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I still can't believe this actually happened

me: I’m not straight.

some kid: Sorry, but insisting you’re not straight makes it sound like you’re a straight cis person who desperately wants to appropriate LGBT experiences, a conclusion I reached specifically because you claimed not to be straight, which totally sounds like a thing only a straight person would do.

Asexuality Talk

Tamal is gay and our response is harmful

In an interview with Radio Times magazine this week, Great British Bake Off contestant Tamal Ray was asked about his relationship status and responded “I wouldn’t have a girlfriend; I would have a boyfriend, but I’m single at the moment”. 890 more words

Queer Stuff

Privilege Problems: Matt Damon Edition, Guest-starring Ellen DeGeneres

Hey remember when Matt Damon damonsplained diversity to one of the filmmakers on his show greenlight who happens to be the only black woman?  And then he… 891 more words


Life's Little Stories - Public Reading

I took part in a literary reading last week. I read one of my older stories. The narrator is a girl in a psychiatric clinic. We don’t figure out why she’s there. 236 more words


What Happened To Ciara? Heteronormativity Happened

So there’s this singer I’ve liked for years. When she debuted in 2004, she had a somewhat tomboyish persona, a full body, and a prevailing lyrical message of complete sexual independence. 691 more words


Romance in non-romantic fiction

This topic has been stewing around in the back of my head for a while now.  I hadn’t written about it because I really wanted to post something intelligent and thoughtful, and that seemed so difficult.   915 more words


Bi Visibility Day

September 23rd is bi visibility day: something I’ve written about here before. This year I thought I’d post a Q&A I did recently on the topic of bi visibility to say why I think it’s still so important. 971 more words