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I knew I cannot wait. Even though we knew we had our deadline and it won’t be long until we are back together, it has been a very hard time. 348 more words

The Trouble with Chairs

a.k.a. “Civil War of the Straight White Males”

The trouble with chairs is you can only sink so low before you end up on the floor, spying cobwebs and gum. 709 more words


Heteronormativity: why demystifying development’s unspoken assumptions benefits us all

Stephen Wood

Can I confess something? I’ve been a sexual rights activist for many years and am deeply immersed in the research undertaken by the IDS Sexuality and Development Programme, yet still I sometimes struggle to explain to the uninitiated what ‘heteronormativity’ means and why it is an incredibly important concept for those of us working in international development. 555 more words

Gender And Sexualities

Heteronormativity can be compared to right handedness in today’s world. Many objects in society are designed to facilitate and appease a right handed person, such examples include: door handles, zippers on pants and railings on stair cases.   312 more words

Mundane Heteronormativity.

This is a constant in every single queer person’s life. It’s insidious. We’re not special, or different from anyone under the LGBTQIA (or as my husband likes to say, QUILTBAG) umbrella. 482 more words


‘Equally Wed’ helps same-sex couples navigate heteronormative wedding industry

Your beloved asked. And you said “yes.”

That’s all it took: so simple, yet so momentous and now you’re getting married. That’s nothing new these days; LGBT couples have weddings all the time, so how do you make yours special? 482 more words