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Hex to the Future

In 1985, DC had it’s first major crisis.  And once it ended, they set about rebuilding their universe.  At that time, super-hero comics had pretty much forced all other genres into the indies or just out of the picture entirely.  964 more words

Pop Culture

Adventure of Norris (Amiga\UAE) Collision cheat

Hi all,

Adventures of Norris is a pleasant wander-about collect ’em up game with good gfx and nice moody music. I personally think it is a bit better than the official Jet Set Willy on the Amiga since unlike the aforesaid port, it retains the room naming convention and flick-screen nature like the original Speccy JSW so you can more easily map it out. 87 more words


[VB.NET] Convert Hex String to Byte Array

In this brief code I show a method of conversion from string of hex data to array of bytes.

input string: shex = “00010A”
return: array of bytes 0,1,10… 52 more words


How do you convert hexadecimal to ternary in Python?

I’m trying to convert any length hexadecimal to ternary (two way), specifically in Python. I’ve tried using int, and that didn’t work. I also tried this library called… 298 more words


Hex multiplication

multiplication is in essence the same thing as addition
3×2 is just 3+3
how we can know 7×7 is 49 ?
well we just memorised it… 54 more words

Asm / Assembly