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How Man becomes the Hexagram...

When a man attains this degree of development, he becomes the hexagram. The sexual organs. male or female. become the sixth paint which is missing in the pentagram. 145 more words

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The Seven Most Occult Stars of David Ever Known! The Talismans of the Magi...

Talisman of Saturn- On the first face is engraved with a diamond-pointed the image of a scythe, enclosed in a pentagram. On the other side is engraved a bull’s head enclosed in a six-pointed star, and surrounded by letters composing the name Oriphiel, the planetary genius of Saturn according to the Alphabet of the Magi. 408 more words

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EXCERPT: Sacred Geometry and The Marriage of Heaven and Earth

At the symbolic level… the quest to obtain circles and squares of equal measure is equivalent to seeking the union of transcendent and finite qualities… or the marriage of heaven and earth.

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ANSWERS.COM- Was the Rothschild family's Coat of Arms a red-colored hexagram or a normal-shaped red shield?

It was NEITHER. The good news is that the Jewish family from Frankfort who renamed themselves the Rothschild family, never had a red Star of David for their Family Coat of Arms. 309 more words

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A Letter to a Sincere, but Misinformed, American Christian Believer who Despises the Star of David

Here are a series of quotes from your article entitled ‘Creator’s Star?‘ coupled with my personal responses to your misunderstandings about the hexagram. 1,016 more words

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How Direct do Indirect References to the Star of David have to be?

Six extremities: Above and Below, East and West, North and South and the Holy Temple is set in the middle and it supports all of them. 116 more words

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