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A complicated kind of grief

Shooting in a gay bar in Orlando … 20 people dead … many wounded … shooter apparently swore allegiance to IS … I read the articles popping up on my Facebook feed almost in real time as if they don’t concern me. 1,369 more words

healthism and femininity

Anyway this is the kind of thing I’m talking about when I say the concept of “health” has been used to abuse and control people. 669 more words

Asexuality Talk

Lesbian mothering

My long-term relationships have all been heterosexual. This is a personal blog, but I do want to point out not all mothering comes in one package. 453 more words

Misfit Matriarch

more Lehr quotes

“We can consider further the importance of sexual exclusivity within marriage and the impact of inclusion into the marriage contract by exploring the regulation of marriage through the requirement of consummation, which guarantees that the family is a sexual family. 

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Shortcomings of LGB Homogenization

Here’s something I haven’t seen addressed yet about lgb homogenization, by which I mean defining “heterosexism” as “homophobia” and defining “homophobia,” in turn, as related strictly to punishment of what’s termed “sga,” as reclaimed by some lgb folk. 355 more words

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Queer Pulse: The Orlando Shooting and Crocodile Prayers

June 12, 2016 marks the day of one of the largest mass shootings in US history. It is not the body count that makes this issue personal for me. 1,483 more words