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In the course of all this making fun of “The Discourse” (which is a really nondescript and homogenizing term so???), in which there’s been some good points and all, I’ve also seen someone mock the concept of “amatonormativity” like it’s useless and irrelevant BS, and yeah, that makes me wonder how they even heard about it, 53 more words

Asexuality Talk

command log

(a vent post about sex aversion. not very graphic about sex, but may be triggering wrt self harm and self hatred and associated junk? & ableism mention and general unpalatability) 660 more words

Asexuality Talk

Surviving Heteronormativity 

As a queer feminist cis woman in a relationship with a straight man, I find myself struggling every day against heteronormative patriarchy. It is a toxic cloud that I am holding at bay purely by the strength of my wit and my will. 1,162 more words


‘Straight Outta Compton’: Rare Biopic

A rare film because it does not continue the tradition of celebrating a white man. Kudos to the industry power of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. 145 more words


My MichFest Overview

MichFest was not for me.

Allow me to elaborate: MichFest is a beautiful celebration of the infinite possibilities in lesbian womanhood. However, I am not a lesbian… 1,046 more words


On Heteronormativity: "Blue"

She recoiled from me; our breath left stagnant carbon dioxide in the air.

“What if—”

She bowed her head, interrupting me with piercing subtlety. I felt my body succumb to the numbness of rejection, some feigned self-defense in preparation for when she’d say the word that would make me crumble at her feet. 498 more words