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Your own personal dogma

(featured image credit: Thomas Hawk)

Much of what we do, we don’t really question. That is a mixed blessing

Last Friday evening I was driving back home on the M20 towards London. 1,079 more words

Behavioural Economics

Some Unfinished Aquatic Considerations

We walk on a section of Daytona Beach, Florida. Barnacles coat a pole, a pool encircling its bottom. In the clear water, they shoot out and in and out again, like flowers blooming and unblooming in fast-forward. 2,006 more words


Kahneman and Tversky: Judgment under Uncertainty

A classic paper from Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky examines the role that heuristics play in our decisions, predictions, and assessments in situations characterized by uncertainty. 50 more words


How Biased Are You?

Your brain has 100 billion neurons, 100 trillion connections and you only command 5% of it.

The human brain is a natural wonder. It produces more than 50,000 thoughts each day and 100,000 chemical reactions each second. 3,541 more words

Heuristics in Organizations and Society

The Herbert Simon Society has just announced a call for papers though this doesn’t seem to be reflected on their website yet.

Philosophy Of Mind