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Just finished: Hester by Margaret Oliphant (Oxford World's Classics) & remembering Broken by Jimmy McGovern

I’ve been reading Hester non-stop for three days, wishing someone could write a novel about people and banking for our own times that would be anywhere as near as good as this.   1,519 more words

The Risk Business: Just Started Hester by Margaret Oliphant

Loubyjo tweeted me yesterday to say  ‘You can’t have started all these books at the same time!’

Quite right.

I’m just trying to catch up on my holiday backlog, now I’ve decided to list everything I read.   1,140 more words

Review: The Scarlet Letter

Book Review
4 of 5 stars to The Scarlet Letter, a classic romantic period tale written in 1850, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Students are often required to read excerpts from this book, if not the whole book, during school. 460 more words

Book Reviews

Quetzalcoatl Mayan dragon god / Census-takers and fava beans / YOU SPOONY MONK!

I showered and did laundry today. The repairman came by at 1:40 to install a new stove fan switch, and confirmed that the stove pans were too icky to be cleaned normally. 226 more words


Technology space dragon, copper purple dragon eye, green and gold dragon

I saw Hester sweeping outside in the rain just now at 10:15 PM. What the heck?! DO IT TOMORROW WHEN IT ISN’T DARK, LADY!

From Krista: Technology space dragon! 31 more words


Reviewed: Shipwreck #1

Some years ago, in a weekly comic, I’m sure he doesn’t remember, I was a guest artist in a comic called New Comic Day that was also featuring by Phil Hester. 348 more words