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Stuck in our own heads

Often in life without realising it we get stuck inside our own heads.

We get caught in a web of over-thinking.

We analyse everything and we allow our ‘chimp’ limbic brain to run riot and build a wall of excuses to hide behind. 80 more words

Philip Dodson

Who says it first....

Sometimes memes just say it best.

The last few weeks, well really the last 15 days for sure, I’ve known in my heart that I’ve fallen in love. 620 more words


My safe place.

My safe place–the mind.
No one can break down the wall, we have only to be coaxed to leave it behind, to pass through the crack between worlds.



On the Fence.

Sophomore year, studying abroad was a striking idea. Captured. New people, new adventures, new cultures were all I needed to hear. It seemed like all my passions rolled into a joint. 223 more words



The voice was familiar. Maya froze midway while drinking her usual coffee at the local coffee shop. She knew it perfectly well,she had spent 10 years of her youth hearing the same voice everyday over the phone or at school but she hadn’t been in touch with Beth since high school. 338 more words

To every person who writes but hesitates to share. (and a little about me, in my incoherent thoughts)

Hello, there.

I’m any other 18-ish girl at the threshold of adulthood, going about in the blogspace obscurely by the name ComplexlyMe.

This is my first post here, and I’m delighted and honoured to be writing for BayArt.  562 more words


On the ladder (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by my piece, ‘I’ve gone too far to turn back now’. 104 more words