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Take a Leap. Why Risk Aversion is Holding You Back.

You don’t take the promotion because you think you might fail. You don’t break out to start your own business because you’ll surely lose your house. 805 more words

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The Frequency Illusion

This week I had a good opportunity to discuss an interesting cognitive bias with one of my 4th year medical student while we were on renal rounds. 499 more words


When Understanding "Why" Might Not Matter in Change Management

The text below is from an article I published on LinkedIn. -Scott

Does everyone really need to understand why a change is happening in order to adopt it? 2,908 more words

Psychology quotes 201 to 250

  1. ‘Their experiment, the authors write, suggests that when we do something with another person, we pay more attention to that experience than we would if we weren’t sharing it, even though we now have somebody else to think about.’ Anna North…
  2. 2,346 more words
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How to predict the future better than anyone else

History often isn’t kind to those who go on the record making predictions. Albert Einstein once said that nuclear energy would never be a thing, while Margaret Thatcher predicted that a woman would never be prime minister in her lifetime. 51 more words

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Moral Heuristics

I’m tired of seeing people elevate moral heuristics (rules of thumb) to the status of General Moral Principle. Things like racial segregation and military intervention are bad for *reasons.* Reasons deeper than “they are intrinsically bad.” Racial segregation tends to lead to unequal treatment and intergroup hostility and contempt. 283 more words