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Paper: The Priority Heuristic: Making Choices Without Trade-Offs, by Eduard Brandstätter, Gerd Gigerenzer, and Ralph Hertwig

ABSTRACT: Bernoulli’s framework of expected utility serves as a model for various psychological processes, including motivation, moral sense, attitudes, and decision making. To account for evidence at variance with expected utility, we generalize the framework of fast and frugal heuristics from inferences to preferences. 91 more words

Testing Requirements - Mentoring at the Software Testing Clinic

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams and to mentor testers. Mentoring is a role I particularly enjoy but until recently, I had not focused any attention on developing the skills involved. 1,398 more words


The power of three little red books

The way we make decisions is influenced by so many factors. In the workplace, for example, we’re influenced by things like regulations, policies, and guidelines. 390 more words

Plain English

Doing the Work of Critical Thinking: Develop Heuristics to Guide Students

Many instructors share that they want their students to learn critical thinking skills. But critical thinking can be challenging to define and even more challenging to measure. 1,049 more words

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How to Solve It

How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method by G. Polya, 3/5

This ambitious book tackles the fascinating topic of heuristics (practical problem-solving techniques) by focusing on a variety of naturally-occurring questions that can lead to solutions and discoveries in mathematics and other fields.  154 more words

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Teaching machines to avoid our mistakes

The conventional wisdom is that intelligent systems, while good with numbers and maybe facts, are not going to be able to cope with the world of judgment and decision-making. 1,477 more words