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Beet Red

I was beet red as I stumbled over my own feet when I entered the diner I giggled like a school girl He was watching every move with the cutest smirk on his face His facial hair and his medium roast…

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Teachers as Allies: Unlearning heterosexism in Indian Schools

Teachers as Allies: Unlearning heterosexism in Indian Schools

By Chintan Girish Modi 

On March 8, when the International Women’s Day was being observed in various educational institutions all over India, the headmistress of Kamala Girls School in Kolkata… 1,607 more words

Education Matters

Black Panther Cries Too

Everybody talking about how nice it is to see #BlackPanther and friends shown so strong. What about how nice it was to see them so VULNERABLE?! 102 more words

Extracts from Every Woman’s Standard Medical Guide: a 1940s health manual for women.

There doesn’t tend to be a lot of English books in my local thrift store, but now and again there’s an oddball find that is worth the $5-$10 price tag (second-hand books are so expensive in Montreal compared to the UK!) The Every Woman’s Standard Medical Guide was one such purchase – a thick tome of outdated sexism and highly aesthetic line drawings, it’s proved to be a great source of clippings for future projects. 1,198 more words


Being A South Asian Lesbian In San Francisco Is Harder Than I Thought

My girlfriend and I got together my junior year, and we knew that if we wanted to continue our relationship, that with my culture and religion, it wasn’t really going to work. 72 more words


National Coming Out Day: who is it really for?

On National Coming Out Day, Louise McCudden takes a critical look at “coming out” culture, and how it fuels heterosexism.

Before I was ‘out’, I was in the closet. 1,442 more words


Keep Quiet and Stop Violating My First Amendment Rights

Certain people of a certain generation–my generation frankly–seem to have had it up to here with the “rules changing.” I hear it. The sighs, the expletives, the tongue clicking, the venting: 1,239 more words

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