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Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood": A Feminist Marvel

As you turn on the Billboard Music Awards, one of the first videos you come across is one that has had a lot of media attention over the past couple of weeks. 1,390 more words


LebIDAHOT 2015

When I woke up in the morning a few days ago, to my surprise I saw a Facebook post linking me to a video by “Proud Lebanon” a lebanese activist organization. 502 more words


05-05-15 What The HOA Doesn't See

what they don’t see,

– is the suburban white picket fence which

separates us from them,

that we have to constantly white-wash,

in order to stay in the neighborhood. 98 more words


Coming To Terms With My Sexuality

I guess my first post should be regarding this, It’s the groundbreaking event that basically turned my life upside down (For the better!).

Most people say that they knew that they were gay at a very young age. 762 more words


Black People Don't Exist

The hetero-normative racist confusion smiddling about in the ethos of today’s giraffe community has made me question the validity of Dr. Hugh Janus and his dim-witted medical minions’ claims that include the notion that no cats have real teeth, all men named Terrence are on rogaine, and that black people don’t exist. 97 more words


Lena Dunham wishes she was gay, but she isn't.

Woaaaah, slow down. What a title eh? It’s not meant to be an insult, it is something Lena has said herself. She made announcement of this at the Point  Honors Gala at the New York Public Library in 2014. 796 more words

The Heteronormative test!

Greetings, Dialecticbitches! Are you heteronormative? Find out with this FUN QUIZ!

All you have to do for each question is decide which picture shows a romantic relationship, and which shows a platonic one. 915 more words

Double Standards