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Glitter Ghosts

This weekend I went to Baltimore’s PRIDE parade and block party. I hadn’t been to PRIDE in a few years and was impressed with the big turnout and amazing fashion. 1,010 more words

Baltimore PRIDE

Free love.

Over the past few months, or maybe always, I’ve come to love another kind of romance. I’ve come to question exclusivity. I’ve come to wonder why, if you really care about someone, you feel threatened or hurt by the idea of that person experiencing joy or comfort or love with someone else. 362 more words

Single Dad

Recently, while binge watching a favorite show on Hulu, I’ve seen a Mass Mutual commercial run at least twice each show – which in a day adds up to me having seen this thing a bazillion times. 383 more words


The New, Improved, Politically Correct 'Wagon Train'

Our secret agent in Hollywood reports that Schlockmeister Studios is going to remake the classic late-1950s TV Western series, Wagon Train.

“But of course,” says studio honcho J.T. 246 more words

Pop Culture

We Built This City - 5/12/15

For the sake of consolidation
Of matter and emotion
One man, one woman was been
The success expectation
No more, no less and in no other combination… 98 more words


text: antke engel 'queer/assemblage desire as crossing multiple power relations'

Assemblages – dynamic ensembles of manifold and yet singular connecting lines and states – do not divide the partly diametrically opposed streams of desire from one another, but rather concatenate them.

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