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This inquiry into Queer parenthood has resulted in more rabbit holes than I even knew existed and led me to some unexpected sources.

One of the most interesting of those sources in this whole endeavor has been the memoir The Argonauts, by Maggie Nelson (2015). 416 more words


Queering Privilege and Intersectionality

As I explore these different arenas of Queer parenthood and Queer family structures, I am acutely aware that none of these experiences are exclusive to Queer folks. 802 more words


We're going on a bear hunt...


Oh Boy. This one is a doozy. I have two nephews. Two sweet boys who love to be read to. Book after book, I read the lines “Mom and Dad.” Going on a bear hunt, tucking in to bed, climbing to the moon, the dominant narrative is that of two-parent, heterosexual couple. 637 more words


On the Polyamorous Community

In thinking of my next blog post, I wasn’t sure whether to include the polyamorous community simply because I recognize that heterosexual individuals also have polyamorous relationships. 615 more words

gender bullshit

At Woolies today I saw some Father’s Day merchandise for sale at the till. I didn’t look at what it was and whether it is a Woolies product or not but it disturbed me somewhat. 172 more words



I hate the idea of sisterhood. I hate the fact that women feel they’re only strong as one group and not as individuals. I hate that women feel they have to exclude men and people of other genders to have a voice. 513 more words


Main Characters:

Alike, a 17-year-old girl whose family lives in Brooklyn. (Adepero Oduye)

her older, street-tough friend Laura (Pernell Walker) –

Christian mom (Kim Wayans) 576 more words