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" The hedgehog and the fox " from Isaiah Berlin’s essay on Tolstoy

Hedgehogs “know one big thing” and have a theory about the world; they account for particular events within a coherent framework, bristle with impatience toward those who don’t see things their way, and are confident in their forecasts. 178 more words


Thinking Fast and Slow - Great Psychology Book

Daniel Kahneman is one of the greatest psychology writers of our time. He has a nobel prize in economics for his work on human decision making and the impact on the economy. 202 more words

Cognitive Bias

A Heuristic Argument for the Effectiveness of the Union Bound

The union bound is ubiquitous in theoretical computer science, and perhaps in justification of this Andy Drucker mentioned in a lecture once a heuristic argument for its “tightness”. 98 more words

Relevance and rationality by NICHOLAS ALLOTT

5.2 Optimization under constraints
We have established that no realistic model of reasoning, including therefore the
relevance theoretic comprehension procedure, can be an example of unbounded…

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(“More what you might call ‘guidelines’ …”)

If you don’t get the above reference, then I pity the life you’ve led.

Anyway, it turns out that I have “rules.” The idea hadn’t occurred to me so much, one way or the other, until some 20 years ago, when I happened to formulate these “rules.” (I’ll stop scare-quoting the word now.) I may or may not have mentioned the fact that I was (for a while, at least) a moderately serious Renaissance Faire participant, what is often referred to as a “rennie.” And by “participant,” I mean I had invested something in the neighborhood of $1,200.00 in garb and gear (about half of that was for my custom made, thigh-high boots alone) to participate in character as a low ranking German nobleman of the 16th C. 1,256 more words

Critical Thinking

Grad Strats: Using Journal Analytics to Assess the Scope of Your Article

Learning how to take your writing from seminar paper to published article is difficult. I know this because I am in that pitiable phase of my graduate school career in which I desperately try to rework the academic equivalent of a dumpster fire into my first official peer-reviewed publication. 1,207 more words

Academic Writing

Must See: Betting On Zero

“From ‘Darfur Now’ writer/director Ted Braun comes a riveting docu-thriller following controversial hedge fund titan Bill Ackman as he puts a billion dollars on the line in his crusade to expose Herbalife as the largest pyramid scheme in history. 245 more words

Thinking Aloud