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UX and ID - The Overlap

Some time has passed since I last posted. Like everyone who gets caught up in the journey of life, I have been busy with Instructional Design projects and building a family…but I am overjoyed to get back into documenting some of my blog-able thoughts, hence the new beginning this 2015. 883 more words


Are gender stereotypes changing?

The Clooney Effect

If you’re a guy who swipes right on Tinder or sheepishly grins at the pretty stranger across the bar, it’s unlikely you’ll have more than a cursory, fleeting interest … unless the woman you’re checking out is smarter than you. 94 more words

Behavioral Economics

What is the problem with attention-policing?

#TheDress and the Rise of Attention-Policing

It caused Taylor Swift to feel “confused and scared.” It caused a rupture in the Kardashian-West household that might never be repaired. 154 more words

Behavioral Economics

Travelling Salesmen and Hot Metal

The “Travelling Salesman Problem” is a very challenging computational problem, and in fact, for sufficiently many cities, the search for the optimal solution becomes (even with todays best branch-and-cut algorithms) hopeless. 751 more words


Ownership and responsibility

How Do You Decide Who Owns Something?

Ownership is an important part of our daily lives, but most of us do not spend much time thinking about how we make decisions about who owns things. 137 more words

Behavioral Economics

How might one visualize social change?

“All entities move and nothing remains still”

– Heraclitus, quoted from Plato’s Cratylus.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus is often noted for his regular comment on the changing nature of the universe. 1,017 more words

Social Change

Is behavioral economics just trendy?

Q & A With Richard Thaler On What It Really Means To Be A “Nudge”

Nudge is one of the most important and influential books on behavioral science and public policy I’ve ever read. 122 more words

Behavioral Economics