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The 'I feel Stuck!' Heuristic - a real life example

This post doesn’t have a lot to do with testing software but does show some of the testing techniques that I used in a real life situation yesterday.   352 more words

If that's what it takes...

The decision to buy a financial product is often, not a rational one. It is influenced by multiple ‘heuristics’. Heuristics are simplified parameters to arrive at a decision. 981 more words

Wealth Management

The application of loss aversion in marketing

We know that emotions play a role in decision-making. Moreover, decisions can’t be made without emotions. Another fact is that people are irrational when it comes down to decision-making. 468 more words

Behavioural Economics

Six stages of learning with integers

The theory of the six stages of learning with integers
(Published in “Mathematics in Schools”, Volume 29, Number 2, March 2000)

Stage 1 Free interaction… 175 more words


Another rant

Since the days of John Henry, humans have been competing with machines.  These days the battle rages metaphorically, as some of us examine the brain as computer metaphor for the limits of its usefulness.   609 more words

German Grammar: Strong and Weak

Why is German easier to read than English? And why am I writing this post in English? Those are the questions for today’s class. First, let’s take a break and read about the Mann family residences during the Exile Period. 492 more words


Investing for the wrong reasons: the Affect Heuristic

On page 12 of his outstanding Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman illustrates the Affect Heuristic – the tendency to make decisions based not on relevant objective critiera, but on the subjective criteria, often irrelevant, of how we feel about the matter at issue – with the following anecdote: 275 more words