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Heuristic #1.10

Much of what is known, is not worth knowing – and what is worth knowing, they can hardly be trusted with.


Behavioral economics

Behavioral economics, along with the related sub-field behavioral finance, studies the effects of psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic… 173 more words


Heuristic #1.9

The indeterminacy of measurement implies that all human experience is assumptive.


Smart Rules: Canaries and Alligators

The trouble with everything costs something is that you can only experience one set of consequences: the decision tree branches, you pick one or the other, and the not-chosen branch dies quietly.   401 more words

Random Observations

FDH-21 Be Product Team Oriented

Build teams around projects and products

A team may have different jobs; developers, artists, designers, adminstators, but they should all share a common goal and have everything it needs to accomplish its goal.   414 more words


Heuristic #1.8

To avoid becoming a specialist is not to involve yourself in an active pursuit of ignorance, but to take up a mercenary approach to knowledge.


FDH-20 (Deleted - See RNT-1)

FDH 20 was I don’t believe in Agile.  As one of my guidelines is not to reuse nor delete indexes, this is still here.  The analysis is now listed under RNT-1.