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Thinking fast and slow in UX

We can all agree that our brains are sophisticated machines. They’re capable of handling enormous amounts of incoming linguistic information simultaneously processing complex visual patterns. However, even though our brains are powerhouses, they do sometimes get lazy. 622 more words

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Bi-Criteria Multiprocessor Task Scheduling with Communication Delay

Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Bi-Criteria Multiprocessor Task Scheduling with Communication Delay

Sunita Dhingra1, Ashwani K. Dhingra1 , Satinder Bal Gupta2 and Ranjit Biswas
1Maharshi Dayanand University, India… 161 more words

Algorithms and Heuristics (And Numbers, Oh My!)

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Field Log 11

One of the many disadvantages to a physical form is the fact that information is not always readily available. I am, for once, not specifically sectioning out humans for this. 1,401 more words


One of my favorite quantifiable heuristics is to maximize the number of days I spend with people I love and respect and whose work moves my heart.

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Analysis paralysis

I don’t think anyone who knows me will ever use the term ‘perfectionist’ on me. I’m more often than not, described as easy-going and amiable. And despite my most recent role change from a FTWM (fulltime working mum) to a SAHM (stay-at-home mum), and having LOADS of time at home with the kids now, I gather that friends and acquaintances will never believe that I will ever evolve into a ‘tiger mum’. 667 more words


Personality: The Central Component of Decision Making

Our personality influences the decisions we make on a daily basis whether we are conscious of it or not. Personality is defined by a set of characteristics that make an individual distinct from other individuals. 831 more words

Blog 10 (26/3)

How does asking yourself action-related questions catapult creativity?

What questions or ways of thinking could you adopt to give some fresh lift into your ideas –– like the bubble-blowing device –– expanding them and letting them take flight? 202 more words

Idea Landscapes