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I Put A Curse On Him

Chapter 5

Zeke pulled his fifteen-year-old sort of red, sort of yellow, a lot rust Chevy in front of 118 Walnut Ave. The only space left was in front of a fire hydrant. 747 more words


Hex Adventures: The First Pyramid - Part 6

After narrowly escaping the giant scorpion and giant snake, our adventurers are outside the pyramid in a cave. Not knowing where they are, they must still press onwards. 51 more words


Defence Against the Dark Arts 101 — Assignment: Lesson 1

DADA-101 Assignment: Lesson 1

         Upon hearing Professor Penrose mention that Dark Magic would continue to corrupt our souls and our bodies from the very moment we cast our first Dark spell with a malicious intent, my initial thought was that it should be a crime to use the Dark Arts. 278 more words

Harry Potter

HEX Adventures: The First Pyramid - Part 5

When we last left out three explorers, they were between a giant snake and a giant scorpion place. The dynamite didn’t go too well for them and so they decided to do a little dance. 61 more words



Indie puzzler Hex is both developed and published by Studio Goya, a small one man operation. The goal of the game is to clear all the tiles off the map (with a few exceptions) by moving from one hex to another. 444 more words


Different Types of Digital Colors

Did you know there are different types of colors? You probably do (unless your colorblind) however you more than likely don’t know it in the way I am referring to. 771 more words