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Everything Wrong With "Virginity" - Let's Talk About Sex, Sexism, Homophobia & Much More!

Virginity has been explained using a ridiculous amount of metraphors… a crushed rose in which once it’s “taken”, will never be as beautiful. A treasure chest only to be revealed to the most deserving. 613 more words


abuse spans all

Okay yeah and branching off that last post, how about this wild idea: Abusers… are… unreasonable.  They do unreasonable things.  They have unreasonable expectations.  They are unreasonable.  136 more words

Asexuality Talk

Heterosexism in UK Sex Education

Sex education is a compulsory aspect of the UK school syllabus. It has been the subject of much debate in recent and past years, arguments breaking out over its necessity, compulsory nature and most importantly, its content. 1,857 more words

Poem of the Week: "Who Said it was Simple," by Audre Lorde

Who Said it was Simple

Audre Lorde

There are so many roots to the tree of anger

that sometimes the branches shatter

before they bear. 103 more words

Poem Of The Week

Being gay is not a western invention. It's a human reality.

Today (6th August) Iceland is throwing their annual pride parade, Reykjavík Pride, to celebrate the LGBT community. In honor of the day I thought it’d be a nice idea to re-post a blog post that I wrote about 4 years ago and shared on my old blog. 919 more words

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