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Being A South Asian Lesbian In San Francisco Is Harder Than I Thought

My girlfriend and I got together my junior year, and we knew that if we wanted to continue our relationship, that with my culture and religion, it wasn’t really going to work. 72 more words


National Coming Out Day: who is it really for?

On National Coming Out Day, Louise McCudden takes a critical look at “coming out” culture, and how it fuels heterosexism.

Before I was ‘out’, I was in the closet. 1,442 more words


Keep Quiet and Stop Violating My First Amendment Rights

Certain people of a certain generation–my generation frankly–seem to have had it up to here with the “rules changing.” I hear it. The sighs, the expletives, the tongue clicking, the venting: 1,239 more words

Cultural Context

A Capitalist Drive

In “Capitalism and Gay Identity” John D’Emilio argues that distinct gay and lesbian identities emerged out of capitalism. Throughout his work, he aims to dismantle the idea of the nuclear family. 165 more words

One Big Gay Nuclear Family

My digital reflection is culminated in John D’Emilio’s quote in “Capitalism and Gay Identity”: “Gay men and lesbians exist on social terrain beyond the boundaries of the heterosexual nuclear family. 252 more words

The Nuclear Family

In “Capitalism and Gay Identity,” John D’Emilio argues that self-identified gay people are “a product of history,” and that the development of capitalism is responsible for their emergence, as well as the creation of the nuclear family structure. 180 more words

Gender Subordination and Privilege Questionnaire

This is a very unscientific questionnaire that you may use to help take stock of some of the ways you experience subordination or privilege based on gender. 1,580 more words