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These invisible influences dictate your life

Jonah Berger‘s wife just had a baby.

Besides the obvious changes a newborn brought into his his family, Berger noticed some not-so-subtle ones too. 420 more words

Worth Chewing On

When The ML Devil Is A Cute Squirrel

We recently stumbled over a problem that is pretty straightforward: Based on a sub-title, we had to decide if the text describes a movie or some other type, like a series or a documentary. 494 more words

Bubble Trouble! Exploring an "LPPL" model for Bitcoin

This is a practitioners exercise and as such, mathematical and statistical theory will be kept to a minimum to help for easier reading but embedded links on theories and further background are highlighted for the interested reader. 1,404 more words




The Twenty-first Century, no-one’s alone,

everyone’s tracked on their mobile phone,

satellite surveillance as you roam

(Network coverage starts in the Home) 158 more words

The Traveling Sales-Monkey

There is a famous problem in the field of computer science called the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP for short). It goes something like this: you are a salesperson who needs to travel to some specific set of cities, and you want to travel the shortest distance possible. 977 more words

Big Science

The Judgment against Cognitive Bias

Nothing is written in stone, including the assertions of ending this blog expressed in the last post. I’m back because I have things to say. And I intend to keep… 1,393 more words