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Men Who Tell You Missing A Dick Is Irrelevant & "Not Woke" Enough.

As time wears on and certain parties start to more commonly bandy terms like “gender essentialism,” the existence of a thesis statement like Missing a Dick constantly comes under fire by “men” (and even women, as there’s so few wholly straight ones left–then again, it’s been decreed by Kinsey that no one is or can be wholly anything). 214 more words

Jealousy Maketh The Manchild

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time around (heterosexual) couples who are just starting down Parenthood Boulevard (don’t do it, it’s a trap!) will have heard the common refrain of “things just aren’t the same between us any more”. 1,046 more words

The Nature of being A Female, The Expectations of being A Woman

I only know that I am sure of myself when I make a definitive claim about myself without hesitation. When I can relay a thought to someone important, and close to me, without assuming regret after that moment. 3,584 more words

Human Sexuality And Gender

Another Rant

ayt so.

shout out to people who tell members of the lgbtqia+ that they might be straight after all because they just never met the person who could set them straight because w o w… 228 more words


The Hypocrisy of the Social Order

This is my first blog post. I hope I do justice to the ideologies that my professors have instilled in me during my grad years. 643 more words


Falling Out with D*sney

So the 30 something me would love to write that she doesn’t like D*sney.  That it is a capitalist, brainwashing, evil co-operate, money making machine on a par with St*rb*cks. 744 more words

"Instagram Feminism"

At the time of this writing, the hashtag #ineedfeminismbecause currently has just under 12,000 posts on the popular social media platform of Instagram.

#whyistayed… 274 more words