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Odyssey: Why Heteronormativity Is Awkward For Everyone (5/24/16)

Society should probably stop conforming to a heteronormative system. There, I said it.

A surprising amount of people like to raise their eyebrows (and sometimes their fists) at a statement like this, which often gets me wondering. 197 more words


On the compatability and non-exclusivity of Hierarchical Poly, Relationship Anarchy and Solo Poly

This originally started as a facebook comment, then became a tumblr rant, then became a FetLife note.  Finally it’s a blog post too!!

I’m so tired of the assumption that hierarchical polyamory is inherently normative, relationship escalator oriented, and exclusionary. 226 more words


Virginity: The Socially Constructed Trickster

Sex! Sex! Sex! Lets talk about sex! More specifically, what it means for first timers in our society. Growing up in the good ol’ Puritan-minded USA, the concept of virginity has always seemed prominent in movies, television shows, and the media in general. 573 more words

Feature: How Many Unnecessarily Gendered Items Are There In Sainsbury's?

This Article was co-written by Alice Hearing and originally published to Wessex Scene on 5th May 2016

On an overcast Monday afternoon, two Wessex Scene writers went shopping, on the lookout for some products on sale that might anger your resident feminist. 918 more words



Everyone wants a happily ever after that they can relate to right? Most young girls watch old Disney movies and think that waiting for their Prince Charming is their only option. 656 more words

Gender In Media

“….Amatonormativity: This consists in the assumption that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that is is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types. 

51 more words

Non-Binary Sex: Breaking Down Heteronormativity

NOTE: This article contains sensitive material including descriptions of sexual acts. If you are uncomfortable with those topics, read at your own discretion.

In most schools across the United States, students are required to take a health class. 572 more words