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How gaze affects our behavior

Researchers are looking at how someone’s gaze affects our behavior.

For example, researchers in England placed posters with staring eyes near bicycle racks and found fewer bikes were stolen. 268 more words

Native Science


This is a short story I wrote while trying to write something else.  I think it’s kind of fun though, so I decided to put it out here for Fun Friday. 575 more words


Nudging people to not lie

The Truth About the Ways People Lie

All of our pants are almost constantly on metaphorical fire, is the basic impression I got after watching the new documentary Dishonesty: The Truth About Lies. 148 more words

Behavioral Economics

On heuristic biases

Although our brain occupies only 2% of our total body mass, it consumes around 20% of our body energy. The brain is a very complex system and its connection to our mind and psychology are still yet to be fully understood. 813 more words