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You Should Be Stronger Than Me

I heard an interesting song recently called “Stronger Than Me” by Amy Winehouse. In the song, Winehouse complains about a partner who is both older than her and a… 674 more words


Dear Liam Payne – I believe that you’re not anti-gay but please remember your LGBT fans

Sabina Brennan writes an open letter to Liam Payne about accusations that he is homophobic, after comments he made at a One Direction concert.


An open letter to Liam Payne of One Direction - Try a Little harder

Dear Liam,

I believe that you are being honest when you say that you are not homophobic. I also believe that you genuinely meant no harm. 394 more words

Human Rights

re: monosexual privilege

*rubs temples*


This is one of those arguments that it feels pointless to engage in, but just to show where I stand here, I might as well state what I think about… 601 more words

The Crucial Queering Of Women’s Month

If you’re straight, there’s a great likelihood you’ve only read this far because your eyes took in more than just the title that may have otherwise put you off. 629 more words

White Atheism: The Individual’s Denial Of Invisible Ideas

In the last 24 hours I found myself (once again) in a Facebook post-thread-reply orgy. At one point, a scary-smart straight white guy asked me to define “white privilege” for him “and then apply it to the following rant:  2,724 more words