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Queer Identity, Patriarchal Fears, and Communal Self Destruction

Currently, there is great concern among some feminists regarding trans people’s identities and the potential for those identities to reinforce patriarchal notions of gender.¬† Simultaneously, our identities are also seen as a threat to the dominant social order by cultural conservatives.¬† 819 more words


The F Word

TW: racism, heterosexism, cissexism

With both the 2016 presidential race now beginning to dominate national media and a whole host of Republican candidates running, many people have felt its time to check the temperature of one of the US’s two major parties. 821 more words


Speculating Canada on Trent Radio Episode 41: Feminist SF

Speculative Fiction is about viewing the world in different ways and imagining new interactions between people. Perhaps this is why so many authors have been attracted to SF as a place for reexamining gendered ideas and gender interactions. 230 more words

Trent Radio

"Homophobia" (homoaversion) 36% genetically inherited (heritability study)


Who was born this way now, bitches?

 Genetic modelling showed that variation in homophobia scores could be explained by additive genetic (36%), shared environmental (18%) and unique environmental factors (46%).

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Queers Do It Better

Queer people seem to be laboring under less sexual shame than cis, straight people. Don’t get me wrong–I know plenty of very cool, sexually liberated cis, straight folks, and some queer people who are completely shut down around sexuality. 361 more words

Days to Honor Parents

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be very difficult days for trans persons who are parents. Last year I suggested a gender-neutral day to honor parents in general… 580 more words


You See, It's Not Natural

You see, the everyday tragedies are getting old to me, yet I’m not old. Everyday feels like war with mini battles and a person losing their innocent life. 586 more words