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One Big Gay Nuclear Family

My digital reflection is culminated in John D’Emilio’s quote in “Capitalism and Gay Identity”: “Gay men and lesbians exist on social terrain beyond the boundaries of the heterosexual nuclear family. 252 more words

The Nuclear Family

In “Capitalism and Gay Identity,” John D’Emilio argues that self-identified gay people are “a product of history,” and that the development of capitalism is responsible for their emergence, as well as the creation of the nuclear family structure. 180 more words


Gender Subordination and Privilege Questionnaire

This is a very unscientific questionnaire that you may use to help take stock of some of the ways you experience subordination or privilege based on gender. 1,580 more words

Lesbians and the Sexual Politics of Wimbledon

Mauresmo is a two-time Grand Slam champion and Olympic silver medalist who is also known for coaching Andy Murray. After she beat top seed Lindsey Davenport in 1999, she came out as a lesbian—and her body became a rhetorical battleground. 40 more words


Monosexism is Real, We Just Don't Understand It

Two years ago, I was introduced to a term that quickly found its way into my vocabulary. I’ve used this term in discussions, in my 101 classes, and in various critiques about society. 2,043 more words

Bisexual Soapbox

Presenting the LGBTQ Manga Book Club

After the positive response to our Beyond Yuri on Ice: LGBTQ Anime and Manga panel and blog post, we wanted to engage with those anime and manga on a new level. 732 more words


Careful Criticism: Resisting Hetero-Patriarchy while Resisting Trump by Sara Frykenberg

My students are taking their final exams this week, which means I will be spending the week frantically, but attentively grading in order to make our grade submission deadline next week. 1,159 more words