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ember love

There is a burnt down house
 Insida me
 So sometimes embers I forgot to sweep up fall out of my mouth when I speak

There is a burnt down house insida me
 You lookin at that kindling stickin out my rib. 334 more words

Is this even possible...?

Well. I talked to the psychologist today to set up our mandatory appointment to talk about using a sperm donor. She mentioned off the cuff, “And they aren’t certain you can do the egg transfer, but once we find out, we’ll make another appointment for that.” 301 more words


Yesterday Marissa and I had our consultation at our new fertility clinic. Before we left, I was panicking slightly, worried about being judged for not being the “right kind” of future mothers, for not being old or rich or straight or organized enough. 1,141 more words


Re: this, on rhetorical strategies for dealing with Christian anti-gay vitriol —

Yes to nixing the antisemitism, but this… “no one should be forced to adhere to the beliefs of someone else’s religion”… *rubs temples*  Look, I know, what you’re going for.  212 more words

Just Religion

No Such Thing As A Feminine Dyke

When I walk around this strange world, people (mostly guys) will assume that I am straight simply because I am a girl, and a feminine one at that. 411 more words


Choosing sex over God

Nick Galieti, a guest-poster at Millennial Star, wrote a post responding to the recent post at The Atlantic entitled “Choosing Love or the Mormon Church.” 874 more words

Conveying Something Else

As a woman, there are many problematic situations that I have faced such as being indirectly told I was unqualified, too pretty, or too weak to handle a specific job simply because I wear a bra (or at least only when I have to). 449 more words