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PETITION: Diversify the Curriculum at Colorado College

By Amairani Alamillo (‘16) & Han Sayles (‘15)

Dear President Tiefenthaler, Dean Wong & Faculty,

In recent years, Colorado College has made strides in becoming a more inclusive and diverse institution. 707 more words

The Monthly Rag

Why can't a character be written as asexual or aromantic by default?

This entry is for the March 2015 Carnival of Aces: Writing About Asexuality

I’ve written stories before, that didn’t have any romantic situations in them. 1,331 more words


but Jesus never mentioned gay people

A few years ago, a friend of mine put up a link on Facebook with the a title something like “Every Verse Where Jesus Talks about Homosexuality.” Puzzled, I clicked through … only to get a completely blank page, with nothing but the title. 928 more words


Love in abundance: Hana Low on the intersections between queer human and non-human animal liberation

Many of us have heard of the term “trickle-down economics”, but Hana Low wants to introduce us to “trickle-up social justice”. Coined by Dean Spade, this term is the jumping off point of a talk Hana gives about the connections between fighting oppression for LGBTQ communities and non-human animals. 197 more words

Long-Term, What Should We Take Away From L'Affaire Arquette?

For a second, it seemed like Patricia Arquette might be the new hero of the feminist movement.

After using her Oscar acceptance speech to call for equal rights for women, later that evening she expanded on her remarks backstage.  1,016 more words


Recognising Heterosexism in Our School, Green School

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

              everyone else in between and outside.

      Does the thought of a man loving another man confuse you?

Does the thought of a naturally born girl who is actually a boy, confuse you? 592 more words

Global Issues

Shaping Our Own Power Dynamics Ourselves

Queer relationships come in many different forms. From married, middle-aged gay dudes with two charming adopted children and a Pekingese, to polyamorous families who are just nebulous enough to make your Daily Mail-reading grandma nervous… 601 more words