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Domestic privacy can feel like a controllable space, a world of potential unconflictedness (even for five minutes a day): a world built for you. It may seem of a manageable scale and pacing; at best, it makes visible the effects of one’s agency, consciousness, and intention.

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The Heteronormative test!

Greetings, Dialecticbitches! Are you heteronormative? Find out with this FUN QUIZ!

All you have to do for each question is decide which picture shows a romantic relationship, and which shows a platonic one. 915 more words

Double Standards

Oh, Yes! On a Sexual Revolution in Islam by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

For centuries, religions have controlled sexuality. They have defined the legitimate options with regard to gender, sexual orientation, how to make love and its purpose. The religious discourse on sex imposes patriarchy, binarism, marriage, monogamy, motherhood and heterosexuality as sine qua non conditions for a “proper” sexual life. 990 more words

Feminism And Religion

5 Ways to Challenge "the Game"

The number of times this topic has come up in the last few weeks makes me want to run through campus screaming¬† calmly explaining to everyone within earshot about privilege and power and social constructs and what those words mean in the context of every person’s life. 931 more words


Who Writes the Wedding Thank You Notes?

I have yet to receive a wedding thank you note in the groom’s handwriting (to be extremely fair I have received very few wedding thank you notes to make a complete¬†analysis), but Jaya assures me that her husband wrote exactly half of their thank you notes. 59 more words

A Perfectly Polite Wedding

Dawson's Creek and Gay Male Representation in Media

Video:¬†Dawson’s Creek: True Love

I loved the US TV show Dawson’s Creek. It really was overly dramatic teenage tripe (read: that made me love the show even more), but 15 years ago, in the Season 3 finale, it showed primetime television’s first passionate kiss between 2 men. 571 more words