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Family Life: Then and Now (Notes:55)

In some respects, Roman and Barbarian families will seem odd to us today, in other respects, however, they will seem very familiar. Because institutions which many consider timeless do, in fact, change quite a bit, it is worthwhile for us to explore those changes and how they came to be. 2,139 more words

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Disappointing Holiday Romances

I enjoy romance novels year-round, but something about the holiday season just gives me a hankering for themed romance books. I’ve read some great ones, like  507 more words

Adult Fiction

The Fluidity of Sexuality and Restrictiveness of Neoliberalism

In the past few years there has been an uproar in the LGBTQ+ community for equality and rights. These communities are fighting to gain rights and raise awareness for the mistreatment that they endure. 1,509 more words

Parasites and Us: The Sixth Extinction and Humanity's Future

(The following is the transcript of a video project due for a university class; watch the video here. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.) 568 more words


Ways of Seeing Everyday Sexism: The Double Standard

Trailer for the LEGO Batman movie:

Part of my PhD thesis involves investigating contemporary feminist groups and how they construct the ‘problem’ that justifies their feminism. 1,578 more words