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Decolonizing Feminism & Heteropatriarchy

Cisgendered Straight people need to start adding “hetero” before “patriarchy”.

Cis Hetero people need to recognize that cisgendered men, as well as heterosexuality and cisgendered individuals, are privileged through many of the oppressive structures of U.S. 179 more words



Hey rainbow spotters!

Today’s film is ‘Get Real’ (1998, United Kingdom) a movie based on a play called ‘What’s wrong with angry?’. The movie deals with coming out, bullying and growing up. 271 more words

Not Ready For The Brodeo.

I originally wanted to write about race for my first post, but these past few days I have been reading Gender Outlaws The Next Generation… 1,375 more words


Era of 21st century fascism is already here: Trump is a disaster but it didn't start with him

What happened on the 8th of November was truly disastrous. I remember in 2000 when Bush won with this program to re-launch Star Wars (the satellite nuclear missile defense system from the Cold War – didn’t happen in the end) and to go back to Iraq (did happen), that this was terrible for the world. 938 more words


“But maybe growing up as a girl in the internet age has shaped my mind to think that my beauty is my worth.”

Some people might say wearing makeup every day is bad for you, that it ruins your skin, clogs your pores and masks your natural face.

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“I could go on but wouldn’t want to go on a full blown rant.”

I have already mentioned why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it on my Home and About page so I won’t bore you anymore with it!

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30: Queering Universities

In the final episode of The Academic Citizen for 2016, Dr Mary Hames joins us to discuss issues of gender and sexuality within spaces of higher learning. 80 more words

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