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Gone Girl (2014)

David Fincher’s Gone Girl and Critique Heteronormativity on Screen and Reality

David Fincher’s 2014 Gone Girl adapted from the 2012 bestseller novel of the same name by Gillian Flynn who also wrote the screenplay of the film is a ‘box-cutter autopsy of a marriage which is forcibly dismantled’ that exploits and, subsequently, thwarts film noir basic narrative tropes to attack heteronormative patriarchal attitudes and criticize ‘pop psychology.’24… 864 more words

Is Masculinity Considered Predatory When Embodied By Women?

People have a tendency to be afraid of what they do not understand. A lot of people feel comfortable with routines, rules, and expectations. If you’re aware of what is expected of you, you have a general idea of what you are supposed to do. 414 more words

after Sara Ahmeds "Queer Feelings" (15/30)

the only words I have to talk about my body
   are sold to me

   by the histories

                 that have called me          


                                                                           antibody / nonlife / ungrievable loss… 152 more words

Review diverse books (because the anti-capitalist literature can be so boringly monochrome)

Something I’m going to start doing on this blog: reviewing diverse books. What does this mean? Well a blog called read diverse books had this challenge to read diverse books in order to fight against the cultural industry’s tendency to tell us stories about how great white people are, particularly males, particularly middle class, straight, heteronormative whites, etc. 576 more words


How to Blaspheme: On that Live-Action Death Note trailer

By Curtis Cole

                As you may have heard, Netflix is making a live-action Death Note film. Though the trailer released just a couple weeks ago, it has already generated an immense amount of animosity from fans and ordinary people alike. 1,297 more words

Student Writing

I Shouldn't Have to Thank My Fiance for Being An Adult

When you’re a woman that loves men, you learn quickly that there are many things you’ll do in your relationships with them that will be taken for granted. 787 more words

Life Of The Blogger

SCARVES AND CELERY: Extra Post - On Bill Potts, Sexuality in Doctor Who, and Fandom Reactions

A few days ago, it was recently announced that Bill Potts, the new companion for series 10 of Doctor Who, will be gay. This is, as far as we’re concerned, a very good thing. 2,635 more words

Bill Potts