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One of the things we often do in life is take shortcuts to understand the world, our place in the world, and how everything relates. These heuristics allow us to develop mental models of how we think things should interact, helping us build narratives of meaning, moral frameworks, and pathways toward success. 467 more words

Some Thoughts About Relationships - Colin Wright

The Psychology of Judgement making (on and off line)

As promised, here I am going to go into more advanced psychological terminology to tell you about how and why we make certain decisions. I will be linking several other sites if you find the information unclear, or if you would like more detailed information. 566 more words

7 (updated) principles for interaction design

Although first published almost 20 years ago  Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design are still incredibly useful and relevant in the field of interaction design.   430 more words

Investment Banking: How Decision-making Is Affected by Psychology

Introduction: Decision-making

Make the right decision or suffer the consequences!

I recently was talking to a few people in the finance industry. Of course, I couldn’t but take note of how often they mentioned the amount of work they did on a daily basis and intense their work is. 2,650 more words

Academic OB

Girl, interrupted.

“Something magical happens when testers and programmers start to collaborate.”1

I’ve submitted a conference talk last weekend.2 It has the heroic (*cough*) title of “

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A very basic introduction to Artificial Intelligence

AI is, as a concept; interesting, and as a buzzword; meaningless. Like anything in new technology, it is a new method of solving some computational problems that are in no way a replacement for… 2,062 more words