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I’m bursting at the seams
in a blood-drunk jubilee
sniffing your lap
They call me curious.
No they call you two games at once,
28 more words



A casting glance was all but it took,
… and l was caught,
Mesmerised within her web,
Of fine gossamer silkiness,
Entwined by shadow threads, 115 more words


apodyopsis inflicted
and I can’t lick it
so I imagine you unfold
like paper origami
one more time.
finger your jeans and
you spill open. 174 more words

I’m draped in promises
and ready to explode.
I am the knife
cutting myself from the
inside out;
up from a well to
follow the moon… 21 more words

my heart was a brass bell:
caught between two

like my waft between a hell
I could only dream of–
sketch on marker web; 79 more words

I’m haunted in several kinds of
cadence and burdened
with unmanageable lust.
I’m replaying the way
you never said my
name, the way I keep my nails… 366 more words

sparkling explosions of
cellophane and
champagne nails down
the back.
fallen glitter eyeshadow,
bare mattress,
a girl licking a cheek and a
rolling bare tear, 54 more words