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Skinny Love

I take pills to medicate my skin
so I can look in the mirror
and not hate myself
I slap on makeup
as a survival strategy… 126 more words


Aligarh: Claustrophobia in and out

-Santosh Kumar

Cinema is rarely acknowledged as an exclusive domain of academic exercise but it offers very rich dimension to not just our understanding of the issue, it has a power to move us and shake our believe in a manner not possible through other mediums, apart from the directly influence it wields, cinema can be read as a source as a performative act, that is, how can we understand the relation between the medium and the audience, the signifier and the signified here takes a much more diverse form because signifier here is not just a spoken or written word, it is a performance unfolding before us, so is the signified, which is an image but also a sound, a word spoken. 1,211 more words

Unseen, Unheard: The Victims of Corrective Rape

From Stephen Fry’s Series ‘Out There’ available on BBC iplayer

Corrective Rape is a term coined in South Africa describing a hate crime where victims are raped because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. 845 more words

Inspire Me

Writing Non-Heterosexual Characters

I’ve never really set out to write a character specifically to be diverse or to fill a certain status quo or whatever. I exclusively write characters who “come” to me in one way or another, I really hate forcing characters who I can’t picture clearly in my head onto paper. 395 more words



Boys tell me
I am cute
they wonder why
or how
I am still single
and I laugh
at how cute it is
that “cute” 185 more words


Relationships and reading

Some weeks ago, I went to a holiday party at the house of some people my family knows. The hosts are a husband and wife who got married pretty recently (for the purpose of this post I will call them R and E). 355 more words