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Solo: A Shortcoming of Gender and Sexuality

Shortly before the release of Solo: A Star War Story, the latest Star Wars midquel film that dives into the backstory of the original trilogy’s Han Solo, screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan supported describing the iconic Lando Calrissian as pansexual. 1,201 more words


Gold Star Lesbian - Rumination

I kept re-reading the script
Prepared for me by
The others
And feeling like it was the wrong script.
I had clearly been miscast.
They said I should long for a husband. 585 more words

Cissexism & Heterosexism

What are cissexism and heterosexism?

Cissexism is when someone conflates genitals with gender, in any way. Sometimes the term is used interchangeably with transphobia, but it’s more commonly used to describe the specific circumstances where anyone makes the assumption that all members of one gender have a specific set of genitals. 620 more words

Storytelling highs, exploitative lows of 'Disobedience'

5/10 In a rural England synagogue, Rabbi Rav Krushka (Anton Lesser) speaks about the creation of the angels and man and our freedom to choose our own destiny before collapsing, succumbing to his pneumonia in front of his congregation. 927 more words


A journey through misogyny

Annette Pryce explores what it’s really like for women in the LGBTQ+ community when they experience sexism and sexist behaviour at the hands of men both inside and outside of the circle. 1,615 more words


When a man is insane,

He does not even realize that





So he continues to give himself away,

Over, and over again. 68 more words

Beet Red

I was beet red as I stumbled over my own feet when I entered the diner I giggled like a school girl He was watching every move with the cutest smirk on his face His facial hair and his medium roast…

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