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Inciting Incident Blog #2 - It's Not a Zero-Sum Game

I salvage the few sips left of my draft latte, as I take a break from my anatomy readings. As I’m not much of a coffee drinker, being here among the socialites who make daily stops at this dainty cafe is surprising in numerous ways. 708 more words



Hey rainbow spotters!

This film may come as a big surprise to you guys. What on earth does a James Bond  film like Skyfall (2012, United Kingdom) have to do with LGBTQ movies? 227 more words


Kegels, amirite?

You’ll see women doing them on the train. They’re the ones sitting there looking like they are trying to recite Pi backwards from memory.

  • A dude I met once…

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UPDATE: Luke Evans Comes Out Of The Closet. Again. Sort Of. / Queerty


This is a bit troubling. I had known idea that Luke Evans was even gay. My first experience of the actor was in the short lived West-End production of RENT Remixed, which I have my feelings about…😒 *shade*. 150 more words

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The City That Sparked New Landia: A Note on Athens, Ohio

NARRATOR. Agnes Evans grew up average. She was of average height, average weight, and average build. She had average parents and grew up in the average town of Athens, Ohio with her little sister Tilly.

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The Dilemma of the Cursed Child

Once upon a time, children and adults of all ages were joined together by the magic of the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling was the creator of a subculture that is still thriving today. 729 more words


An Incomplete Log of Inquiring Minds

Originally I intended to post this list as part of a larger post.  For now, I’ve decided to post the list alone.  Got a hunch it might be useful to link at some point. 689 more words

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