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A welcome pause on LGBT

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and I don’t expect a lot of good to come out of his administration. But every cloud has its silver lining. 1,465 more words

Political Correctness Has Gone To Far...

‘Husband, wife’ now off limits, says public service guide

  • The Australian
  • 12:00AM December 16, 2016

Victorian government workers are being discouraged from using “heteronormative” terms such as “husband” and “wife” in a new guide to communicating with the LGBTI community. 505 more words

WTF News Stories

What's a Black Guy?

It’s hard to find a real, human black man on the movie screen. They’re either hard as a rock, dumb as a rock, or it’s literally just Dwayne Johnson!  347 more words


Small minded people
Too scared to say no
‘Cause people might stare
She was an unruly child
They said with a shrug

She will be someone else’s… 62 more words

Terms You Should Know #5: Heteronormativity

By: Nicole Rizzo

 Here’s a brief definition of heteronormativity from Cathy J. Cohen’s insightful article “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?” 312 more words


What Will Happen to You After a Breakup and How to Move Past It

Ending a relationship can happen for a multitude of reasons and in many ways. Yet, there is one thing which is usually shared: they’re distressing. I’m going to take you through the usual emotional states and reactions which happen after a breakup, what things may make that easier or worse, what can happen to your identity after, remaining friends and then, I’ll get to recovery. 1,719 more words


it’s suffocating me.

“so you have a boyboy already? ;-) ”


*everyone in the room laughs*

wtf i’m so uncomfortable with

  1. being assumed to like whoever they were talking about based on something innocent…
  2. 108 more words