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The cool girl with her heavy metal; attraction and admiration

My mind often goes back to certain moments of my life now, where there could have been a ”sign” of me being a lesbian. I am not sure if this is healthy or not, to keep looking through the past like that. 999 more words

Compulsive Heterosexuality

Advertising and Beauty Standards

Originally posted by Carina on January 22 2016

Disclaimer: There are provocative images, especially with the last link in this discussion. You’ve been warned.

Much of you may not know this, but I’ve been studying psychology for the past three years now, and I absolutely abhor advertisements. 1,337 more words

You went back to being a man?

I have to apologise in advance: I really ought not to write this. Firstly the subject is clearly thirsty for attention (an appearance on Channel 4’s… 926 more words

Oh so uncomfortable

Picking up from my weakness, my inferior function (Fe) as an INTP; summarized:

Fe seeks social connections and creates harmonious interactions through polite, considerate, and appropriate behavior. 1,126 more words


"My tiny little Winter flower"

It’s 00:06, I am listening to rain and cinematic music, while eating from a box cheerios I cut in half, because there is not candy in my apartment. 897 more words

Compulsive Heterosexuality

Bad camouflage and branded skin - "I'll sleep on it"

I went for a walk in the forest today so I could enjoy the snow before it’s gone. On a Saturday I didn’t expect to be alone since it’s a pretty known forest, but I didn’t expect to be the only one walking alone either. 965 more words

Compulsive Heterosexuality

Why I am nauseous and how I deal with it

Last night I felt like crap. I really get that nasty nauseous feeling, whenever I think about the boys I’ve been with. Right now, straight sex and men in general, just reminds me of the past, and the experiences that feels like trauma now. 479 more words

Compulsive Heterosexuality