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Turn the Other Way

It is so hard laying here next to you, not to feel a thing. You tell me I look sad–I laugh and smile despite my eyes that tell an entirely different story full of questions and hesitation. 256 more words

write and erase-31.01.10

*artwork- “identity” via artclassinspiration.blogspot.co.il

” write and erase”. these were our code words for hesitation and confusion. frustrating endless virtual conversations. so much was erased, so little was said. 98 more words


January 9, 2017

​Luke 17:32

“Remember Lot’s wife!”

She took just a glance into her past which was proof enough of her hesitation/unbelief and ultimately led to her demise. 64 more words


For the rest of my life
I wanted to wake up
My hand around your hand,
My lips with the taste of sunrise only your lips could provide, 27 more words


You see people everyday,

Some go up, some go down,

You see yourself every second,

Sometimes in anger, other times in joy.

Your thoughts vary from high to low, 143 more words


Should I Or Should I Not?

Hesitation is an act of suspension of opinion or action which puts you in a state of question and triggers your satisfaction. The main cause of hesitation is the fear to be judged for doing/saying something. 192 more words

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