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Thinking about hexing

I’ve not been doing the whole witchy thing for long, I’ve cast a few spells, burned some incense, protected my house and my loved ones, carried some crystals around with me, started wearing a pentacle necklace but that’s as far as it goes. 395 more words


Forest, Trees, Burn

Hey Hex fans! Great news! Cory and the team at Crypto know how disappointed all you PvE cats are that its been nearly two years and you still can’t create a character, equip them with a bunch of gear, level them up, and take on dungeons with your friends like they promised. 189 more words


Five Questions with Hex

Hex, the Glaswegian DJ, producer, and blogger over at The DnB Dojo is a very busy man. His fourth release, Winged Foes/Slugproof (Frustrate Remix), drops from Transmission Audio on April 30th. 765 more words

Drum And Bass

The Hex Table: A Much Needed Update

Historically I tend to tackle video games in a fairly intense way. I play a single game and I do so as much as humanly possible. 1,115 more words


Crash Course in Magic #5

Special Aspects of Magic: Pick a Magic, Any Magic

Rule Magic

This type of magic is based on rules of sort, like incantations or rituals, which are required before casting it. 2,983 more words

Arcane Realm

The 5 best laptop bags you've never heard of

You take what may very well be an unhealthy amount of time picking out the perfect gear. From your laptop computer and smartphone to your headphones and ever the pens you carry. 1,089 more words