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Concrete Takeaways: Post-CFAR 5

Concrete Takeaways:

This is a collection of TAPs, heuristics, and concepts that I’ve been thinking about recently. Many of them were inspired by my time at the CFAR workshop, but there’s not really underlying theme behind it all. 3,419 more words


Queueing behaviour

There is no ‘rule of six’ – the truth about the science of queueing

Every Saturday at 7am, Adrian Furnham, professor of psychology at University College London, can be found shopping at his local supermarket. 64 more words

Behavioral Economics

Minimalism design in testing

Usability Heuristics

A while ago I wrote a few words about Usability Heuristics and what is their role in software testing. You might also heard about the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule, which seems also to be impotent is such activities like web or mobile design. 689 more words


How do we make decisions quickly when placing bets in a casino?

How do we make decisions quickly when placing bets in a casino?

Like many tourists, Rebecca and Catherine always wanted to visit Las Vegas. They took in the dazzling sights of the bright lights, enjoyed the stage magic and drifted into one of large casinos. 832 more words

Executive Decision Making 

I am supposed to share with you this Sunday a PowerPoint presentation on the topic but alas, my luck with my internet connection is not holding up well, it seems. 632 more words

Public Administration

An Interesting Look At Heuristics and Trump

I’ve linked to this blogger before. He has some (I think) very perceptive views of our political scene. See if you agree.

Excerpt (slightly edited for grammar/spelling errors): 138 more words


When Eating Expensive Vegan Food Supports Factory Farming

Grocery stores and Fast Food restaurants like McDonalds often reduce the price of commonly bought food products like milk and cheese burgers below levels that are profitable on their own. 699 more words