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360-degree integrated media skills


There are fanciful notions of penmanship, of inspired genius conjuring magic from a blank page. And then there is real writing, which is all about dedication to the task at hand, muse in attendance or not. 255 more words

Fifty Shades Of Grey

blowjob myths

the trust

straight men


with women’s


is equivalent

to a mouse

in the mouth

of a viper

expecting it

not to

bite down.


HIV, Lube, Sex and Effing Sh*t Up on Friday

Yesterday we talked about the social construction of HIV in my social justice class. I showed my class videos about gay cancer, Ryan White… 401 more words


Yes, it’s finally that time of year: Christmas time! The time where we “don our gay apparel” – it’s almost like this time of year was MADE for us gays. 529 more words

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Hide Yo Men, Hide Yo Husbands, Younique are getting all heteronormative up in here.

Thanks to my band of Y-spies, I am always kept up-to-date with current Younique happenings.

This is a public service announcement, what with the Christmas season upon us. 1,508 more words


Is "GBF" Offensive?

I’m sure many people have heard the term “gay best friend”, also known as GBF, and haven’t thought anything of it. Many people use it and some people are completely okay with being referred to as a gay best friend by someone, but not me. 273 more words

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"Okay, but who's the girl in the relationship?"

According to Google a microaggression is an indirect, subtle, or unintentionally discriminatory statement against members of a marginalized group.

For all you Mean Girls fans out there, myself included, one of the most iconic lines from the movie “ 416 more words

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