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September 21, 2050

I don’t know what to do. It’s only been a few weeks since school started and this boy in one of my classes has caught my eye. 414 more words


The Untitled Hymn

By: Jessica Smith

Once there was a world made of words. There were words for creation and for destruction. There were words for war and peace. 1,530 more words


The Gender Tag!

Hey, folks!

So, this tag has been floating around Youtube for a while now, and after having watched a few of them, I thought: why not transfer it over to blogging form here on WordPress? 973 more words


You can’t watch The Walking Dead and ever expect any animal to live, ever. Seriously? If there’s ever an episode with a dog, I will not watch it. 434 more words

Diversity Dilemma: Sexuality

Philip Patston shares the final part in his series on the diversity dilemmas that New Zealanders face in 2015.

Growing awareness of diverse sexuality in the workplace is one thing. 155 more words


12 Things Bisexual Women In Heterosexual Relationships Want You To Know

1. We’re still bisexual. Sexual identity is not automated based on the gender of the person you happen to be in a relationship with at the time. 725 more words

A Disenfranchisement of Colour

Where told they demand a silent, black or huwhite, a dash of a grey to seamlessly
bend in or blend among them. And they,
declared triumphantly: were thinking we can stop, the pop drop candy coloured tongue pops of flamboyant-li… 111 more words