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Boys tell me
I am cute
they wonder why
or how
I am still single
and I laugh
at how cute it is
that “cute” 185 more words


Relationships and reading

Some weeks ago, I went to a holiday party at the house of some people my family knows. The hosts are a husband and wife who got married pretty recently (for the purpose of this post I will call them R and E). 355 more words

Straight Best Friend: Inverting G.B.F.’s Failed Attempt at a Political Statement

“The presentation of this fairy-tale ending, where everyone lives happily ever after, neglects to address the conflict between the three girls and their horrific treatment of Tanner. 330 more words

Media Projects

Hints of Queerness in Mainstream Music Marketing: A Case Study of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One”

“Although Sam Smith, a queer man, has been incorporated into the mainstream music industry, he has been incorporated on the condition that his marketed image ‘adhere to the traditional and perhaps conventional expectations of male behavior’ (Clarkson 396). 281 more words

Media Projects

Prayers for Bobby

Hey rainbow spotters

Today is going to be a tough subject: LGBTQ suicide. It is not something pleasant to talk about but it is necessary. 398 more words

G.B.F. And How To Educate Straight Folks The Funny Way

G.B.F. is just a fabulous movie: think Mean Girls meets a less offensive American Pie meets gay. It’s a classic high school tale with an LGBT twist as two gay friends, Tanner and Brent, struggle with coming out the closet. 462 more words