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The Luxury of Commitment

Right now G is outside on the porch scrolling through his phone–I can see the light from the screen through the dark of the window from where I sit inside, typing on the bed. 1,031 more words


a reflection inspired by National Coming Out Day

*Photo by Ten Thousand Hours Photo 

October 11th was National Coming Out Day. I’ve never really shared “my story” publicly, and seeing all the honest and vulnerable posts of others inspired me to write my own. 774 more words


A Disturbing (?) Passage from Modern Scholarship on Ancient Sexuality

I have been weighing the sense and import of the pages below for a few weeks now. Typically, I don’t teach too much about sexuality and I research it even less as a Homerist. 734 more words


Pedestrian Lane That Is Certainly Not Pedestrian

Source: Pedestrian

This presumably homonormative pedestrian lane is catering to pedestrians in Utrecht, The Netherlands who are presumably heteronormative subjects. Painting pedestrian lanes in rainbow colours in order to campaign for a more diverse and inclusive society (or to portray oneself as diverse and inclusive) is a project anything but pedestrian.


heteronormativity, heterogender, supplementarity

Draw upon, Ingraham (“The Heterosexual Imaginary”), and Namaste (“The Politics of Inside/Out”) to define and explain heteronormativity, heterogender, supplementarity. Why are these concepts important to queer theory? 19 more words

Academic Writing

Let´s talk about sex

Sex. People making love.

No matter if you imagined an old couple or a random on-night stand fuck, the chances that intercourse (precisely penetrative sex), was part the image are pretty high. 530 more words



Throughout my observations, of which I did many more than I recorded here, I noticed that sexuality is not something I can simply sense. It is a judgement I make based on the gender-appropriate behaviour of a person. 808 more words