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Well I just binge watched Ascension on Netflix. Now I have been looking for a sci-fi series to follow for a while, something has to fill the gap until season two of… 421 more words


"He said yes" So do we

by Hannah Anstee

‘For your next step’ an advertising campaign featuring a marriage proposal between two men is receiving praise from the gay community for pushing boundaries and challenging stereotypes. 222 more words



The new Tarzan movie isn’t out yet. I’ve taken a look at the trailer and written a short response.

1. The setup establishes a male voiceover in the traditional role of the protector (he laments his inability to protect his family), setting up a contrast between the father and son (Tarzan is the only one to survive), making this a story about passing the torch of masculinity from one generation to the next. 279 more words


The Birth Of Loneliness In Gay Men

Two years ago while attending a publishing conference for recruiters, a young woman asked me what it means to be gay.

I knew what she wanted. 1,485 more words

How I Came Out- To Myself.

The titleĀ of this post probably seems weird, doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t sound as weird as I think it will, because as far as I know, having to come out to yourself is a normal thing to have to do as an… 1,164 more words


Valentine's Day: Yet Another Way for Men to Fail

Last Thursday morning, as I was surfing my usual radio station medleys on my drive to work, I stumbled across a humorous Valentine’s Day promotion. Hot 99.5 was offering men who had not yet made Valentine’s Day dinner reservations the chance to win pre-made reservations at popular local restaurants. 582 more words

Soapbox Rants, Anyone?

Be warned

Disclaimer: I survivedĀ to annoy the humankind. I’m here, shouting obscenities and breaking heteronormative lifestyle and to shake your futile faith. Consider yourself now warned. This is about things you are not comfortable with, trust me. 1,905 more words