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And Now For Something Completely Different

To return for a moment to my point about objectivity existing only in the mind of the beholder: it amused me to see the popular news digest ‘The Week’ beginning its first Talking Point column of the new year with the headline “Will 2017 be as bad as 2016?” The reason for my amusement was that the editors of that publication regularly assert that it is impeccably neutral. 981 more words

At least one, probably no more than six

I really enjoy the moments when I occupy myself with something far, far away from testing and it suddenly makes complete sense and shines light upon a topic that I know from work. 245 more words


2016 is not the Year of the Reaper

I know everyone is shaking their fists at 2016. And I know it’s normal colloquial language to anthropomorphize things. Biologists do it with genes all the time, for example, talking about how information coded in molecular chains “wants” things. 502 more words


Heuristic #5.5

University studies have less to do with new knowledge, than the development of linguistic capital. I know little more than I did, yet I speak a certain way and I can see the heads nod and the room swoon.


Heuristic #5.4

When people within a professional setting proclaim that you are smarter than they are. They are not complementing you, they are telling you that you are the enemy – you have been marked.


Heuristic #5.3

The quality of followers is a function of their effectiveness in achieving a desired end.


Heuristic #5.2

The quality of a leader is the aggregate quality of their followers – not the quantity of followers.