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Z80 8-bit Compact Flash Card Interface Part 1

Secondary storage is essential for most systems to hold programs for the long term. Attaching secondary storage to your system is a challenge, but a challenge worth investing time into. 1,222 more words

【HEX】Online Card collection and Deck Synching

One of the benefit of being a game with strong community support allows some of nice handy tools although I would still prefer official support through the developer themselves.   572 more words


Doctor Who - "No Man's Land"

It is 1917 and the Doctor, Hex and Ace find themselves in a military hospital in northern France. But the terrifying, relentless brutality of the Great War that wages only a few miles away is the least of their concerns. 2,176 more words

Doctor Who

Hex tournament in Paris - May 31 2015

This video shows third edition of the Hex tournament held by Comité International des Jeux Mathématiques on May 31, 2015 in Paris.

The tournament was dedicated to John Forbes Nash Jr. 82 more words


[Tuesday Map] The Badlands of Slate

A final map in my trilogy of experiments using the Squarehex mega hex mapping paper (as I write this again, I realize I have no idea what the actual name of this paper is…) 270 more words


18 months later (...or what was I thinking?)

Although I tossed the idea around in my head for a long time it wasn’t until January of last year that I officially started this project.  441 more words


【HEX】 Set 3 ~ Armies of Myth ~ Lauching on July 14th

The third set of dTCG, HEX now has an official release date.  It is less than a three weeks away. 86 more words