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A Disenfranchisement of Colour

Where told they demand a silent, black or huwhite, a dash of a grey to seamlessly
bend in or blend among them. And they,
declared triumphantly: were thinking we can stop, the pop drop candy coloured tongue pops of flamboyant-li… 111 more words


Late Night Ramblings (2)

It’s 3 am I should be asleep since I need to wake up in three hours but yet here I am, I haven’t written in a while. 464 more words


Happy Multi-Gender Attracted Humans Exist Week!

Image by Shiri Eisner at bidyke.tumblr.com

More commonly called Bisexuality Visibility Day or Celebrate Bisexuality Day, September 23 and the week of September 20-26th is a time to recognize and affirm multi-gender attracted identities- bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, pan/biromantic asexual & demisexual, queer, fluid and so forth, and issues facing multi-gender attracted people. 582 more words


Critic Kate Copstick exposes my sexism.

Comedy critic Kate Copstick and I recorded our weekly Grouchy Club Podcast yesterday.

She talked about the near-miraculously transformative physical effect on her of some recent acupuncture treatment. 449 more words


Lesbian Costumes

Flannel is not a lesbian costume. Being a lesbian is not a costume. You can’t just put on and take off lesbianism when it is convenient.   71 more words

What's normal? An introduction to hegemony and ideology in television

In the mid-twentieth century, television took the nation by storm. This new technology became an enormous source of entertainment and information to Americans and thus became a staple in many households. 642 more words

An Angry Gay and a Gay Agenda

There is no Gay Agenda, claims LZ Granderson in a humorous TEDx Talk from 2012. Well, I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but there is a Gay Agenda, and I have one. 679 more words