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Queers Do It Better

Queer people seem to be laboring under less sexual shame than cis, straight people. Don’t get me wrong–I know plenty of very cool, sexually liberated cis, straight folks, and some queer people who are completely shut down around sexuality. 361 more words

Days to Honor Parents

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be very difficult days for trans persons who are parents. Last year I suggested a gender-neutral day to honor parents in general… 580 more words


You See, It's Not Natural

You see, the everyday tragedies are getting old to me, yet I’m not old. Everyday feels like war with mini battles and a person losing their innocent life. 586 more words

“Not So Tangible but Still Real!”: LesMigraS and Intersectional Anti-Violence Work in Berlin

By Spencer Spotts

Author’s Note: For the privacy and safety of their clients, the names of LesMigraS staff members and photos of the facility have not been included. 981 more words

FemGeniuses In Berlin

Rolling-in 'Technological Aid' to Roll-out Remote Control: Post-earthquake Haiti and the West

by Ioana Cerasella Chis

Haiti and the Development-industrial complex

In a world organised and shaped by a colonial matrix of power (Mignolo 2007:455), events such as the Haitian Earthquake in 2010 underscore the processes at work within this matrix. 3,447 more words


Deputy Prime Minister claims lesbians [and Kurds] not part of society!

Discriminatory claims by Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan:

“The HDP declaration mentions Kurds 8 times, lesbians 9 times. Is this the Turkish society?”

Kaos GL, “Başbakan Yardımcısı, lezbiyenlerin toplumun parçası olmadığını iddia etti!” [“Deputy Prime Minister claims lesbians not part of society!”], 23 April 2015, …

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Discrimination & Hate Crimes

“The Constitutional Court affirms [lesbian] sexual relation visuals as 'perversion'”

Constitutional Court decided against the repeal of the law concerning “unnatural sexual behavior.” Homosexuality is still seen as a perversion.

Source: Diken, “Anayasa Mahkemesi, eşcinsel ilişki görüntülerini ‘sapkınlık’ olarak onadı” (“The Constitutional Court affirms sexual relation visuals as ‘perversion’”), 18 April 2015,

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