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Faces Of Pride: Stories of Coming Out Ep. 2, Jordy

The lovely Jordy Shulman is my guest today for Faces of Pride Episode 2. Watch below to hear his journey through coming out at 15 and learning to love himself for the amazing man he is. 167 more words


Great Moments in Heteronormative Thinking

When I first heard Rough Trade’s “High School Confidential” I was immediately taken by its rawness and frank sexuality: it was rare to hear this kind of forthright discussion of desire on the radio stations available in Windsor, Ontario in the early 1980s. 476 more words

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The Lost Opportunity to Preach Homonormativity

One of the things that befuddles me about traditional Christianity (and also Mormonism) is its morality about sexuality. Ostensibly, one of the sells about these religions is supposed to be their fruits. 1,496 more words

Faces Of Pride: Stories of Coming Out Ep. 1, Chris

Welcome to the first episode of my new video series, Faces of Pride, for which I interview members of the LGBT community about their experiences coming out. 164 more words



Heteronormative is usually the belief that people fall into two distinct genders with according activities.

So male and female with male being masculine, bulky, little to no emotion showing usually. 129 more words

Artist Research - Raphael Perez

Raphael Perez’ main focus within art is painting, more specifically paintings of gay relationships. He studied art at the College of Visual Arts in Beer Sheva. 357 more words

Artist Research

Some dating advice and some other things too

I had a pint with a few people at our favorite pub last Saturday night. We were one of the few tables occupied by a group, while the rest seated couples who were drinking wine instead of beer. 1,092 more words