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Irony and Satire

It’s official: we’ve hit the irony singularity.

What I mean, is that social media text images, memes and other silly posts on the internet have gone full circle. 145 more words



“Telling people that you are ‘born this way’, when referring to your sexual orientation, is counter-productive to the LGBT movement” 385 more words

The News-Hub

Why I Hoist My Own Tree

Last weekend, I scaled the mountain of musty furniture, bicycles and plastic bins in our garage. When I found what I was looking for—a tattered red duffel bag the size of an average middle schooler—I pulled and heaved and cajoled it down from the heap and into the house. 605 more words

Gender Roles: So which one are you?

“So which one are you?”

This is a question I get so often, pertaining to the gender roles my peers expect my partner (when I have one) and I to have. 324 more words



September 21, 2050

I don’t know what to do. It’s only been a few weeks since school started and this boy in one of my classes has caught my eye. 414 more words


The Untitled Hymn

By: Jessica Smith

Once there was a world made of words. There were words for creation and for destruction. There were words for war and peace. 1,530 more words


The Gender Tag!

Hey, folks!

So, this tag has been floating around Youtube for a while now, and after having watched a few of them, I thought: why not transfer it over to blogging form here on WordPress? 973 more words