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Usability & Heuristic - Late

Goodman et al. (2012) are very specific – heuristic evaluation is evaluation, not science. By this, they are reminding readers that heuristics can be created from anything – from company usability standards to Nielsen’s researched heuristics. 373 more words

Usability And Heuristics

My "Taxi Driver" Heuristic

Being a South African has given me a huge understanding of the diversity of people, While I am one person and my testing shapes my own experiences and thoughts I try and incorporate other peoples view points, this way getting far more coverage, as well as another set of “eyes” to test with. 482 more words


Various ways I think about things and some stuff about the reactions to LKY's death (Another Facebook debate)

Once again, this is not a real post. Similar to the last one, the majority of this post will consist of a copy and paste of some facebook comments I made. 4,445 more words


Spring'15 Class notes: Day 14 - Heuristic Evaluation

We learned about Nielsen’s 10 famous heuristics for good usability and how to conduct heuristic evaluation. We worked in lab on an exercise where you had to find examples of the 10 heuristics applied well and violated.

Lecture Summary

Mental Shortcuts to Decision Making

Your brain works very hard. Your brain performs many tasks which we take for granted. For example, if you are reading this your brain is transmitting signals to parts of your body for you to breathe. 362 more words





The calls for an ‘evidence based profession’ keep coming, as though this would somehow solve all our troubles. But the problem with evidence is that it still needs to be interpreted by good old Mk1 fallible human beings. 1,113 more words

Why Alcoholics Anonymous doesn't work

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

J. G. is a lawyer in his early 30s. He’s a fast talker and has the lean, sinewy build of a distance runner. 145 more words

Behavioral Economics