m talking to a friend of mine about blogs and the kind of blogs we write. 293 more words



“I think I love him..but not yet. It’s too soon. I cannot make the jump at a low point in my life. I think he loves me but I do not really know. 147 more words

Canon Photography

Life itself

Time and motion

A man can be worn away

In the constant rush of time

If he waits for his moment-

Tarries too long in his uncertainty… 51 more words