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A Secret of Arrangements of the Buildings of Ise Grand Shrine

While the Shikinen-sengu ritual of Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮) takes place, ornaments and treasures offered to Kami, or God in shinto, are renewed. The locations of the storage places for these are a little bit strange. 599 more words


The Unexpected Knot: Hexagram 25 Innocence to 21 Biting Through

Sometimes the I Ching is so accurate, and our confusion on what it means at the time so deep, you literally want to kick yourself up the you-know-what when you figure it out. 422 more words

I Ching


So much of last year was a blur. Because Jim and I were gone a lot, and because of the quilts I chose to make, I made fewer than I usually do. 457 more words


Occult Wooden Mobile

We were originally going to make pentagrams as they are a symbol of protection and ward off evil spirits. However, hexagrams are easier to make and still served our purpose. 164 more words


Are 3, 6, and 9 the Keys to Creation?

Are 3, 6, and 9 the keys to our creation? Nikolai Tesla thought that they were. These numbers are everywhere in the Masonic tradition, as well as other mystic traditions from antiquity. 162 more words


Lucid dream with psychic nature

A seaside town. Bright puffy clouds in a blue sky

bubbly colors everywhere, people’s clothes, the paint on the houses and shops

I go in the van… 244 more words