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Written by Jane Golub, Director In-Store Marketing Programs

February 19, 2017


2017 is the year you reach those big health goals.  162 more words

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Hex Kit mapbuilder program on Kickstarter

This is a useful Kickstarter for anyone into running or designing RPG campaigns, or simply anyone who enjoys making up their own maps (guilty!).

Hex Kit is a mapmaking program that used hand-drawn hex tiles as the basis. 79 more words


HEX Adventures Episode #01 - Part 4

It has been a long journey for the adventures and after Perdita’s shocking admission to Hamish, they definitely need to get some rest. But where are they? 41 more words


RGB and Hex Conversions - Python

While dealing with color operations we would need to work with RGB and Hex values and need conversation between formats for the operations. Here are the python code snippets to achieve the same. 50 more words


Secrets of the Pow-wow

Early Pennsylvania was a melting pot of various religious persuasions, as William Penn’s promise of religious freedom opened the doors for many Christian sects: the Anabaptists, Quakers, Lutherans, German Reformed Catholics, and all manner of religious mystics and free-thinkers. 747 more words