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Why the Hesitation?

How’s your heart? Are you overwhelmed? Dismayed?

That’s how King David described himself in Psalm 143.  And that’s how I felt when I woke up. 501 more words

Rest And Wait


some more, some less, but we all suffer from a perfectionist mindset
where it’s either all or nothing,
(this is what short-circuits, for instance, a healthy sexual vibe or the free-flow of transient energies between two people: a little spark can blind the individuals with the prospect/threat of the whole “package”) 50 more words

Little Bird

Kiara Durrett

See that little bird up there in the tree

She’s ready to go…but she’s waiting

Daddy says yes – go!

but everyone else – all they say is no… 110 more words

The Hurry and The Harm

How long before you feel secure,
Until you don’t worry if he hasn’t called?
When do your unmentionables become mentioned,
Your secrets come to light, 39 more words


"Trained into a life of Caution"

One of the fundamental problems with the Army of the Potomac in the eastern theater of the Civil War was its deeply rooted sluggishness when it came to following orders. 471 more words

Inspiring Quotes

Going into hibernation...

Is it true that i have become so fragile off lately that i have just lost all the courage to confront people?

Why do i hesitate now to claim my own rights, somehow? 356 more words