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Queer Animals: Finding Nemo

It is interisting to see how humans project their cultural formed concepts on animals. Of particular interest are cases when heteronormative and gender binary concepts are applied to animals which actually do not fit at all into this picture. 507 more words

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Let’s talk about loving people. I don’t mean loving someone, which is a more determined affair, but loving en masse. Loving people feels like cupping clear spring-water in your hands – knowing it’s going to leave, but also knowing it still available, and knowing the source isn’t far from grasp.   1,335 more words


Gay Minorities in a Heterosexual World

Heteronormativity threatens those of us that identify outside of the straight/cis model. It is so pervasive in the majority culture that queer individuals have created their own subculture simply by living authentically and surrounding themselves with like-minded people. 672 more words


I’ve been struggling with choosing a paper topic for quite a while. My initial thought was that I wanted to do something related to gender, since that’s the topic I’m most passionate about. 462 more words

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Contrary to popular misperceptions of fundamentalists, then, Dobson does not see sex as a necessary evil.  For Dobson, sexuality is our most primary energy.  Whereas in…

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Asexuality Talk

What are Women's Bodies for, Anyway?

Happy Saturday to all of you taking the time to read this morning! For this month’s post, I decided to collaborate with my friend, Jaclyn, who has been mentioned in some of my other posts… 1,078 more words



I live in the Bible-belt. This may come as a shock considering the way in which I talk or in this case write.

But I do and here people are very close minded. 617 more words