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Why is Coming Out Still a Thing?

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Coming out is painted as a big deal no matter which way you spin it. There’s even a National Coming Out Day for the purpose of encouraging people to do just that. 597 more words


Why No Kid of Mine is Going to a 'Presentation Ball'

A couple of weeks ago, my older son and two of his friends had a sleepover featuring pizza and video games.

On this night most of their grade five and six peers were at the school ‘presentation ball’. 571 more words

We're Probably All Pansexual

Millennials are becoming increasingly aware of sexual identities. We have grown up in an era in which we’ve seen drastic cultural shifts in the way in which we talk about sexual orientation. 553 more words


Breaking the Binary, Embracing the Anomalous

In her book “Places of Learning” (2005), Elizabeth Ellsworth challenges the idea that knowledge is concrete––something that, once taught and learned, will remain constant over time. 574 more words

ECS 210

Heteronormativity is B.S.

Sorry I’ve been posting so much lately! But all your comments, for all their sass and verbal-equivalent-of-eye-rolling, have really sparked some thinking. If only I can return the favor someday. 1,495 more words


AAW4: Negativity Toward Asexuals

Why do people need to know about asexuality? What difficulties do asexuals face so that they require an awareness week?


I’m very fortunate in the sense that I have really supportive family and friends who just let me be me and don’t try to shape me to be someone I’m not. 1,402 more words

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That Time I Had a Crush on a Girl

In college, I was once in a class of mostly women and found myself inexplicably drawn to one classmate. She had a feminine name by birth, but her friends called her by a masculine nickname, which I thought was awesomely badass. 576 more words

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