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Urban Fantasy 101 - It's A Heteronormative World Out There

Notes: Content warnings for brief (but nondescriptive) mentions of sexual assault, mentions of homophobia in the text and a linked article), and just general heterocentrism/heterosexism. 3,103 more words

Urban Fantasy

Playing the game, but by whose rules?

Having arrived for Ga(y)Me(n)Play an hour early, I observe the cast members’ warming up, led effortlessly by the dynamic choreographer, Kamogelo Molobye, and his towering, slender frame. 621 more words

Expressive Exercises

Queerness and Moving Dirt

So today, I got a delivery of 11 cubic yards of dirt. That is a lot of dirt. And I have to move it, wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow, into the raised beds I built the other week. 553 more words


healthism and femininity

Anyway this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say the concept of “health” has been used to abuse and control people. 669 more words

Asexuality Talk

Tops, Bottoms, and Normativity

It’s pretty much expected that gay men like and are interested in anal sex, right?  But not all gay men are into anal.  The assumption that gay sex is exclusively anal sex affects everything from straight notions that gay sex is “disgusting” to the FDA blood ban on men who’ve had sex with other men.  752 more words

Social Musings

Bromance Brullshit

I am, at my core, an obsessive fangirl. While my tastes and fandoms have developed over the years, I am nonetheless an uber-Twitterer, Tumblr-er – and fanficcer. 908 more words

becoming assimilated

Who benefits from assimilation? The folks who are assimilated? Or those who are assimilating?

I am not sure that any society which has had a long history of racism, misogyny, or homophobia–and now transphobia–is really one to which I should be running to assimilate. 384 more words