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The scariest part of Jurassic World was the heterosexuality.

Alright, well.  You know what they say about if you want something done.

This is a post about the movie Jurassic World and how its heterosexual timeline intersects with its thematic dichotomy of Wilderness vs. 1,362 more words

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On those damn rainbows and marriage equality

My Facebook has turned rainbow. Seriously, everywhere I look people have turned their profile pictures into rainbows in celebration; even typing this post now, I am faced with a rainbow banner across the WordPress website. 458 more words

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No Rainbows Here

Yesterday marriage won. Or at least that is the lie that we are expected to believe and celebrate. The only thing that won yesterday was heteronormativity. 537 more words

on marriage equality

I stayed up late last night and I was online when the first posts about gay marriage becoming legal in all fifty states in an historic supreme court ruling. 373 more words


The Ocean, the Boat, and the Wind: Part Two - Other and Self

Let us remember that heterosexuality which seeks to differentiate itself from homosexuality by imposing boundaries between it and the homosexual-other is heteronormativity. Now, let us explore in greater detail the contents of this ocean. 516 more words


The Ocean, the Boat, and the Wind: Part One - A Second Date

Let us begin with a joke we may all have heard before as well as a joke some of us may not have heard.

Question. What does a lesbian bring on the second date?

746 more words

Hetero and Homo-normativity Are Everything But "Normal".

There are people in the world — young boys and girls, teenagers, full grown adults — who are emotionally and physically abused and beaten for not fitting into the heteronormative standards society has placed upon them, us…the human race. 952 more words