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Signs of Recovery

So just what is a recovery and why are there four people involved? And what has this got to do with Hester Harington and the Manor of Watchfield? 1,088 more words


Parrots toast

When we went to the art gallery we looked at a drawing called parrots toast.  Parrots toast is painted by Quentin Blake.  He used a type of pencil that changed colour.

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More about Hester

The will of Hester Stubbes gives valuable information about her children but very little about herself. Was Hester really the daughter of John Harrington and Awdrey Malte? 2,752 more words


The Will of Thomas Tatton

Thomas Tatton was the grandson of William Stubbes of Watchfield and his gifts to family members in his will have been extremely useful in confirming some relationships. 2,412 more words


An Effective Ending: Explanations, Epilogues, and More!

After the end of The Scarlet Letter, the fate of the main characters in the novel is revealed. The importance of this is paramount to understanding the novel as a whole, in my opinion. 513 more words


The Rose Revealed

During the majority of the novel, Hester Prynne is not a woman. No, there were no biological changes, but it stands that Hester was absolutely not herself. 332 more words


Satan Has Left Salem, Bounding Into Boston

As I was reading through The Scarlet Letter one day, I became rather confused. Hearing descriptions of a man with a long, gray beard who seemed to have a soul on fire, visible through his burning red eyes, made me forget that Hawthorne was writing about Chillingworth and think that he had begun to talk about Satan. 411 more words