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Monosexism is Real, We Just Don't Understand It

Two years ago, I was introduced to a term that quickly found its way into my vocabulary. I’ve used this term in discussions, in my 101 classes, and in various critiques about society. 2,043 more words

Bisexual Soapbox

Combating heteronormativity - one conversation at a time.

Let me apologize in advance for how long this rant has the potential to be.  I’ve been bothered by this for a while now, as my best friend, and partner in crime, Suz can attest to.  920 more words


“Triple Banana, Bitch”: Or, McDanno and the Challenge to Heteronormativity

1. Introducing the Case

[1] Imagine a TV show where two co-workers/friends survived being trapped under a collapsed building and Person A sustained some pretty severe injuries. 6,405 more words

Pop Culture

Whose Life Orientation is it?

Investigating South Africa’s infamous Life Orientation textbook that gets students, past and present, riled up. Students share what they want out, what they want in, and what confuses them to the core. 1,030 more words


“How She Saw Me Was How I Saw Myself”: On Gaslighting, Identity, and Personal Narrative

This piece was first published on Feminism in India: Your Everyday Intersectional Indian Feminism

In the 1944 mystery-thriller Gaslight, Ingrid Bergman plays the role of a woman whose husband manipulates her shrewdly, falsifying or negative hard evidence (including the flickering gaslight), leaving her to deal with disorientation, self-doubts, and hysteria. 1,080 more words

Part 1: The Effects of the Gendering of Inanimate Objects

There are two main documented genders that make up the human population today: male and female.  This distinction is made via the sex of the baby, but it is grounded in more abstract concepts that differentiate one from the other.   2,325 more words


A Queer Survival Kit: Part I

This is a 3-part article on queer survival and queer politics.

Part II: Gaydar and Sex.
Part III: Failure and Dance.

At a time when the illusion of social progress is dominating the mainstream discourse, I find that it is important to constantly remind ourselves that it is not easy to survive as a queer out here. 1,082 more words