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Heteronormativity is B.S.

Sorry I’ve been posting so much lately! But all your comments, for all their sass and verbal-equivalent-of-eye-rolling, have really sparked some thinking. If only I can return the favor someday. 1,495 more words


Naanu Avanalla...Avalu: First Impressions

When I first heard about the release of this film in May and the Kannada film industry finally getting its long-awaited national award for best actor… 1,883 more words


Privilege Problems: Matt Damon Edition, Guest-starring Ellen DeGeneres

Hey remember when Matt Damon damonsplained diversity to one of the filmmakers on his show greenlight who happens to be the only black woman?  And then he… 891 more words


A Mere Question of Attraction?


Very thoughtful piece about trans women and their (male) partners. I share its underlying purpose and point of view and thought it offers many opportunities to discuss problematic issues. 518 more words


"Rape is Sex": The looming presence of a heterosexual understanding of non-consensual sex and its implications

A recent opinion piece in Daily O caught my attention. The article tries to “bust feminist myths” about female sexuality and attitudes toward sex. In this post, I will be addressing only one of the three myths that she supposedly “busts ” in her article. 1,126 more words


No One Wants Your Acceptance

So by now if you haven’t heard about Kim Davis I would like the address of the cave in which you reside so that I may join you there.   872 more words