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Girlhood and Self-Surveillance in a Heteronormative Society (by Papy A. and Briar J.)

The at-times fabricated nature of protagonist Katniss Everdeen’s behaviour throughout Suzanne Collins’ novel, The Hunger Games, is reflective of the self-surveillance required of girls in contemporary society. 1,231 more words

YA Fiction

I was influenced by Patriarchy...

From a young age I have held beliefs that were akin to radical feminism, even though I only read about the movement in my 20’s. I’ve always been anti-feminine, and so I have refused to use makeup, follow fashion and wear uncomfortable footwear. 749 more words


E.M Forster's Maurice ⎟ sex, love, and philosophy

PODCAST REVEAL ⎟ E.M Forster’s Maurice

Dear Reader,

The podcast is finally here! Click below to hear about E.M Forster’s Maurice and about sex, love, and philosophy! 39 more words


Orgasmic Meditation

I first read about orgasmic meditation, or OMing, in Sarah Barmak’s book that I talked about in my last post. Coincidentally it was mentioned very soon afterwards in an old Sex Nerd Sandra episode. 608 more words


Heteronormativity in Zombie Films

“While offering a morbid critique of dominant structures, the zombie apocalypse also wipes the slate clean. Usually, a handful of uninfected humans survive the apocalypse, and, as Williams (2014) argues, “begin a new society devoid of traditional class, racial, family, and gender structures” (p. 838 more words


queer considerations

something to think about, inspired by my queer film class:

heterocentrism.  an example of this is when you go to a movie and leave wishing there had been more gay characters ..but then later realizing that maybe only one or two of the characters actually said something about being in a relationship with the opposite sex. 27 more words

My G-spot and I: A reunion

Alright, confession time. Up until know you’ve heard me talk a lot about my affinity for clitoral stimulation and PC muscle contractions, and it’s for a good reason! 626 more words