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Occult Wooden Mobile

We were originally going to make pentagrams as they are a symbol of protection and ward off evil spirits. However, hexagrams are easier to make and still served our purpose. 164 more words


Are 3, 6, and 9 the Keys to Creation?

Are 3, 6, and 9 the keys to our creation? Nikolai Tesla thought that they were. These numbers are everywhere in the Masonic tradition, as well as other mystic traditions from antiquity. 162 more words


Lucid dream with psychic nature

A seaside town. Bright puffy clouds in a blue sky

bubbly colors everywhere, people’s clothes, the paint on the houses and shops

I go in the van… 244 more words

Bagua Questions: Pre-heaven, Middle-heaven and Post-heaven

In 2011, I wrote about the 1000+ years mystery of “middle-heaven bagua” that is supposedly the human level of bagua.



A German reader wrote me about this middle-heaven bagua.  417 more words

Ken Lai

Thursday Reading

The hermit; Wizened one, one who has sort, seeker, natural justice, attainment after the quest. Star in the lamp. Wand. Where I am you also may be. 87 more words


Antique 1933 Prohibition Era Wood Blatz Beer Crate/box, Brewers Star, Hexagram

Antique 1933 Prohibition Era Wood Blatz Beer Crate/box, Brewers Star, Hexagram
In Good, Antique ConditionDated 5-33, Before End Of ProhibitionMarked Incl. Brewers Star (Hexagram) No Lid Items Are Described With Integrity To The Best Of My Knowledge. 54 more words


Yin and Yang for a Balanced Life

The concept of yin and yang appeared in China as early as 1300BC. It was found inscribed on oracle bones used for divination and referred to the movement of the sun and its changing aspect on the land. 654 more words