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The Prancing Elites Project--transphobia in homophobia in heterosexism

I don’t own a TV but there are two in the house and there is only cable in the house because my sister is addicted and even sleeps with the TV on despite having my almost one-year-old nephew in bed with her (obviously a source of annoyance for me because it just isn’t healthy to sleep like that). 224 more words

Black Feminism

Where Love Is Illegal


Where Love Is Illegal, is a Witness Change Project founded by Robin Hammon, an award winning photographer and human rights activist. For a decade before launching this campaign, Robin spent time traveling through various parts of Africa where he bore witness to the intolerance towards people of the LGBTI community. 336 more words

Media Examples


If one more straight kinkster compares being kinky to being gay or compares criticism of the kink community to homophobia I will be provoked to violence.

Asexuality Talk

Silly Little (Bi) Girls

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Liking both boys and girls is greedy, you have to choose.

You’re not actually bi though – its just a phase. 367 more words

Silly Little Girls

Vegan Trove Podcast Ep 28: Abolitionist: What’s in a Word; The Rebranding of TAVS

My latest Vegan Trove podcast Ep 28- Listen here -> “What’s in a Word; The Rebranding of  The Abolitionist Vegan Society

I generally try to ignore and avoid faction fighting because it’s energy draining and time consuming and is frequently personality based, but I decided to address some of the issues that have arisen from recent claims by a small few that the abolitionist movement is “rampantly racist”, “sexist” and “hostile to people of colour”. 100 more words

Nightmare 12/21: Being Pursued

In the wee hours of this morning, I had the following nightmare.

I was walking across a huge empty lot that in real life is a car dealership on Highway 49 in Auburn, California.

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To make you feel good — a post by swankivy about touch & coercion and her personal experience with a manipulative boyfriend.  I feel like this could provide some context for why I have misgivings about the phrase “enthusiastic consent.”  I know what it’s trying to get at — genuine consent, non-coerced actual consent, … 338 more words

Asexuality Talk