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Terms You Should Know #5: Heteronormativity

By: Nicole Rizzo

 Here’s a brief definition of heteronormativity from Cathy J. Cohen’s insightful article “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens: The Radical Potential of Queer Politics?” 312 more words


What Will Happen to You After a Breakup and How to Move Past It

Ending a relationship can happen for a multitude of reasons and in many ways. Yet, there is one thing which is usually shared: they’re distressing. I’m going to take you through the usual emotional states and reactions which happen after a breakup, what things may make that easier or worse, what can happen to your identity after, remaining friends and then, I’ll get to recovery. 1,719 more words


it’s suffocating me.

“so you have a boyboy already? ;-) ”


*everyone in the room laughs*

wtf i’m so uncomfortable with

  1. being assumed to like whoever they were talking about based on something innocent…
  2. 108 more words

FreeWrite No. 3: Staring at My Reflection

I stared at me, and me stared back. 

At that point in time, I had lost track. 

My blues eyes looked empty, a void of emotion,  167 more words

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Drag queens and gender identity


Heteronormativity within our society has a significant impact on how we come to view and understand gender identity. Drag queens allow a break in the heteronormative gender guideline while also reinforcing the social image of what it means to look like a woman. 138 more words

Evan dissects ableist blog post - Part 1

This blog isn’t all going to be about Lush. I’m sorry if that is what you wanted. I also apologise for the length.

This post is about autism and relationships. 1,326 more words


Reflections: Gender Dysphoria and Fitness

Even though this is a fitness, health and wellness blog for trans women and non-binary individuals, I will be including some posts talking about what it is like to be trans for the following reasons: 909 more words